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  1. Im 5'0 and my BMI is 34.8 = 180lbs, but I have been working out since feb when I found out I was Obese, I have lost so much fat but my weight is still the same, can someone please help me figure that out? Im still alittle porky but I am 4 jean sizes smaller then the start of the year, Any help here?

  2. yeah thats why BMI doesnt work. BMI counts average muscle mass not increased so it probably doesnt work if you're buff

  3. That's because they have it wrong in the video. It is weight divided by squared height, not just height. Also, make sure to use metric units, that's kilogram and meters.
    Your BMI is 76.2k/1.78^2= 24.0, which is average and perfectly healthy. Don't worry

  4. what if you are a bodybuilder.
    because of all your muscle you'll have a high BMI but that doesnt mean that you are obese.

  5. UUUGHH!!! BMI? Really? REALLY!? Come on! You gotta be joking. Seriously, BMI is a load of BS. Why are these so-called "experts" still propagating the value of BMI? There are two extremely important factors BMI does not take into account:

    1. Muscle mass
    2. Bone density

    BMI is supposed to be for the "average" person, so obviously body-builders have to completely ignore is. However, those who are not body-builder, the average person, will vary in the density of their skeletal structure. Ignore BM

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