I feel like a lot of people are gonna be mad about this video and I’m scared Hey guys, it’s Mikan and today’s video is a little bit of a serious one I have a lot to say before I start talking about the actual video Um, first of all, the reason why I’m making this video is because a lot of people are very curious It seems I get a little lot of comments about it all of the time and so I decided to make a video That’s really easy for people to find if they’re curious about it because it seems like a lot of people are curious about it Oh! Do not watch this video if you have struggled with weight and things like that. It’s not good for you Please take care of yourself. You don’t need to watch this But yeah, this is mostly just to make one video to address the issue I did previously have a video up where I lightly touched on it but I decided to delete that video because I feel like it really lightly touched on a lot of subjects but didn’t actually go into any of them and I would rather just like make a video to Explain it completely and just go through it thoroughly so that people won’t be confused. So that’s what I’m doing today so just to clarify, this is not like “It’s so hard being skinny!” I just want to talk about my own experiences and my Health weight thing going on. So this is actually a very personal video I’m gonna be going through it in a lot of detail. Please don’t think this is about like a skinny vs. chubby thing it’s not it’s um Completely just about MY experience with being skinny. It’s completely separate from like any social commentary It’s literally just my story and from my perspective and I’m sure that a lot of people have different perspectives but this is just my personal perspective and how it’s been for me as a thin person I’m absolutely not comparing about what it’s like to be a chubby person because I’ve never been chubby so I don’t know what it’s like to be a chubby person I’m sure that there are many many difficulties But please understand that this is like, I’m really not trying to start a fight I feel like a lot of people are gonna be mad about this video and I’m scared. Basically is what I’m trying to say So basically this has been a thing that’s been happening like literally since I was born I’ve been told that when I was born I wouldn’t eat a lot and so my mum would take me to the doctors and be Like why is she not eating? The doctors would be like just leave her. She’s gonna wanna eat at some point like give her her time Don’t force it and then my mum was like, okay and she went home and she told the other aunts that. Now if you are a middle-eastern person I’m sure that you’ll be able to relate that the aunts and uncles and other family members Have a big say in your life and they are basically like no you cannot starve your baby You must force her to eat at all times. My mom was a very young woman So she was really influenced by that. And so that began my complicated situation with food throughout my childhood It’s always been like your are thin and you have to eat so food has always been like a chore. It’s never been like Oh, it’s a treat. I love food. I want to eat food. It’s always been like oh my god. I have to eat Oh You know? It’s always been kind of like I have to do the dishes and I have to Hoover and I have to eat like it was literally like a chore I really really as a child hated eating just because there was such a focus on me eating it became this whole obsession People would be watching me eat and I remember as a child there were many times where I threw up from overeating things like tomatoes And eggs and to this day. I can’t enjoy eggs I’m kind of trying to get back into eggs but they were always seen as like a really protein rich food like you have to eat this protein rich food and I was like I really hate this food and then like I throw up and actually it’s really disgusting but bear in mind I was seven years old There was actually times where my dad would give me an egg to eat and it’ll be taking me so long but he would like leave and then I would go into my bedroom and throw it under the bed and I shared a bedroom with two siblings. I was obviously not fun for anyone and then around this time I was also getting weighed every week and it was ah It was the worst Because my dad would weigh me and he would weigh my brother and he’d be like your brother’s younger than you Why is he putting on weight more than you and your cousin weighs this much and this person weighs this much Why are you not putting on weight when you make food into something that’s like so forced and so focused Especially as a child, you don’t want to do it. You don’t want to eat. So I as a child. I really hated food I didn’t want to eat at all and that kind of changed only when I became older and I moved from Sweden with my dad to England with my mum by the time I moved to my mum it had been like four years since I’ve actually like lived with my mum and So I feel like maybe that was a problem that she just forgotten about because I became more in control of what I could eat I began eating like a normal person So when I moved to England, I completely stopped eating the way I had as a child aka being really forced to eat and eating is like this big chore that I don’t want to do to like oh I like this food. Now I wanna eat this food and right now I’m hungry, so I’m gonna eat this food I was really excited to go grocery shopping because I loved picking out like all the puddings and things like that that I wanted to to eat and so things were looking up with that but being weighed every week as a child and being told off for not putting on weight it like does something to you you Know like you you start to be like, oh my god. There’s something wrong with me because I’m not putting on weight so when I was around 15 and all the other girls around me were like Maturing and I was like the only one who was still looking like a child I was getting a little bit like upset and I was starting to get a little bit obsessed with putting on weight so I Remember there was a summer when I was 15 I’ve touched on this before but I just don’t explain to those who haven’t heard this story There was a summer when I was 15 where like literally every single day I ate one whole chocolate cake like a whole Family sized. I mean a small family made them for four people or like I don’t know but it was like a full cake I wouldn’t even slice it I would just grab a spoon and just dig in and I would eat a whole pack of like 14 pieces of bacon and it was like the streaky kind of bacon with like Lots of fat and stuff and at that point I was weighing myself every day because I was like I have to put