Why I am SO HAPPY I gained 70lbs after LOSING 147lbs! | LoseitlikeLauren

Feeling sorry for yourself and being like I’ve got FAT Ahhhhh AHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH IS NOT GOING TO HELP YOU! I just wanna try and dispell some of the views we have about weight gain because it’s so so so negative and bad! Is it hot in here? *cough Firstly please ignore the space buns, I know that I am not 12! This video is going to be a rant video! I can’t even be bothered to do the intro today, but let’s just say Hi my name is Lauren, LoseitlikeLauren. If you like amazing videos and mediocre humour then please click that subscribe button! *Dogs barking outside* How many dogs are there? Do YouTube videos they said…. It will be quiet they said! Argh! All I can hear is SIT!

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