68 thoughts on “Why Are You Farting?

  1. That moment when you try to pass gas silently in class under full control by releasing it in fractions, but accidentally it turns out to be like a sound of loud trumpet and you become the centre of attention of the class!

  2. One day me and my pup was sleeping together on the couch he went under the covers but I didn't know and I woke up then let out a huge ass fart which hot boxed him then he went ass crazy sprinting up staires😂😂😂🚨🔥💀👀

  3. Well I would say a bit exaggerated that they smell "so, so bad" on the contrary, I find their scent interesting occasionally!😎🤗

  4. I see that other fart fans here enjoy blowing big ones into the partner's mouth during some romantic rimming. Personally I think this is a bit much, and the taste, somewhat sulphuric, isn't the best. Just recently my husband lined my sphincters with honey, then went "to town", saying that my 'flatus' was more enjoyable that way.

  5. So you produce farts because of the lack of enzymes to break down certain foods in your gastrointestinal tracts which results in the bacteria metabolizing the food, ergo gases including hydrogen sulfide (smell)

  6. Why is it that when someone farts and i smell it i produce the same fart smell? Can u answer that? When my cousin is over and he farts i produce the same smell within hours.

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