on weight Yeah I really wanted like boobs and butt and so what I saw around me all the time was like boys like boobs and boys don’t Wants skinny disgusting girls, who look like twigs and oh my gosh, we’re gonna break you if I hug you too hard You know and obviously when you’re 14, the only thing that matters is what boys like cuz you’re 14 I just remember looking in the mirror around that time and Being like oh like I still look like a child and no one’s gonna be attracted to someone who looks like this but it’s okay because I’m gonna put on weight and I’m gonna get boobs And it’s gonna be great and when I have boobs and a butt I’m gonna be so happy and so around the people would always be like are you eating are you eating are you eating which? Brought back this whole like obsession with me eating which I hated I really hate this obsession around like how much I’m eating when people ask me what my diet is Literally 100% I eat what I want when I want. No one can tell me what to eat it’s really like I have to be hungry if I’m eating and I have to really want to eat what I’m eating so I follow Absolutely no diet I 100% just listen to my body and that’s the only way that I’m able to regulate myself now cuz as a child It’s always been like this is what you have to eat and you have to finish it and if you don’t finish it You’re a bad child and we’re gonna weigh you and you’re not gonna happen to put on any weight and it’s gonna be really bad and all your uncles and aunts are gonna say that we’re not feeding you There was literally a point in my life, oh because I worked at McDonald’s. Oh my gosh, that was the worst First of all, I worked at McDonald’s for one year and in that one year I was working McDonald’s maybe like three four times in a week and that means that three four times in a week I was eating a full McDonald’s meal because they would give it to us for free during one of our breaks For a year, I ate McDonald’s three four times a week Right, and I still didn’t put on any weight Like I’m not making this up a lot of people when I tell them like I’m naturally skinny. They’re just like that’s not a thing and I don’t understand how they could not believe it’s a thing because It’s just accepted like some people naturally have dark hair Some people are naturally tall some people naturally have green eyes, and that’s fine. And that’s normal but when it comes to like some people are naturally chubby and some people are naturally skinny somehow people don’t believe that and I don’t Understand why they don’t believe that and yeah while I was working at McDonald’s You don’t know how many jokes I got like well maybe you should eat one of those burgers from my customers. And I’m like I can’t say anything. I’m just like uh-huh So while I worked at McDonald’s literally every single day people would ask me about my weight So it’s literally always been like I can literally eat anything and I stay the same way I cannot eat and I still say the same weight and of course I’ve been to doctors many many times Because people are like, why don’t you go see a doctor? I’m like I have seen a doctor I’ve seen a doctor many times many many times. They’ve taken blood tests. Everything comes back normal There’s nothing wrong with me and that’s something that I’ve taken a really time to realize like there’s nothing wrong with me so please because I know that I’m gonna get some comments like if you eat this and if you like this if you like this then you’ll put on weight and I’m like I’ve tried so hard to come to terms with my weight being the way it is And I’ve tried so hard to accept the fact that I will not be curvy and have big boobs at least not for now Maybe when I’m older. I’ll put on weight about comments. I get a lot of people disguised their comments I was like we mean well, we’re worried about you. Maybe you have an eating disorder So we just want to check on you think of it this way when you comment on someone’s picture like you look really skinny. With a little like sideways face. Like she’s really thin She looks sick and you’re not really helping anything because here are some of the circumstances A) I’m naturally skinny and you’re just telling me that I look like a sick person which it hurts my feelings honestly It does I don’t like it Or B) I do have an eating disorder and you telling me that I looked thin would maybe even make me feel encouraged I don’t know what it’s like to have an eating disorder. There are people who around sick people who are trying to help them and As a person on the internet what you can actually do is unfortunately very limited. So, please try to be sensitive It’s not nice to ask someone how much they weigh Oh, yeah I will not tell anyone how much I weigh on the internet because I don’t want people to look at my weight and think of it as like their goal weight, so to sum up all of the questions that I get No, I’m not sick. I don’t have a particular diet I will not tell you how much I weigh please stop asking and that’s pretty much it I think I’ve pretty much touched everything. So yeah, I don’t have an eating disorder right now in my life I’m very happy with my body and I’m getting a lot more confident with myself in general I’m just feeling a lot more confident as a teenager. I felt really really bad about myself but now I kind of come to realize that this is just how my body is and I just need to accept it and I’ve been feeling pretty good about myself. I always Wanted to have a curvy feminine body, and I’ve always been Really- I mean to this day I find that to be just really like attractive and pretty And I just it’s hard for me to understand what people are like I’m so chubby like It’s so like ugly because I think it’s so cute I think that people think that Chubby, or like fat is automatically ugly and skinny automatically means beautiful and they’re not they’re like separate words and you can be skinny and ugly or fat and beautiful and everything in between and it’s all like perspective and it’s all about how someone sees you so Don’t feel bad about your weight If you are someone who’s overweight and you are struggling with your weight And you feel bad about yourself. Take me as Someone who’s always been skinny and was never happy with their weight as an example that it doesn’t matter what you weigh You will always be ready to feel bad for it because that’s what the media wants you to because they want you to buy things Yep, I think I’ve touched everything. Thank you guys so much for watching Don’t forget to hit like and subscribe and let me know in the comments, please. Kindly what you think of this subject So yeah, thank you very much for watching bye!

