What to Take to the Hospital for WLS – Gastric Bypass – VSG

What to Take to the Hospital for WLS – Gastric Bypass – VSG

Hi, I’m Addy and I’m bringing you a short message today about what you need to take to the hospital Hi, I’m bad I’m Addyi and I’m going to go over a list of things you don’t want to miss when you’re packing for your gastric bypass or your sleeve surgery and Number one first off is you have to have a fighting attitude you have to You have to try and put that excitement where the nervousness is This is the first day of the rest of your life So you need to try and get up some excitement this is gonna be huge for you and You are going to be a different person when you get finished with this surgery so Look forward to it Don’t dread it look forward to it You can do it you can do it and you’ve got a lot of support here on this YouTube channel Okay, number two unless they do no I didn’t do numbers actually, um Then next your cell phone, of course, everybody would I don’t think you’d leave it? Um back home but whenever you feel like updating people, you might I don’t know I’m when that would be but Even the person staying with you overnight may feel like you know Dating and using your phone and have them have their phone ready. And then also don’t forget the cord charger so you don’t lose your battery and um, the next one is a robe I had a little like waffle print what Rome I took with me the robe is essential because You’re gonna be doing so much walking that you need a row the Hospital gowns leave a little bit to the imagination. They have a couple gaping holes in them. So just make sure you know you have a little robe that would be good to cover up and Next Next one I did was slippers tape slippers I’m gonna slippers to the hospital with you because they give you these socks with treads on them and Well, I’d have to say it’s kind of kind of gross to me because you walk in them You know and then you get back in bed with them and all those germs kind of gross I know when I get home with my slippers I wash them with hot water so they didn’t hold germs. But anyway, that’s why I brought slippers. So okay, and then my surgeon had he has a story with where he practices and he had us by the liquid protein and wanted us to take it in it while in the hospital for protein and I don’t think my husband nor I Even actually drank it because it was so bad, but I don’t know what they have you guys Drinking for protein. Um My next man is Chapstick it is essential you have chapstick. I couldn’t find a chapstick so I got aquaphor which I do use as chapstick so Please take a chapstick. That’s very important on this list and then also very important on this list a lot of people didn’t know about I’ve you know met people on this channel, this is are we Joe and I are four years out from our surgery. So we Talked to a lot of people, you know around having their surgeries and I’m doing this, you know For you guys who haven’t had surgery yet? but a lot of people didn’t know that they pump you with air while you’re in surgery, so That they can see the what they’re doing better Well, they try to get it all out. But most of the time they don’t and you end up with gas pains Usually it’s in your stomach and shoulder area Some people have it. So severe that for a few days but this is essential – I’m sorry this way um So yeah sex is essential I would not I would not go to Hospital without it guys. I’m not kidding It’s over-the-counter, by the way, so it means allowed I mean if you want to ask your doctor that’s timing that they’ll say. Yes And then I thought you know, you should probably have some magazines To look through whatever if you’re a reader, you can just look at the pictures I mean, it’s probably not not something you wanna do really is read a book I don’t know if you’re gonna be feeling up to that but I’d say that or crossword puzzles, whatever you like to do and speaking of you know, writing or whatever I would if your journaling your Dirt if your journaling your journey and trying to say that take your journaling journal with you to the hospital So you can be journaling this Journey that you’re on and go ahead and you know, even if you haven’t thought of it now I’m giving you the idea go ahead and start, you know, pre-op and start journaling so I also Recommend you have your bag and don’t forget all your toiletries, you know brush Toothbrush everything that People and then lastly Take comfortable clothes like elastic Pants or in a big shirt or whatever to wear home. Um Because you know, you’re gonna be be bloated and feel bloated for a while So take something comfy and I just wanted to tell you to Just it’s your time right now. It’s your time so Don’t let anyone tell you anything Negative about what you’ve done with your body there are so many haters out there and you’re gonna hear that stuff and like oh you Didn’t do this on your own you had surgery don’t listen to it because what you’re going through is really tough It’s tough on all of us. So just don’t listen to the haters This is your this is your time to shine and you’re gonna make it through you’ll do great. So anyway, I just wanted to bring you this quick video and This is Addie and them out You

7 thoughts on “What to Take to the Hospital for WLS – Gastric Bypass – VSG

  1. Hi Addy, I watch you and Joe all the time, you guys are so helpful. I am scheduled for gastric bypass on the thirtieth of Jan., so I really appreciate your video.

  2. Great video, Addy! I’ve never seen anyone say what you mentioned to pack for #1. Great advice. Love that! 👊🏼

  3. I wish I had this info before my surgery back in August. I was in the hospital for 4 days and 3 nights. I remember going on my walks holding my hospital gown and flip flops. I wish I had a rope. Ha! Yes, chap stick all day!

  4. Great tips girl! I had to bring my CPAP machine too (it was required, even though I didn't use it the entire time I was there) lol. I didn't even own a robe, so I just asked them for 2 hospital gowns, so I could wear one backwards to cover my bum haha ^.^ We didn't get much protein at all in the hospital. Literally all our meals consisted of was apple juice (which we were told to dilute ourselves so we don't dump cause of the high sugar content), tea, sugar free jello and beef or chicken broth. They never told us to bring any protein with us. It definitely was an exciting time for sure. I wasn't scared at all. There is nothing I wanted in this world so bad as this surgery…and I am SOOO happy and fortunate that I was able to get it. Absolutely NO regrets. I hope your viewers go into this feeling the same. It's so worth it, no matter how hard it may be for some people. Being morbidly obese is harder! Thanks for sharing this <3 I am sure it will help many!!!

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