my sister’s red I’m gonna go way down
today oh she suffered some omelet get your pizza from our hotel all day we’re
gonna go get some groceries I have not seen these in years this is what made me
gain so much weight when I was younger I would be a lot of these I would eat a
lot of oh my god Little Debbie I would eat a lot of these I see y’all oh I
found the solution to my life I’m gonna start drinking the Skinnygirl stuff
maybe I’ll get real skinny favorite cereal when you were young oh the other
day this guy was like I’m like Tony the Tiger on the cereal box your great dad
comment down below if you remember that commercial all right kids this is all
garbage should not be eating and then she would always come and watch my way minutes later
guys I have a hole in my jeans it’s time to say farewell cuz I got big eyes and
they were up against each other it had so many good memories Salvation
Army’s closed Preston P so I try to open this like I
was twisting it oh why is it bubbling it’s alright I’ll okay I got some
caffeine you know I was gonna go with Dunkin Donuts like 40-something grams up
sugar I was gonna go to Starbucks I can’t just do a black coffee Starbucks
holburns the sugar we is chef Cheryl the Hulk feel about the make up some omelet
then do some green onions mushrooms tomato broccoli no cheese because we’re
gonna have pizza today I’m trying to get off the dairy like the area is a drug if
you take the bottom of the scallion most people think this is trash as you can’t
really eat it but if you take this put it in a cup and you fill it halfway with
water your roots will start to grow and actually scallion we start to brown you
can reuse tips with Sarah Sarah does a best buy apartment
Adventure today right that always happens to me the words like with the
MetroCard yeah you ever come to New York a lot of
walking watch their baby they take subways a lot of money make sure you
have a rich sister all right we’re in Soho guys this is where a lot of
shopping high-end mall something that I can’t afford like I’m on TJ Maxx eeeh
I’m a Burlington Marshall arrived minutes later we are at the first
American pizzeria there’s no you eat a real PITA what you think my feets there – it
slices are small that’s pretty cool take an idea like
that I make it like oh my god this is pretty dope we can’t go in because I
guess you got to reserve it it’s called the bustle Rolex color my sisters pay
attention to the street guys oh my god it has been brought to my attention that
people from all around the world comes to viene which is a camera store yeah
let’s go check it at all but that stabilizer guys oh man I think I’m in
love alright guys so I’m gonna show you a camera and before I show you the price
I want you guys to get this is a very expensive camera this is one of the high
quality red cords and 5k take a guess how much this camera the final price is
your blue good one my sister’s red she’s buying me a red
camera up here key positivity going what will you do when you go back to Michigan
my goal is to inspire the world one person at a time
I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished what I should have had on but that’s fine
because it was all a learning and growth process of me developing Who I am you


  1. Awesome Vlog! I remember the frosted flakes commercial 😀👍…… I too was a debbie-cake eating child lol 😆 i couldnt get enough! Second (i type slow) lol like and comment 💗

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