When You Decide to Run Away From Home

When You Decide to Run Away From Home

100 thoughts on “When You Decide to Run Away From Home

  1. Crystal is what those cracked out girls were like when you can tell they use to look good. These are those decisions they made

  2. Kid is yelling, "HELP ME", bus driver can clearly see what's going and does nothing! And with a straight face people will wonder why kids turn to guns and gangs. Because the fucking adults weren't worth a damn

  3. lmao the guy at the desk minding his own business and the mom saying “ look you’re gonna see his face everyday , you don’t wanna be here”

  4. It hurts my heart that people pick on him. I wanna be his friend! He seems sweet, he only gets mad because people are always putting him down and reminding him of something he already knows

  5. My Mom and Dad was disappointing, they want my affection they need to stop drinking alcohol and understand why getting a GED is unplesant

    this woman makes my Parents look like angels

  6. I feel bad for Crystal's mom struggling to keep her in check. If she doesn't want to deal with Crystal's behavior, my advice: disown her. That's all she needs to do. Just disown her. For good.

  7. She's not a typical horribly behaved kid. She's mentally ill, and needs to see a therapist or something. Unfortunately sometimes mental illness manifests itself as bad behavior or rebellion.

  8. Wow she hates her mom because she was doing everthing she could to help you so you can have a happy health life, because she loves you and wants a good life for you.

  9. It sucks that I see a lot of my self in her. I am currently on probation for 3 felonys and I’m 15. I hope she can get her shit together and not end up like me.

  10. Sounds like Augustine’s main problem was whooping kids’ ass that bullied him/made fun of his face. The school failed to protect him under their direct supervision and should be ashamed of themselves. That young man would have thrived had he gone to school with kids who were taught basic human decency.

  11. I don’t think it’s mainly the moms fault. The place you grow has a huge influence. Her mom can’t afford to move out the hood. She goes to school with these influences. Her Mom doesn’t know what to do

  12. I tell my kids all the time. One thing I won't put up with is disrespect! You don't wanna listen to me and you wanna run away and shit. Ok, let's see if you will like living in Juvie more than living at my house following my simple rules.. You choose.

  13. Maybe all the misbehaved students should just be homeschooled so whenever they do work they actually can’t go nowhere

  14. She’s parenting her kids wrong stop blaming it on the child don’t get me wrong that girl knows what she is doing is wrong but nobody is stopping her

  15. I live in Canada British Columbia Vancouver, I need money to run away I only have 50$ I already got stuff back knife good clothes everything and I’m gonna tru and travel by bike 🚲 if anyone wants to help just reply

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