What Supplements Can You Take During Intermittent Fasting?

What Supplements Can You Take During Intermittent Fasting?

hey guys Kevin Kreider and in this video
I want to share with you what supplements can you take while you’re
doing intermittent fasting a lot of times people ask me hey guys hey Kevin
what’s up lemons can I take one I do intermittent fasting is gonna
technically break my fast if you’re going by a traditional fast which is
technically no water even or you could do a water fast it’s just water then
none of this applies to you because you’re just going to think that anything
that goes into your body is breaking your fast but you obviously don’t know
the purpose for this type of intermittent fasting which is to keep
your insulin low when you keep your insulin low it triggers a sympathetic
nervous system your sympathetic nervous system is your fight-or-flight response
now what does all this jargon mean it means that if you’ve ever been in a
position where somebody’s about to punch you in the face you either run or you
fight that little adrenaline that you get from that pump I can feel it right
now a little bit is the sympathetic nervous system its epinephrine
norepinephrine releasing and it gives you a burst of energy and you start to
feel really good or you feel very heightened and alert that is getting
released when your insulin levels are lower because the parasympathetic
nervous system gets kicked in whenever you your insulin starts to rise and says
to your body oh I’m being fed let’s switch over I
don’t need this fight-or-flight response any more because I just say I don’t need
to go get food I’ve relaxed a little bit that also reduces your growth hormone
levels so all of these supplements are for the purpose of keeping the
sympathetic nervous system rising as the parasympathetic system starts to lower a
little bit and what supplements are actually allowed during this period
coffee people don’t think coffee is it something like caffeine is a supplement
and caffeine is found in black coffee no milk no sugar try not to put any other
additives in it creatine creatine hydrochloride clean creating whatever
whatever these fancy crazy names they’re fine to take on
empty stomach as well you can take things like Elsa to a mallet you can
take things like nitric oxide boosters vitamins if you want but I usually
recommend having that with food on your first meal you can have any type of
flavored but non sugary types of pre-workouts
as long as the calories are below 50 grams of our 50 calories as long as the
calories are below 50 calories then you’re pretty much in the clear because
look anything you take with a little bit of sugars I was are gonna raise your
info a little a little higher but the whole purpose of this is to keep it as
low as possible and to keep you in a fasted State or what appears to be a
fasted state that is the purpose of intermittent fasting and you get those
great benefits such as longevity the finding studies that your lifespan is a
little bit longer than people who eat regularly and need more calories and you
just get all those same great benefits but you’re doing it every day and spurts
sporadically and that’s what I love about intermittent fasting those are the
supplements that come to the top of my head
obviously BCAAs or another one branch chain amino acids the main thing that
makes branched chain amino acids so effective is the leucine and it’s using
a 2 to 1:1 ratio leucine isoleucine and valine are the 3
branch chain amino acids that make it that have the three amino acids that
make a branched chain amino acid and valine is the most effective of the
three and so you got to make sure it’s a 2 to 1:1 ratio
anything more like 6 to 2 whatever is like it’s crazy so if it’s overdue it’s
just beginning it’s a ploy doesn’t do anything more or worse you’re not gonna
do anything bad actually for your body when you do it that way and brings chain
amino acids obviously release the insulin as well tells your brain that
you’re being fed but the thing is I usually recommend doing that after
you’re done working out if you’re going to do intermittent fast in
this way even if you workout first thing in the morning it technically will break
the fast but that is one of the more useful amino acids and supplements to
take while you’re doing fasting because it spares muscle protein from being used
and broken down for energy especially when you’re doing fasting for long terms
a little bit longer than 24 hours they definitely recommend a brain’s genome a
branch chain amino acid then even though technically it is breaking the fast all
right guys I hope you enjoyed this video and that it answered all your questions
if you love intermittent fasting I have a whole section on that you can go
through the whole YouTube section or you just download the free intermittent
fasting cheat sheet that I make available to the full handbook that is
also available on Amazon for you but the cheat sheets free you can download the
link you can download it by clicking on the link below I’ll see you guys soon

11 thoughts on “What Supplements Can You Take During Intermittent Fasting?

  1. The product Nature Animal Pump contains Citruline Malate, L-Carnosine, L-Norvaline, Ornithine-AKG, Arginine-AKG. I wanted to ask you if taking this pre-workout while intermittent fasting was raise insulin/break my fast. You mention Citruline Malate is okay, I wondered about the other ingredients.

  2. I am currently on a 16-8 intermittent diet. I normally workout in the morning while I am 12hrs in my fasting state, then have my first meal at 12pm. I am interested in taking the alpha titan no2 pills. Is it ok if I take them right before I start my workouts in the morning?

  3. What about a testosterone booster? Something with Fenugreek, Boron, Shilajit. Would that break a fast?


  4. i have melatonin pills, it says there is
    lactose and
    milk protein in
    it is just a little pil of 0.1 mg melatonine.
    would it break my fast if i take this 0.5-1 hour before sleep?

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