WLS LESSONS FROM MISS PIGGY (Confidence After Bariatric Surgery) – 2018

WLS LESSONS FROM MISS PIGGY (Confidence After Bariatric Surgery) – 2018

There are a lot of women, myself included, who’ve been called Miss Piggy. It’s almost always meant as an insult or fat shaming, but today I see things in a whole new light. Stick around to find out
why the Miss Piggy comments meant to move you to tears should instead make
you hold your head up with pride. The President of the United States called
former Miss Universe, Alicia Machado, Miss Piggy when she gained weight. One of his
staffers followed suit calling a professional journalist, April Ryan, Miss
Piggy, too. Tabloids have compared beautiful songbirds like Adele, Jessica
Simpson and Christina Aguilera to Hollywood’s most famous swine. And, it
happened to me, too! I was part of a group called Fat Fighters in fifth grade. Led
by a nutritionist, the group consisted of a bunch of kids who were overweight, like
me. Now, this all took place in 1979 when the popular commercials, “Milk … A Natural Wonder,” were all the rage. It was kind of like the “Got Milk” campaign of the day. Anyway, some genius decided to shoot a
commercial featuring my little Fat Fighters gang making healthy shakes with
nonfat milk, ice and fruit. Healthy or not heavy kids drinking milkshakes is not
the story of happy endings, right? Oh … but it gets better! They decided to air the
commercial right smack dab in the middle of “The Muppets Show.” Nearly all of my
fifth grade classmates saw my television commercial debut as one of the
overweight kids making healthy milkshakes. Cue the Miss Piggy jokes! And it didn’t help matters that the first Miss Piggy
joke lobbed my way was from a really cute guy that had always been nice to me.
The whole experience was really devastating. Oh, I hated Miss Piggy at
first. She was the bane of my existence for quite some time.
But then, I calmed down and I started to notice some really cool things about
Miss Piggy … things so cool that I consider them life lessons that helped
shape who I am today. These are lessons that can empower you, too. 1. Miss Piggy defines herself. Miss Piggy breaks every mold to create one all her own. I mean how many pigs do you know who graced the covers of Elle Magazine, Life,
People, Saturday Evening Post, New York Magazine and TV Guide? She was even a
guest on Chelsea Handler’s show in 2011 and Chelsea asked Miss Piggy if she
agreed with people who classified her as plus-size. Her response … “If by plus you mean I have an extra fabulous, gorgeous, give me some of that
figure then yeah. If you mean fat, then no! Not only is she a television and
movie star, not to mention a recording artist, she’s an author and entrepreneur.
Her book and perfume are both called Moi! Oh, and did you know she starred in her own workout album? Bottom line is she didn’t let other people define her. If
they called her names she’d show them! She chose to be the
victor over her weight, not the victim of it. She chose to define herself. If I
had to define her with one word, it would be confident! 2. She’s got tenacity. Miss Piggy grew upon a farm in Iowa. Her father died when she was young and her mother wasn’t very nice to her. She was told she’d never
amount to anything. You’re laughing at me, I know, but I’m not making this stuff up!
Look it up. But, the point is Miss Piggy had dreams of being a big star and
finding love. She kept getting up every time she got knocked down.
You know, in this journey to right-size living there are many times when you
might feel like you keep falling down. If I see the number on the scale go up. I
think what would Miss Piggy do? Would she lie down and give up on her goal. Heck no! She would get up, brush off her knees and steamroll right over that scale. 3. She’s disciplined. If you’ve watched The Muppets, then you know Miss Piggy is an
expert at martial arts. Hi-ya! As the wife of a man who practices Jiu Jitsu, I’ve come to
understand that martial arts require great discipline and regular practice.
The same is true for right-sized living after weight loss surgery … or any eating
or lifestyle change for that matter. It requires discipline and practice every
day if you want to be a black belt in healthy living. 4. She sees beauty in
others … even frogs! Most ladies wouldn’t give a frog a second look, but Miss
Piggy recognized that Kermit the Frog was her prince. I don’t know if it’s the
result of living life as a pig or being called fat, but Miss Piggy didn’t have on
blinders. She saw all the wonderful qualities in Kermit. As someone who spent most of my life being judged or belittled for being fat, I try to keep
this top of mind. If you judge people by looks or stereotypes, you probably end up
missing out on some wonderful, wonderful experiences. 5. She rocks her look! Whoever said you can’t put lipstick on a pig must not have met Miss Piggy. She rocked the blond hair, high heels, jewels and
fashion, right? You don’t have to be stick thin to rock your own style. I remember a
time when I thought my life was confined to stretch pants and baggy t-shirts. Then
I realized I deserve to feel fabulous, too … no matter what my size! When you look
good, you feel good and perform even better. So, find your style and rock it
like Miss Piggy! So listen … the next time you hear some jerk try to fat shame
someone by calling them Miss Piggy or some other name, remember that others
cannot define you. Only you can define yourself. So, learn some life lessons from
Miss Piggy and be inspired. Proudly tout your confidence, tenacity, discipline and
the abilities to see beauty in others, and rock your look … because like Miss
Piggy, you were born to shine! Until next time …
Live with purpose, live with courage and live with delight!

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  1. I love how you’ve taken what could be considered a negative experience and shown people how important our words are, as well as the energy, intent and belief behind our words.

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