100 thoughts on “Why I’m So Skinny…

  1. OMG ..you have same problems that I've always struggled ..N the worst think is when you started to explain to someone 😒

  2. You can look like whatever you want if you just work hard for it and if you are effective it doesn’t take long time😊

  3. About the “naturally slim or thick” EXACTLY. I don’t eat the whole fridge or any crazy amount people think, but I’m just chubby. Especially my family, saying shit like i ate too much or ate too much sugar gonna have diabetes and all, first of all, I DONT EVEN LIKE SWEET FOOD THAT MUCH. :’)

    Some people r slimmer, some r thicker, so what? Human r human as long as u’re a decent human, I respect you. I hate it when it seems like it’s “wrong” when u have certain body types. You be you, mikan 💜💜💜 i love the way you talk about this too, because it’s nowhere near offensive or anything, i can relate in opposite way.

  4. I've watched a few of your videos and I absolutely love your personality! You speak so nicely and hold yourself well.
    And yes I can confirm those online comments are rude and if you did have an eating disorder they would not be helpful at all (I have friends with ED and have in the past myself) people really need to work on their wording

  5. You're so sweet. I'm no sure why people pry so hard on you abt food.
    Hopefully it ceases.
    I think you're lovely and will grow up to be a lovely woman as well. Don't stress over what people think is beautiful.
    You are beautiful.

  6. I'm skinny as well 😂😂😂I go through many hardships everyday like there's not even a single day when nobody said I'm skinny or u don't eat anything….. I understand u😂😂😂 we're going through some situation

  7. I was always pretty skinny as a kid and teen, my mom always talked like i was restricting food 🙄 Other people were fascinated of how much i can eat in a day while being skinny as i am … when i got 16 or something i had (and still have) Phases where my stomach hates me and i just have to take one bite to get a stomachache. But also the Phases where i can a Lot and don't get any pain.
    So either i eat a Lot or just a little it gets Commented.
    So annoying and sad that people Think every Body is and works the same. Calm down and let people eat in Peace 🙄
    Thanks for this Video 💖
    Be nice to each other 💓

  8. Actually same thing happened with me !my family forcing me to eat because I was skinny baby/child and they would be all waiting for me to finish my food and then when i finished they would all applaud me and all and at some point when I became a teenager I started overeating and put on a lot of weight. And now as I moved away from family I started to pay attention to my diet more and now im normal weight finally.

