27 thoughts on “What to Eat If You’re Obese | Obesity

  1. Very good video! Could you guys make a video about how to deal with natural weight fluctuation (like when you weigh more in the afternoon then morning) and how to tell if you're just experiencing weight fluctuation or if you are actually gaining too much weight? Thanks 🙂

  2. Definitely not! This video is basically for people like you. Its just important to know what to eat and drink. Ofcourse, if you eat too much, you have to eat less. But a lot of people gain weight by eating the wrong things.

  3. It can if you binge on it. Too much of anything can make you gain weight. But eating normal amounts of fruit definitely won't cause weight gain.

  4. I eat quite a few servings of fruit daily and my weight is on the low end of normal and I never gain weight. Fruit is very good for you and not all sugar is bad for you. The sugar in fruit is natural and fruit is low in calories.

  5. This woman does know you have to eat so many calories a day or you will die right? She makes it seem like you aren't supposed to eat anything.

  6. Carbs are good! This lady doesn't know what the heck she is talking about! Every fruit has the correct amount of fiber to properly utilize the sugars found within that fruit. Amino acids (proteins) cause the body to grow larger. Further more, hundreds if not thousands of studies have shown that a whole food plant based diet helps reduce weight and chronic illness in a majority of participants.

  7. have a science assesment on writing what an obese man should eat in a week to lose weight. like brekfast lunch dinner. so just proteins?

  8. she really just said you should limit how much fruit you eat 💀 there's a complete difference in the sugars in fruit and refined sugar. how does she not know this lol.

  9. The only real way to loose weight is the good ol' fashioned one. Count calories! People don't stay on low carb. high protein diets, it gets old. The minute you add carbs. back is the minute you start gaining again. The transition is almost impossible. When you count calories, you can eat all most anything as long as you add that back into your daily calorie count. This way, if you crave a piece of bread, or even a candy bar you can have it as long as you count it. Once you loose, then you can easily transition into a higher calorie diet.

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