What is the GallBladder?

What is the GallBladder?

Hey, guys. Doctor Berg here. In this video I wanted to answer the question
what is the gallbladder. The gallbladder is located underneath the
right ribcage, right here. You can see this is the liver on the right
side. It has a little tube. The liver makes a fluid that goes into the
gallbladder. The gallbladder basically stores bile. B-I-L-E. Bile is not waste or bowel, like people think
it’s like waste. No. Bile breaks down fats. It breaks down fats like a detergent will
dissolve grease. It breaks down fat into small, little, tiny
particles, so then certain things from the pancreas, certain enzymes like lipase, which
basically breaks down fats, worked in the small intestine to take that already broken
down fat into really tiny particles of fat called essential fatty acids. That’s what it does. The pancreas and the gallbladder work together
to absorb and break down fats. The gallbladder secretes this bile when you
eat fat. That’s when it’s supposed to release it. If you don’t eat fat, it’s not going to release
it. It stores bile. It also concentrates bile. The bile in that gallbladder is super strong,
so you don’t need much of it. Probably like one ounce or two ounces of it,
and it swooshes out, and it comes in the small intestine and it does its work right there. Here’s the thing, if you’re actually consuming
six meals all day, like with snacks. You’re doing three meals and you’re doing
snacks in between. At night you’re grazing. Every time you’re eating you’re basically
releasing some bile, especially if you eat any type of nuts or fats or anything like
that. Guess what? You’re going to really create a loss of this
concentration of bile because you’re constantly eating. It doesn’t have a chance to concentrate. You’re going to actually eventually be deficient
in bile. We’ll talk about that in a little bit. That’s why intermittent fasting is so healing
to the gallbladder, because it allows the gallbladder to concentrate its bile and not
have to work so hard. That means eating without snacking through
the day. It concentrates the bile. It also kills bacteria in your food. That’s pretty cool. Now, let’s go back to this bile thing. Emulsification comes from the Latin word which
means milk, which actually means combining water and fat, and that’s what milk is. It’s like a combination of a substance that
has water and fat together. Because you notice that fat and water don’t
mix, well, when you emulsify it, it can actually mix better. That’s why bile is an emulsifier. It allows the fat to be broken down and dissolved
and mixed up within the rest of the food coming down from the small intestine, because if
you didn’t have anything to break down the fat, the fat would just go right through you
and it wouldn’t be dissolved. Bile also helps you lubricate the colon, so
when you’re deficient in bile you become constipated. Also if you don’t a lubricated colon, you’ll
have pain when you actually are digesting, when the food goes through, because it’s not
lubricated. Also bile helps alkalize the stomach acids
coming down from the stomach. You’ll have this super concentrated acid from
the stomach. Thank goodness we have the bile to help neutralize
it, because the bile is alkaline. How do you know if you’re deficient in bile? First of all your stools are going to float. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried this as
a kid, or you’ve probably seen people when they have the little stools floating in the
toilet and you try to flush it, and it doesn’t go down. It just keeps floating. That’s some serious amount of fat in there. That person does not have enough bile to break
down the fat. The stools should sink unless it has too much
fat. Also a pale color. That would be a lighter color. That would be an indication of low bile. Also bad odor. Anal leakage and it’s oily. Those people have low bile. Because oil is just going right through them. We’ve talked about constipated. Bloating. Probably right shoulder pain. This is the big thing, they’re going to actually
be deficient in fat-soluble vitamins. That’s vitamin A, so there goes the eyes;
there goes the skin; there goes the sinus. Also vitamin D, bone pain. Poor immune system. That’s low vitamin D levels because they don’t
have enough bile. Vitamin E, that’s heart, skin, hormones. Vitamin K, clotting factors, bruising. Also of K2, getting rid of soft tissue calcium
from the arteries. Very important. Then you have the essential fatty acid absorption. Essential fatty acids are those very … They’re
called essential for a reason, because we need them. Very important for your heart. Very important as an anti-inflammatory. Very important for the cell structure and
the cell wall. Very important to your skin, so if you can’t
absorb essential fatty acids, you’re going to have dry skin, dry hair. We got even your mood is affected by essential
fatty acid. There’s a lot of people who take omega 3 or
DHA, all these healthy fats for certain health conditions. Without this bile you can’t absorb it. If you feel like you’re deficient, you just
need to focus on improving the function. Let’s say you may be deficient in bile, what
do you do? You can get a purified bile salt product. I use one called The Gallbladder Formula. This doesn’t necessarily just have purified
bile salts, it has a lot of other things. It has stone root to help dissolve gallstones. It has pancreatic enzymes to help you take
the pressure off the digestion. It has betaine hydrochloride to help digest
… acidify the stomach, so it helps the stomach, the pancreas, the gallbladder. Spanish black radish, slippery elm bark to
lubricate these little things, so it’s a really good formula. I like it, and you take that after a meal. You take one after a meal. You don’t need more than that. Some people just take it after one meal. When do you know that you don’t need bile
is when you have diarrhea. Why? Because bile will actually increase the elimination,
so if you’re already eliminating too much, you don’t need bile. Also if you have a hyperthyroid, the thyroid
is moving too much, and you add bile to it, which you don’t want to add that product,
that’s going to speed up more thyroid hormone, and you’ll have even more hyperthyroid. Taking bile would be good for someone that
has a hypothyroid, because bile is necessary for the conversion of T4 to T3 of the thyroid,
so it makes your thyroid work better if it’s slow. The only reason you wouldn’t want to take
it is if it’s too fast, which is more rare, but I just wanted to make that note. I hope that helped you understand the gallbladder
a little bit more and what it is. People just take these things out like it’s
not important, but it really is important. Try to keep your gallbladder at all costs. Thank you so much for watching.