  9. Heyy ya gorl here has been chubby all her life I had to be put on a diet when K was five cause I weighed what a 10 year old should. I've been watching what I eat just kinda all the time in order to stay an okay weight. I've never been in the 'healthy' range I've always bee slightly over weight or very over weight. And I could lose more weight but if we're honest staying at this weight is had work enough so I just given up. There's no point to this just sharing.

  10. Alright, alright. If you are getting sad for being skinny, probably you would kill yourself for being fat. I spend my life with dieting and that made me develop an eating disorder. Not eating for days, crying looking into a delicious food. You might think like 'Just love yourself', but everyone knows that's not how society works, right? So you better stop complaining.

  11. I just wanted to say thank you for this video because I can really relate to it a lot. All my life I have been very skinny and I’ve never been able to put on weight and I’ve hated it. I use to eat and eat and never gain anything and it only got worse for me when I got to the age of around 15 as I started to get really depressed all the time and it would cause me to not eat anything as the thought of food made me sick. I’m now 19 years old and still at a very low weight for my age and I still choose not to eat when get down. The one thing that I can relate to the most in this video is when you mentioned about working at McDonald’s. I worked there for 2 years when I was in college (16-18yo) and I didn’t gain any weight and I ate McDonald’s more or less every single day for lunch and on my shifts and it sucked a lot. People say to me all the time that they wish they were my weight/size but really no one understands the struggles of being skinny. But, I am now at University about to turn 20 and I’m still the same weight I was when I was 16. Plus it doesn’t help when you can’t afford food😅 But that’s enough about my problems, I just wanted to kinda put this here to show that people aren’t alone and share my experience with being skinny. Honestly though, I really appreciate this video and thank you for making it❤️

  12. Well don't worry: the best models are skinny like you! (And you do look very cute). I have a skinny friend and she's just skinny haha no matter what she eats. I have a pretty chubby torso and I really love skinny girls (cause they don't have fat ripples) and I used to hate it. I still don't like it that much nowadays but I learnt how to accept it and now I'm happy. Thank you for telling us this story!

  13. my brother was underweight and i was overweight. My dad would often compare our weight difference and it just messed us our self image ugh!

  14. Me: eats to the point that my stomach hurts

    My uncle when I’m at my cousins house: they never eat they’re sticks

    I literally almost threw up bc he bought so much food and I already are double of it earlier😂

  15. lol i know the feel….. when i was still t school i got bullyed because i was "to"skinny" and even doctors have sayd im underweighte but no matter what i do or how much i eat i just dont gain any weight ( just saying i love to eat and usualy i eat enough for 2 ppl XD) … and its much easyer for me to lose it then gain it.. anyway i have accepted that im skinny.. + theres no1 in my family whos even a littlebit overweighted.. everyone are skinny… like me.. but same time compared to asian beauty standarts im chubby XD (im 168cm aka 5,5 feet tall and my weight is 50KG aka 110 pounds

  16. I know it is also hard to be thin, but…
    I am chubby and it is so hard to think of healthy food all the time.
    I want to be thin, and have a flat stomach. Like I want so bad to be skinny…

  17. I get bieng frustrated at not having curve but like….try bieng overwheight. I mean I have dreams where I chop my body with shearing scissors to be what I want so idk

  18. Thank you for making this video I get a lot of comments like these but the things that hurts me the most is that one of my friends always tells me that I can't do things and says it like it's my fault and asked to be skinny

  19. Haha i still feel like i lack food that's why i'm skinny. but then again i was skinny my whole life haha idk i'm still thinking that i'm naturally skinny, that i can still gain weight (coz i've seen girls who did gain weight)

  20. A thing that she didn't touch on, maybe it isn't relevant to her: When you're naturally skinny, and people compliment you on it all the time, and it's the ONLY thing that they compliment you on, that hurts, too. My sister will tell me "You're so skinny! I'm jealous!" But, like, there's plenty of other things that you can compliment me on??? You don't need to call me a twig whenever you see me and ask how I'm so skinny. I'm more than a size 2, thank you very much.

