What is a mini gastric bypass?

What is a mini gastric bypass?

The mini or loop gastric bypass is
increasingly popular and is now used in the NHS alongside the traditional roux-en-y gastric bypass. The mini is simpler and involves no cutting of the
bowel a smaller narrower stomach is created and the bowel is connected to
that new stomach by forming a loop as you see in the diagram. The mini offers
comparable weight loss and health improvement to the traditional gastric
bypass. One key difference is that people with reflux should not have a mini as it
can make it worse. Healthier Weight offers traditional roux-en-y gastric
bypass and the new mini bypass. Read more about gastric bypass at the Healthier Weight website

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  1. I disagree when it comes to reflux. There is actually a way to solve that problem with the mini gastric bypass. You need to reach out to Dr. Robert Rutledge, the developer of the mini gastric bypass. His email address, is [email protected] However the website for his practice, centers for laparoscopic and obesity surgery, is down at the moment. So just shoot Dr. Rutledge an email.

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