What I eat to STOP SUGAR CRAVINGS | My Top Tips to get back in shape

What I eat to STOP SUGAR CRAVINGS | My Top Tips to get back in shape

Hey everyone, welcome back to another what I eat in a day video. So today I’m gonna share my secret recipes with you guys. I just got back from Hakuba I just got back from Japan and yeah things happen when I’m in Japan – actually, happened before I went to Japan. I was having a lot of Italian gelato – I mean if you follow my Insta story, you’d know that I’ve been having like, gelato almost every second day for the last three to four weeks before I left to Japan, and when I was in Japan, I went all out. I was eating all kind of stuff, I had a lot of mochi, a lot of chocolate, and a lot of savory foods, which I don’t normally crave, but if it’s in front of me, I’ll eat it. You know, I am not complaining. It’s food. I’ll take it. That’s the deal. I think I’ve gained a little bit of weight? I don’t know because I don’t weigh myself anymore so I don’t know where I actually gained weight, but I can see that in my belly my arms but it’s okay It’s okay Don’t freak out if you have gave a little bit of weight, because a lot of it is just water way and when you get back on your routine, you’re gonna lose the fat and the water weight away. So anyways today I’m gonna share a couple tips throughout the video on how to stop cravings, especially sugar cravings, because I personally don’t any problem with savory foods. I can just cut those things out very easily, especially fried food and overly salted food. I don’t love them. So first of all, don’t go cold turkey because I feel like I used to do that in the past I just cut them out like completely and that generally did not go well after a month or two. I’ll start craving for them really badly or I’ll have the worst craving in the first couple of days. So what I do these days is I taper it down slowly so I don’t cut them out completely I just have a little bit less of them, and also not so frequently so maybe like twice a week or once a week or maybe three times a week, but just smaller portions as well. So another tip is to, you know, replace it with a healthier alternative. For example if you really love Coke, you could get like kombucha that’s in Coke flavour and that’s like, so low in sugar – I’ll show you guys quickly. So this is the kombucha brand that has the cola flavor, and there’s only that 1.2g of sugar per 100ml. So if you want to satisfy your Coca-Cola cravings, you can try a healthier option. So for today’s breakfast, I’m gonna make a sweet breakfast that’s sweetened by stevia, using mung beans and also azuki beans, which is red beans. So I made this yesterday and I was like, I’m gonna share this with you guys, because these are so good. There’s no sugar added, and it’s low in glycemic index. It has protein in there as well, So it’s pretty much a good breakfast. So anyway, if you get bloating from beans these are the best beans to start with because they cause minimal bloating. I had so much yesterday and I bloated a little just because I had way too much, but they’re generally a lot more tolerable. There’s another tip that can help you guys with bloating when it comes to cooking beans – it’s to soak it overnight, or at least four hours, especially mung beans, and then rinse it out. Rinse it really really well Then you cook it with water. You can add kombu, which is a type of seaweed, to help with bloating issues as well, but I didn’t do that yesterday. Then you cook it for about 40 minutes, and it’s gonna get softer, and then you can add some almond milk or your favorite milk to make it like a dessert. A dessert for breakfast! I’m gonna heat this up now because I’m hungry. I went – Okay – I went to my dermatologist this morning to get my leg lasered, as you can see here. A lot of you guys didn’t know that I got burnt from hot water close to six months ago now – I think six months ago. I got burnt, and my skin basically fell off. It ripped off from my leg. It was so painful. It was so badly scarred. So I went for my second CO2 laser today and it was not painful at all. It was just a little bit painful, but my brain was so much more painful so this felt like nothing, okay We didn’t use numbing cream or anything at all because I’m a tough bitch (: Anyway, I’m getting really hungry can I just make my food please? I’m gonna heat this up on the stove because I don’t have a microwave guys, like, seriously, what the f- So another great tip for people who really like potato chips is to make your own at home. So all you have to do is to get fresh potatoes, shave it down into really thin slices All you have to do is to get a peeler, and then spray it with some oil Season with some salt and pop it in the oven and just bake it for a little bit. Just make sure your oven is not too hot because you don’t want to burn your potato chips. It gotta be nice. And crispy. Now, if you love yogurt you can always find no sugar added yogurts like this one. So I’m just gonna add this to my… my… breakfast. So I have the red bean paste on the bottom, and then the mung bean, and then yogurt, and a little bit of the red beans on top. It’s lunch time everybody! So I just had a little snack before my lunch. That’s… Th- That’s a common theme almost every day before I make food because I just had a long meeting and I’m hungry. I chose a healthier option, so I’m pretty proud of myself. I had some Pana chocolate – this is probably one of my favourite chocolate flavours from Pana chocolate – and I also had a little bit of this This dark chocolate is a lot less in sugar compared to that. So yeah, healthier than just, you know, Cadbury or Lindt. Those are a lot sweeter, and those are