  21. No you're absolutely right. There are many signs that someone is sick or unhealthy. Unhealthy does not equal skinny or fat in reality yoy dont know a person health or disorders. Strive for health not weight.

  22. I am naturally chubby bc of my mom.
    When I was born I was like overweight, and my brother was average.
    So when she was pregnant with my brother she was very energetic, but when she was pregnant with me, she was always tired and ate a lot.
    (╯ರ ~ ರ)╯︵ ┻━┻

  23. the point is that fat people are bullied a LOT just for being fat and ppl are so mean, but that doesnt mean that skinny asf people like her or me cant get annoyed or anxious bc of this kinda comments, people should just shut the fuck up with anyones body and move on !!

  24. Me too!! I’ve never been heavier than 86lbs, I’m currently 83lbs. I get so many comments on it. I eat fine, I’ve always eaten fine. When I was a baby, a nurse tried to tell my mum I was a failure to thrive but I was eating loads. I wish I had a beautiful full feminine body too but it is what it is I guess 💗

  25. I'm really similar! I could eat pizza all day every day and not gain a pound, or eat absolutely nothing and not lose a pound, when I was a kid because of it I had to drink weird weight gain protein things every day and my doctor wants me to keep drinking them but I can't afford it so I just, suffer? Anyway point is you're perfect just the way you are and none of us should ever let people tell us we aren't!

  26. I 100% understand you. My man is small and skinny, and everyone keeps commenting that (in a negative way). He just don’t gain any weight. At one point he ate every day at mcdonalds, without gaining any weight.

  27. If i eat one thing i instandly i gain 10 pounds and when my brother eats one thing he loses weight.I DONT GET THIS LOGIC!!

  28. I am the same as you. I have always been skinny, and I want to put on weight. It’s super hard for me to put on weight, and that can be kind of problematic for me sometimes, depending on my confidence that day. Being skinny and wanting to put on weight can be just as difficult as being chubby and wanting to lose weight. I totally understand you, and know that you are not alone.
    By the way, new subscriber ! Stumbled upon your channel yesterday, you seem like a really nice person

  29. Great video! As a kid I was a very picky eater and I also didn't eat much. My parents were also really worried at times but thankfully my mom is as naturally skinny as I am and so she knew it was not a health thing. My grandma always tried to force me into eating and I hated her as a kid because she always made me cry at breakfast when I didn't eat enough. Literally everyone else besides my parents was like "why aren't you eating more?" "why are you eating so slow"? I AM A SLOW EATER OKAY IT TOOK ME YEARS TO COME TO TERMS WITH THAT. Also, I hated eating outside from home because I could never finish my portions and it was really embarrassing for me. I am only eating in restaurants since I am an adult (and have a boyfriend who helps me with eating the leftovers I couldn't finish :D). Please just accept people as they are.

  30. I can relate same with me some people are naturally skinny and I really get angry when people say “your too skinny “ And people should not be judged who ever you are be positive.🥰😜😄

  31. I didn't know you were middle eastern 😮 as a skinny middle eastern girl, I've always dealt with the why are you so skinny comments. LOL i've even been told that no man would ever love me if I stay skinny. Meanwhile I'm just naturally skinny and eat whatever I want

  32. I relate to you so much! I'm too skinny too and everyone tells me how skinny I am. As if I didn't have a mirror in my house lol.

  33. you actually look really healthy <3, you are a really nice person and I loved all the videos that I watched already on this chanel. Random thing I would say is : be a unicorn

  34. Tip: in PE in school, try really hard. It helps, I have gained muscle and it helps you get taller.

    Also, my friends tell me I'm so skinny and i should eat more, but what if i was chubby? Would you say to eat less? No.

