Yoga For Self Doubt  |  Yoga With Adriene

Yoga For Self Doubt | Yoga With Adriene

– What’s up everyone and
welcome to Yoga with Adriene. I’m Adriene and
this is Benji-tito and today we have an
awesome yoga for self doubt. So hop into something
comfy and let’s get started. (upbeat music) Alright my sweet friend, let’s
start in a nice comfortable seat today of your choice. So I’m already
passing the baton back to you. Thank you for
joining me for this practice. I really do think that a little
goes a long way and that is what this practice is
really gonna embody. It’s not a lot of time but we’re
just gonna get right into it. I’m gonna pass the baton
back to you so you get to decide how you want to start today. So find a nice
comfortable seat of your choice. When you come into the shape
that you want to start in, whether it’s lying down,
seriously, come into any shape
you want to, on the knees, seated maybe want to start
on your couch just because. And want to start by reminding
you that you are in control and you have the power
you need to accomplish whatever it is
your heart desires. Alright, take a deep breath
in and then use your exhale to just arrive here now. You got this, yes. It’s so awesome that
you’re doing this for yourself. It’s so wonderful. Taking care of yourself
is amazing and it’s just like anything you can get more and
more and more interested in it and then you get
better and better at it. You’re doing great, we’re
gonna start with Nadi Shodhan, alternate nostril breathing. So you’re gonna take your hand,
whatever your dominant hand is, and we’re gonna let’s actually go
thumb and pinky. So you’re gonna bring
your thumb your pinky out, kinda like hang loose. Alright, when you
feel like you have it, you’re gonna seal one
nostril with your thumb. So seal with your thumb. So it’ll be right nostril if
you’re right-handed and left nostril
if you’re left-handed. And then you’re gonna breath in. At the top,
you’re gonna pause, hold, retain the breath,
switch the seal and then exhale breathe out. Inhale, breathe in. Pause, switch and seal. Exhale breathe out. Great, now soften your eyes,
inhale, breathe in. Pause at the top,
switch and seal. Exhale, breathe out.
Nice long breath. Inhale, breathe in. Relax your shoulders. Pause at the top,
switch and seal and exhale breathe out long. Now keep it going in your
own time see if you can extend the inhalations and
extend the exhalations. If you’re new to this pranayama
and you want to learn more we have a whole video just on alternate nostril breathing. Stick with it for
just a couple cycles. See if you can
elongate the breath in and out. Always pausing and switching
and sealing at the top. Awesome, now even it out. And then when you’re ready,
release your hand, take a deep breath in and exhale
palms face up as you empty, empty, empty everything out. Now just close your eyes. Notice how you feel. These feelings of self
doubt or you know kind of questioning yourself,
this lack of confidence or, you know, conviction, inner
support often just comes from when we are out of balance,
out of whack. So the Nadi Shodhana is not only
a calming breath but it helps balance out both the left and
right hemispheres, the brain. The right and left
side of the body and how that
relates to your organs. Calming, grounding. Great, slowly bring hands
together and we’re gonna bring the thumbs right up to the third
eye and if you’re feeling a little funky you can actually
give your third eye your, excuse me,
your third eye center, your brow point,
a little massage. This is that inner teacher. Start to gently
deepen your breath. Just wake up inner teacher,
trust inner teacher. Get hot for inner teacher. Whatever it takes. You know it’s not always like
bird of paradise, right? Sometimes is just this. It’s like showing up
on your mat, doing a little pranayama and massaging the heck
out of your forehead. Okay, here we go, inhale. Sit up nice and tall,
exhale, big twist to the right. Nice and easy. Inhale sit up nice and tall.
Breathe, breathe, breathe. And exhale twist, oh. Start listening to the
sound of your breath here. Again it’s not a long practice
so dig into that audible breath. Great, and then
come back to center. Thumbs to third eye. (mumbling) Rub, rub,
rub and then inhale and exhale twist to the left. You’re doing great. Listen to the
sound of your breath. Trust that this
time is valuable. Whatever you’ve
been thinking about, give your thinking mind a break and just stay here
with your breath. Feeling it out. Really seeing if you
can play with sensation as we come back to center. Thumbs up to the third eye. So essentially let your body
intelligence lead the way here. Thinking mind can
pick up when you’re done. Great, again
allowing for it to unfold. We’ll slowly come
forward to all fours. And you’re gonna
bring the knees wide. Big toes to touch,
send hips back, but you’re gonna lift the palms. Inhale to look forward,
tug the shoulders back and then exhale, chin to chest. Rounding through. Inhale, look forward,
pull the fingertips back, open the chest,
open the throat. What do you want to say? Excellent, chin to chest
as you breathe out, contract. One more time, inhale to open,
find expansion, breathe into your belly. And exhale to contract,
scoop it up and in. Great, palms come to the earth. Use that connection
to pull your heart center all the way up through. Knees are gonna come underneath. Great and then
curl the toes under. We’re gonna lift the
knees and let them hover in Hovering Table for five. Breathe deep, four, you got it. Three, claw
through the fingertips. Two, and slowly
lower on the one. Great job. You’ll bring the right
foot all the way up and in. We’re gonna come
to a nice low lunge. So walk that left knee back. When you feel good here, take
a deep breath in and use your exhale just like we did
before to tuck the chin and contract, lift up. Great, inhale to
lower the left knee down, open the chest,
light on the fingertips. Exhale, round through. Awesome, the
next time you inhale, lower the back knee to the
ground then gently swing the left toes over towards the right
side of your yoga mat and you’re gonna slowly walk your
fingertips towards the left side of your yoga mat and all
the way towards the back. Gate Variation, you’re gonna
turn your right toes in now, just like in Warrior,
engage your right inner thigh. And then slowly, left fingertips
