What is Emotional Obesity? | How to Calculate your EGO? | Emotional Intelligence

What is Emotional Obesity? | How to Calculate your EGO? | Emotional Intelligence

Thank you so much for giving love to the previous
video where we talked about Emotional Bankruptcy. If you’ve not checked that video, please go
and check it out, I will share the link in the description and on the card in the video
itself. We talked about 3 things in that video – Emotional
Inflation, Emotional Obesity & of course Emotional Bankruptcy. We discussed Emotional Bankruptcy in detail
and in this one we’re going to discuss about Emotional Obesity. Let’s relate Emotional Obesity with the obesity
in general. How do people get obese? They eat more than they can digest. And usually this stuff is tempting & sugary. Like this Ice Cream. And people get addicted to it and to all the
other junkie food. They become slave of it because they can’t
control their temptations. And this food and temptations control people
instead. It’s the same with Emotions too. People get addicted to admiration, compliments,
applause, accolades, praises, appreciations, etc. which ends up increasing their EGO in
size. This increase in the EGO IS THE EMOTIONAL
OBESITY. They crave for more of it. And if they don’t get it, they feel restless. And to get more of these compliments and appreciations,
people end up turning themselves into something that they are not. They spend money on the things that they don’t
need to get compliments from the people that don’t really matter in their life. People have gone to the extend of getting
plastic surgery just to get more compliments. And this is just one of the examples among
a lot of other things that people really do. People really lose the touch with their real
self. This is a sure shot way of getting depressed
my friends :). Now, I’m not saying that you should reject this compliments & praises from
other people. In fact you should work really hard and put
in real effort to contribute in other people’s lives to get these compliments in return. Working out and putting real effort to gain
these compliments in return is like working out in the gym to burn these extra calories
that these compliments will add to your emotions. Having said that, please don’t attach yourself
to these compliments either. The way it is important to check your fat
percentage, similarly it’s also important to check your ego percentage, if it has increased
or decreased. And the formula, to check your ego percentage
is: (Craving for a compliment right now – Craving for a compliment 6 months back)/Craving for
the compliment 6 months back. I’ll explain that with an example. Let’s say, you want to rate yourself, the
craving you that are having right now, for a compliment is 40 out of 100. And let’s say, you had the same craving but
it was on the higher side 6 months back and let’s say it was 80 out of 100 at that point
in time. Using this formula, the result would be (40
– 80)/80=-50% which means, your ego has reduced by 50%. Cool stuff right ;)? Your ego under control
can help you foster stronger and deeper relationships with people. And these stronger and deeper relationships
with people are actually the real compliments for the lifetime. Thank you once again for staying till the
end. If you really think I’ve added a new dimension
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  2. Great way to explanation๐Ÿ‘ …though i just wanna know that how a person stop seeking for attention… Even after knowing that the other person doesn't care about anything, still people try to create the certain situations that can attract the attention of others..i just don't like it.. but neight I am able to express that cuz the other person might feel bad..

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