  35. I was so damn skinny and underweight, no matter how much or what I ate, until I turned 30. I was never being harrassed to eat more though, thankfully. I never starved myself, and I forcibly ate 40% fat sauces etc to ensure I wouldn't lose more weight because that was a real problem for me. During a weekend, besides regular meals, I ate like 2 kg of ice cream and like 3 big pizzas and still lost 1 kg. Now when I'm curvy I kind of miss those days, hahaha.

  36. There are loads of comments but oh well 😂 mum : why haven’t u fished ur breakfast??
    Me : oh I’m not hungry
    Mum: oH aRE U sTaRvINg UrSeLf NoW?

  37. I'm skinny too, and everytime I say I'm not hungry, because I really am not, I hear words like "You're going to be anorexic" and stuffs like that are really annoying when someone repeats them to you every single day, I was taken to doctors and they said the same thing to my mother as well, that I'll start eating at some point in my life

  38. I think you are very pretty and gorgeous!
    Just be really confident thats important and
    Dont let people get under your skin,okay?

  39. Oh yeah I am just a teen and I'm chubby but it's not because I eat a lot to be honest I even eat not enough but get made fun of often and people tell me to eat less so I get even more uncomfortable eating I even lost track of when I'm hungry because I would not eat anything for a day or two and to be still told just loose weight just eat less it really hurts sometimes.
    Oh and I'm really thankful for this video so have a good day😘

  40. Everyone out here is so lucky to have a fast metobolism. I eat very little everyday not to gain weight and keep my weight the same. Sometimes I just a little bit more than usual and it destroys everything. I'm 13 and I litteraly can't live a day without thinking about my weight. And that's really painfull

  41. I'm also like that, no matter how much I eat I never gain weight. And whenever I tell people how much I weigh they look at me like "oh my god are you okay?!", yes I am okay I just happen to be a naturally skinny person!

  42. I totallyyyyy relate to your story. I've always been a picky eater (like, PICKY, picky, as in, even if I was starving I would NOT eat a potato bc I hated the texture) my family and friends always commented on this and how petite I was/am and this actually fuelled the beginnings of my eating disorder when I was younger because I felt so pressured to STAY thin when I hit puberty, if that makes sense. so, yeah commenting excessively on people's weight and eating habits is really destructive, just as much to thin people as to bigger. not to put blame on my family/friends for my anorexia tho bc it definitely is still mostly on me..

  43. I eat between 1000 and 1500 calories a day when I do not fast. I am obese. I do not like being the way I am but I would not like to be skinny either. One of my sister is a size 4 (french size 34 which is an european 32) and I find that quite unattractive (I think she has an eating disorder). I also find myself unattractive. I want to be healthy, I really do, but my body does not line up with what I eat and I am done torturing myself just to not be fat.

  44. 17 years old now. I look like a 15 sometimes 13 year old and am quite skinny and sought of underweight. And no matter what junk I eat nothing has happened, so I relate. I also use to worry that "oh I don't have a nice but or chest like everyone. Also everyone younger than me apparently looks older than me! oh no." And I would dislike my image slightly at times. But I am learning to love my looks and this video is so relatable. Thank you for making this.

  45. I hade the same problem until I hade a haert operation and began to eat a lot. My parents would run whit a spun around the house after me😓😓😅😅😅 now my mom sees don't eat to much😭😭

  46. ever since i was born up until i was eight i was underweight, when i was four i weighed like a two year old, but look at me now, i'm a chubby 13 year old =') (my BMI is 21 but i see myself as fat and ugly not saying that it's ugly being chubby but it doesn't fit me, some people look better skinny and others look better chubby or average)

  47. Your body is beautiful, dont let the comments get to you sweetheart.
    But you with boobs- You really had to mention that? Making my lesbian dream-illstopomgsorry

  48. I don't know your age, but I know I was always skinny (also part middle eastern so I understand the eating pressure) till about I hit 27-30, that's when I started gaining weight. And it's like normal weight not chubby but not skinny. But honestly what matters at the end of the day is health no matter what your weight is. We all have different bodies and metabolisms.