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  1. as always great video dr. berg. question re: gall bladder formula, wondering if some of the ingredients it contains might be better consumed before a meal ie. those that help stomach function?

  2. My Dr. Sent me for Ultra Sound and sure enough my GallBladder has a few tiny stones. The surgeon says, don't worry about them at this time. If you want the Bladder removed he could do it. But at this point there was no danger if there was no pain.!? I was eating a lot of Frozen Yogurt at night for a few years after mom passed not realizing that can create stones. Can I reverse the stones?

  3. I LOVE the gallbladder formula. I had a lot of belching and burping after meals. Not any more! At first I took it after each meal but now only need it after supper. My poor daughter-in-law had her gallbladder removed. She's mad now at the doctor because she might have saved it. Some doctors are so anxious to rip everything out instead of fixing the issue. I hope this video saves a lot of people's gallbladders.

  4. Dr Berg could you make a video on the relation between red meat consumption and colon cancer. I am a medical student and my textbooks says "diet rich in animal fat alters intestinal bacterial flora which convert primary bile acids into secondary bile acids. This is the beginning of formation of carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic compounds. " I would really appreciate your thoughts on this topic.

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  7. Tried bile and it's super for the first 2 weeks. Poop is beautiful (firm but not hard) and no irritation in my stomach. Though after that I started suffering from low stomach acid, reflux etc. My current plan is to take betaine hcl for about a month and then add bile back. Maybe I should have waited for 30 minutes after the meal or so before taking the bile, I took it with food.

  8. Dr. Berg, I love this video. It's full of helpful information. Maybe you can make another video just for people that do not have a gallbladder.

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  24. Dear Dr Berg, I am a 28y old male with PSC, a super rare and deadly autoimmune/infection in the bile duct. I have been trying to use bilemin and beta plus to help absorption of fats and support the liver with little to no success. I am desperately looking for a functional med practitioner with some experience with psc/pbc to help me with this issue, would you be interested? I also have autoimmune gastritis and thyroid and fibromyalgia all 3 I have solved for the most part as I barely have any symptoms left… but this psc is just killing me, making it impossible to nourish the gut with fats and the toxic bile giving me colitis (typical with psc), I am currently considering fmt and/or vancomycin.

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    i've read something about the gallbladder which it makes me comfused a little
    gallbladder produce about 1000 ml of bile a day so the question is where bile goes when we don't eat fat
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