or left hand on the ground reach your right arm all the way up. Great, beautiful send your right
sits bone towards your right heel and then here we go,
we’ll take the right fingertips all the way towards the
back edge of the mat. Try to create one nice long
line from the outer edge of your right foot all the way
through your fingertips. Take a deep breath in,
inhale to find expansion. Then exhale,
connect to your center, round through.
Naval draws back. We come all the
way back up towards the front edge of the mat. Just how we went there
is just how you come out. Yay, backtrack. And then open
the chest, breathe in. Hopefully we’re all caught
up by now and then exhale, plant the palms,
curl the back toes under, step into a strong Plank. Now quietly whisper to
yourself, “I am strong.” I am strong. Trust, trust, trust in your
value, your worthiness. Take a deep breath in and then exhale slowly lower
the knees to the earth. Alright, we’ll
extend the left leg, slowly bring it all
the way up into your lunge. Walk the right knee back,
find your stretch and then embody it with the breath. Find support, breathe deep. Get light on the fingertips. Here we go, inhale,
open the chest. Exhale, tuck the chin,
lift the back knee. Right heel reaches back,
round through. Inhale, drop the knee,
nice and easy, open the chest. And then exhale,
squeeze and lift, navel draws up. Inhale, open your heart. Exhale to round through. Again, think that
Cat-Cow action here. We’re balancing out the body
here left and right side opening as we inhale finding expansion and then what’s very
natural after expansion? Contraction, so embracing
that really rounding through. Do one more, inhale, open. Exhale draw the navel in and up. Connect lower abdominals
and upper abdominals. Yes, and then beautiful, the
next time you open up the chest, lower your right knee. Send your right toes over towards the left
side of your mat. Then swing your
left fingertips around. You’re gonna keep walking the
hands all the way along the outer edge of your
mat to the back edge, nice and easy.
Turn your left toes in. Take your time. Now, the bum tends to
stick out here no matter how your pelvis
tends to rotate. In the shape
usually the bum sticks out. So see if you can lengthen your
left sits bone towards the back of your left heel. Turn the toes in if you
haven’t already and here we go. Reach up high.
You got it. Press into your foundation. Work from the ground up. Lengthen through the crown so we’re not dropping
off in the neck. You got it and then
here we go all the way up and over big stretch. Breathe deep, pull the
left thumb back, inhale. Feel that stretch
as you press into the outer edge of your back foot. Yes, and then
exhale naval draws in. Upper and lower abdominals
come in and from your center, from a place of empowerment, we come all the
way back through, crawling, crawling, crawling. And even if it
didn’t feel empowering, we’re still stimulating
this area the body that has, strength, power. Great, inhale
lift the back knee. Come up, big breath in. Exhale, plant the palms, step the left toes back,
strong Plank. Now, let’s fire up the core.
You got it. If any emotion comes up,
just let it. Press away from
your yoga mat, you got this. Rock front, rock back,
rock front, rock back, rocks front. Front one more time, you got it. Then lift the hips up high
and back, Downward Facing Dog. Deep breath,
lion’s breath, tongue out. Come on now, don’t be shy. Big breath in. Empty it out. One more time, you got this. Inhale. Let it roar. Beautiful. Slowly lower to your knees. Swing the legs around. Send the legs out in front,
come to a seat. Bend your knees generously. You’re gonna take your
fingertips and you’re gonna bring them
underneath your thighs. Maybe you grab
wrists or forearms. If not, just grab your thighs. Great, then inhale, sit up tall. Think who am I as you look
out into the imaginary pond. And then here we go. Pashimot Uttanasana,
Forward Fold. Belly comes to the
tops of the thighs or towards the
tops of the thighs. And I really like to start with
a nice generous bend and allow my head to come in. Then come into my own
little private love cave. Oh my gosh, there’s so much
going on in the world and around us. It’s wise to take
this time to go in. Not to stay there and just hide. But to just listen to
the sound of your breath. Smell your inner thighs.
(laughs) And then in time
you can go with this posture, so maybe straighten the legs. And just find what feels good
for your body today and melt your heart down. Close your eyes. Again, as you listen to
the sound of your breath, trust. Trust yourself. When you’re being true to
yourself this is really the best and most
beautiful thing you can do. No one can question that. You don’t have to doubt it. But you gotta get to
know what that feels like. Take a deep breath in here. And exhale to
release and slowly roll up. Lift one knee
and then the other. Press your feet into the ground as you swim the
fingertips behind you. Inhale for expansion. You’re gonna
press into the feet, toes pointing forward.
Lift the hips up. Come to Reverse Table, ooh,
my shoulders are tight so I’m not going to push it but
you’re gonna send the sits bones towards the backs of the knees. Claw through
the fingertips, inhale. And then exhale, drop
the bum to kiss the earth, lift the toes. Twice more, inhale, lift up. Find a little playfulness. Aw man, maybe the thing
that you were worried about didn’t actually really
need to be worried about. Okay, one more time inhale. That was brilliant, Adriene. So eloquent.
(laughs) And exhale. Great, lift the legs.
Just do it. And then cross the ankles,
just do it. You got it and then
slowly come back to your seat. Palms come
together at the heart. Back to the seat. Things are cyclical. Sometimes when we’re down, we’re in that
spot of self doubt. Where you’re just like,
“I feel like a phony. “I don’t know what I’m doing,
know what I am.” You gotta trust that that’s
but a mere moment in time. And that you’re
in the driver seat. Good luck to you,
my heart goes out to you truly. Let us know how
you’re feeling down below. Remember a
little goes a long way. Try to show up every
day for a little something. Take a deep breath in. And exhale, let something go. Then inhale,
sit up nice and tall. All your potential just full
and ready to express itself. And exhale this time to bow. To just that,
your full potential. Namaste. (upbeat music)

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