  49. Thank you for speaking up about this. I actually really relate to this. I’ve always been made to feel like I look sick and starved. But then others turn it around and whenever I like greet them their first comment would be you’re so skinny. N it made me feel bad because I can’t change that about myself. Today it still makes me self conscious cause I feel like that’s just everyone’s first immediate thought when they meet me. As a result of that I never wear shorts out in public or dress up. Cause people would see my legs or realize how bony I am. Idk what it is with people that they literally think that showing bones means ur anorexic. I’m proud that you talked about this, if I made a video about this I’d cry to remember the mean comments.

  50. I felt really troubled about my weight lately, my taekwondo coach told me to put on at least 5- 6 pounds last month because I needed to move from 1st player to third. I tried REALLY HARD. I ate at least 5 times a day and it still didn't work. I would gain 3 pounds one day and it would be gone the next like WHUT.
    Then I found this video in my recommended, knowing that I'm not the only person with this metabolism makes me feel a little bit relieved. Thank you for that :>> and you look really cuteeee

    But I still need to put on weight :<

  51. You are beautiful as you are, you do not need to prove anything to anyone.
    I know what it feels like, to be criticized by everyone and that they oblige you to eat, when you don't want to do it, even if they obliged or prized you. Strengthen and continue loving you as you are, because you are perfect 💪💕

  52. I struggle with the same thing… my aunt (who I live with) is always giving me grief over how skinny I am… She'll say things like, "you skinny bitch" and "eat a cheeseburger". I eat a normal diet and I exercise and my doctor says my health is great. Despite my aunt knowing these things she still gives me grief even after I've told her to stop. I can't wait to live in a space where I don't have to feel bad about my figure…

  53. Your very pretty and I love the way you dress!

    Asking these questions about weight is really rude. I get them all the time and people get mad when I tell them to stop. They say “I’m just looking out for you.” It just feels like their targeting me somehow.

  54. I can understand i weighted 15 kilo when i was 11 years old and my teachers call my parents to take me to the doctor

  55. when I was little I wasn't overweight but I was a little chubby.
    And when I got into my teen years I started maturing but also I slimmed down. It wasn't even on purpose but people kept asking 'do you like not eat much?' or 'are you on a diet? you're too young for that'
    And I hated it. I still do and it made me so insecure because I felt like no matter how I look or how much I weigh I'll never be pretty enough or attractive.

  56. As someone who has always been on the low side of the weight scale (despite being tall) it's really discouraging when people tell me I have to gain weight. I recently started to get more comfortable with my body and how I look so hearing these things from other people makes me think there's something wrong with the way I am

  57. I totally understand the fear of being skinny for boys being like "you got no curves you're flat and ugly" but we have our own beauty !
    Moreover people try being skinny to seduce so , it is kid of a revenge finally that we have our body and that's what people want

  58. I really think this video ist pretty intersting nur all around the naturaly skinny thing .I mean If ur comparing being naturaly skinny with having vor example naturaly blon Hair ist der the Point of why people r sayin that thats No Thing .i mean U can Change Ur Wright Just by changing Ur Rating Habits nur mit Ur hair color oreyecolor or whatever U hast Said . 🤔Nur still i really Like Ur Videos and If U ask me i think Ur Body ist beautiful 😊🌌🙌 xx

  59. I think you're beautiful and cute in your own way people should never look at someone from the shell and judge whether or not they are attractive. What is beautiful ( I know you may have heard this many times and get annoyed) is your personality , for example would you judge someone by their looks beacuse they look good or not and straight away think their a good person or a bad person but in reality have a bad or good personality they may treat you badly or really well . you might share nothing or alot in common with them. this applies to every person beacuse I know behind those many screens are many people with such a beautiful personality,
    ( Pls if I say anything that offended you I sincerely apologise i just want to tell people that (TMI )Your body is like a shell for your brain it hold precious memories and alot of what creates yourself ( minus the organs 😑) . And differences yourself from everybody else , you yourself is a limited edition thing that no one can ever replace with money or anything else sobtreta yourself and others with love and respect !!!😘👌

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