What is Celiac Disease? | #aumsum

What is Celiac Disease? | #aumsum

It’s AumSum Time. Why do some People develop Celiac Disease? Coz they don’t go on vacations. Nooo. Celiac disease is a disorder which adversely
affects. The villi present in our small intestine. Villi are small finger-like projections. Which help in efficient absorption of nutrients. Now, according to experts. The main culprits behind celiac disease are
our genes. If a person has HLADQ2 gene or HLADQ8 gene. Then his immune system is genetically susceptible
to a protein called gluten. Usually found in wheat, barley, etc. Now, if he eats gluten. His susceptible immune system starts attacking
his own villi. Thus causing him to develop celiac disease. This leads to inflammation, abdominal pain,
etc. Also, if that person still doesn’t stop consuming
gluten. Then due to the attacks of the immune system. His villi will eventually shorten or flatten. Thus causing malabsorption of nutrients through
the villi into the blood. This can lead to iron deficiency, weight loss,
short stature, etc.

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