What Is Obesity & How To Calculate BMI? – Dr. J.S.Rajkumar, Lifeline Hospitals

What Is Obesity & How To Calculate BMI? – Dr. J.S.Rajkumar, Lifeline Hospitals

Hi, this is Dr.Rajkumar I am a laparoscopic surgeon at LifeLine Hospital And I am here to talk to you on What is obesity? We would like, for you to learn more about yourself more about obesity, more about keyhole surgery, etc and for this we would like you to subscribe to this channel Let’s study today on what obesity really is This is a billion dollar question all over the world Whether you’re chomping into a pizza or a burger or whether you’re running on a treadmill and watching your weight the whole world wants to know what is obesity So, let me tell you in simple terms scientifically how we assess someones obesity you could do this to yourself, is to measure your weight let’s say its a 100 kilograms you measure your height in meters so supposing you are a 150 centi-meters tall we could say 1.5 meters and we take a square of your height in meters which means 1.5 squared, which will be 2.25 Your BMI will be your weight namely your 100 kilograms divided by your height squared which is 2.25 which would bring it close to 40 Lets look at the ideal BMI The ideal BMI all over the world especially in the western world, is upto 25 For asians, its now recommended that the ideal BMI is less than 23.5 But lets look at the international numbers, alright. So, if you have a BMI of 25 to 30, you are overweight 30 to 35, you are obese and above 35, most of us call it morbid obesity The word morbid here means that obesity or fatness which is so much that it could kill you There are many types of obesity and we are going to be studying about them in the ensuing segments But, there are two types, broadly speaking safe obesity and dangerous obesity safe obesity is muscular obesity If you took the BMI of an Arnold Schwarzenegger or a Sylvester Stallone Its not going to be 22 or 23, its going to be 27 or 28 But, thats a muscular obesity. Whereas if you took the BMI of someone like Adnan Sami before his surgery his BMI would be 45 or 50, full of fat The fatty or adipose obesity is whats dangerous for you But if it is muscular obesity, its safe for you So you need to know the difference I always say that we need to know which are the dangerous types of obesity and then,we can take it up from there. Now, what are you going to having classified your obesity Obesity, when it comes with co morbid factors like diabetes and hypertension, its much more dangerous for you than if you had obesity alone without diabetes or without hypertension To know more about obesity to know how to attack your own body’s problems how to solve your problems, we would like you to subscribe to our channel and hear about the newer ways of tackling this problem in the segments to come So, we will hear about it shortly, in the meanwhile, Good Luck

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  1. JS Rajkumar is one of the best doctors in India. He is utilizing technology for better of people. Doctors like him making India to stand in leading countries who are capable to provide best medical treatment to their people. JS Rajkumar recently joined a workshop on Laparoscopic surgery in Oman. Brilliant… It means Indian doctors are teaching the world… Congratulation Dr. JS Rajkumar

  2. Don't overemphasize the prejudicial side of this statement, but your video strengthened my faith in the future of India. It's more educating than what's being produced here, and I'm from Europe.

  3. he is killing people by his treatment. he is not perfect in his treatment. pls be aware of his treatment

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