hi I’m AJ Ellison WBFF muscle model
world champion today we did a chest workout it’s not for the faint of heart it’s ten sets of fifteen on the flat
bench five sets of twelve one incline dumbbells when we finished off with five
sets of fifteen on cable fly’s it’s a high-volume workout to pump as much blood as possible in the ches as you can see muscle fibers are working really
hard striations are out just getting as much blood as possible
into the chest nice full thick dense chest
oh yeah the pump is massive it’s a massive massive pump it’s a tough tough
workout mentally it’s tough so the first exercise is flat bench
start with the with the rep that you’re able to do for 15 reps so no matter what
10 sets of 15 I like to increase going up ten sets of 15 is definitely not a common
thin. for legs maybe, for chest not but everybody’s like, AJ how do
you get a big chest? how is your chest so thick. well, there you go if you get to a
sticking point rack it, take ten seconds right rest pause and finish out that set
and then you could probably drop the weight a little bit and then go
again once again just just getting that
massive, massive pump train your chest like you train your legs
basically then you get a big chest I’m not recreating the wheel at all, it’s
just the rep schemes it’s tough the next exercise we moved on to incline
dumbbell presses five sets of twelve yeah so we’re still sticking to a higher
rep range of 12 again the idea is to put as much blood
into the chest as possible so by this time your chest is cached
your chest is absolutely annihilated and that’s what that’s what I was going for then we moved on to cable flyes and
that’s the finishing exercise five sets of fifteen again higher volume, focus
on the squeeze on every rep you feel just obliterated but your body
adapts to what you put it through you put it through stress your muscles freak
out right but they want to handle the workload so the next time you come back
stronger and stronger the first time I did this workout I was
absolutely in the dirt but by the fifth time or sixth time I’ve done this
workout I’m able to push through it’s more of a normal workout now it is my strongest body part definitely one of my dominant body parts well I’m 41 now, 41 – I’m getting old, old
school classic! I like to call classic not old when you think of fitness modeling or
muscle modeling the first visual is chest guys and girls first visuals chest
so it’s good to have a real big dominant chest and broad shoulders after that so guys if you like the workout also
check out my shoulder workout and fit media channel check that out
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  2. вытарчивает нарцисс на себе не по детски а стоят ли выеденного яйца его анаболические потуги, без химии он никто ,имя его ноль

  3. Its like "dont use the bike, do cardio on the flat bench". This would maybe work with a perfect bodybuilding lifestyle and gear. For the average Joe, is won't work

  4. Anyone who thinks this dude is natural 🤦‍♂️…I'm a natural lifter so if I did this routine, my chest workout would probably be only once a week…10 sets of 15? 😆

  5. I love 12-15 rep sets it's what I mostly do but instead of rest pause if necessary I do a drop set to get the reps but I'll try rest pause with the same weight a few times see if my chest says WHAT!

  6. Took his advice of training chest like legs. So I did 15×15 squats instead of bench..
    Chest is massive now. Thanks

  7. Another Reason dat I HATE U-SCUM-TUBE!!! I am BLOCKED from Up-Loading My
    Avatar!!! I've Always Used My Avatar!!! NOT ANYMORE!!! NO REASON GIVEN!!!

  8. how much time do you rest in between the set, and between the different workout…
    i would figure no rest between the different workout.. but how about the set.. 1 min ? 2 min ???
    please let me know.. thanks
    and the back exercise ??? any time soon ??


  10. I just don't understand why so many people skip/hate training legs I mean I love training legs I mean if I was to choose one body part that I hate training I would choose back for sure

  11. I once stood for 15 minutes and even walked away to sit for another 10 minutes to wait for a dude doing 2 exercises on a machine and its chest and back, like wtf dude, that dont make any sense 🤦‍♂️

  12. CAN'T WAIT TO CHECK THESE OUT. I don't have dead weights though. I have a [ Bow Flex Ultimate 2 Home Gym ] Tension Power Rods. I love it though, always have tension, never allow tension to be released.

  13. 10 sets of 15 with 225 lbs when you get to a sticking POINT rack it… YOU MUST COMPLETE 15 REPS….wow AJ thats a massive pump chest workout

  14. Wtf dude 10 sets of 15??? You do maximum 4 sets of 15 reps! 10×15 then you have 150 volume thats enough for 1 week chest traning!

  15. Finally got a chance to do this workout and for only 3 exercises I had a solid pump. Didn’t even have any extra L-citrulline in my system and I was still feeling it. Definitely adding this twice a week to my push days.

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