just like pure sugar. So that’s I guess sticking to my rule number two – what’s number two? To choose the healthier alternative to the food that you like, and not just get rid of all of them because then you’re gonna have cravings, like more intense cravings. So, you know, taper it down slowly. Now, I’m gonna make my lunch. I’m gonna have a vegan lunch because I’m trying to have more vegan meals these days, which is why I’m introducing more beans into my diet just to get my gut used to it again. I’ve always been a person that can’t really tolerate beans very well. So I’ll see how it goes. Maybe I won’t be able to? I don’t know, but I really love beans, so if I can manage to eat beans without farting all day, that’ll be great. Now, I’m gonna make tofu with bell peppers and rice. It’s very easy. It’s only gonna take about ten minutes, so no excuses to not make your own lunch. Alright, here’s my lunch. Oh my god, it looks so amazing! Yes, a bowl of rice. So I normally have leftover rice in the fridge for at most maybe one day. A lot of people are afraid to eat rice because they think it’s gonna make them fat. Especially white rice, because it is higher in glycemic index, but there’s a little trick I can teach you guys I’ve learnt this last year. So what you have to do is to add some coconut oil to your hot water while you are boiling up your rice. So that’s gonna reduce the glycemic index, especially when you refrigerate it after. So make sure you cool down your rice for a couple of hours, and then some of the starches are gonna turn into resistant starch, and that’s actually really good for the gut So white rice that has been cooked with coconut oil and hot water, and has been cooled in the fridge or overnight, is gonna be a lot lower in glycemic index and also higher in resistant starch, which is not gonna cause a spike in blood sugar. So anyway, I’m gonna start digging in because I’m hungry. So you can add some sesame oil, or other types of oil that you like if you don’t like sesame oil to give a little bit of fat to this dish because there’s no fat other than- yeah there’s no fat. You gotta add some oil. Time for tip number four: Try to not skip your meals. When you skip your meals you tend to cave in to your cravings. Potato chips and chocolates are just so much easier to reach to instead of a properly cooked meal because they’re prepackaged. No shit. That is a lot easier to just grab it and eat it, but actually you just need some proper food with good nutrition, good balance of carbs, protein and fat. So if you don’t skip your meals, then it is a lot less likely that you’re gonna cave in to your sugar cravings or your savory cravings, whatever it is that you crave for, because then you have time to cook your meals and have proper meals, and the reason why some people shouldn’t skip meals – some people, not everyone – is because they tend to reward themselves after they skip a couple of meals because they think that they deserve to have a big pizza, or lots of sweet treats and pasta and pizza all in one go because they skip meals for an entire day. So for dinner, they kind of just eat everything. So that’s the reason why skipping meals can be bad for some people, but like I said, not everyone is gonna react to skipping meals the same way. Some people are still gonna eat healthy because they have better self control. So just do it according to how you feel, how your eating behaviour is. There’s no one way to eating. There’s no one way to crush cravings or avoid cravings. Yeah. I’m pretty happy with that tip. I’m so freaking full right now. I ate too much. I think I need to give you guys a little bit of an update. Yeah, I haven’t made a video in a while because I was in Japan, as you guys know, for ten days, and after I came back, I’ve had meetings back to back everyday, and also I have an event coming up which I’m prepping for, and also another project that I’m working on that’s gonna be releasing this year. Also I’ve been just sorting out my home, because my home is such a mess guys like it’s always a mess because I just don’t have time to sort out my home because I’m always working. I don’t even have time to go to a gym right now. Actually, I’m terrified to go to gym right now because of this coronavirus scare right now. I’m actually really terrified. I haven’t been to gym since I came back. Also, I’m sorting out my living room because I’m making this space for my stream. So I want this space to be available for streaming all the time. As you guys know, I’m streaming on Twitch. Well, I’ve only done one stream so far, but I’m gonna be doing more streaming, especially workout streams, which is coming up next week as you watch this. Also… Yeah, just sorting out my home, like that’s taking up a lot of time. I’m thinking of converting my garage into a home gym because guys, I’m so scared to go to the gym! I’m so scared of the virus. I’m pretty sure everyone’s scared of the virus at this point. So this is my computer setup for my stream on Twitch. I got my computer down here, my monitors, my keyboard and mouse which are really cute because they’re all matchy-matchy right now. My lighting. Okay, now for tip number 5! Tip number five is: when you’re craving for something sweet to drink, have some tea. Have some fruit-infused drinks, or some cold tea. They’re normally very satisfying.
That’s what I do anyway. When I’m really really craving for something sweet to drink, like ’cause, you know, I like my sweet treats, so sometimes I want like a hot chocolate, or, I’ll make some tea – some cold yummy tea. I’m gonna make some right now. Like I said, my pantry is a mess! But alright, here’s my favourite tea right now. I love this – Pukka. Pukka! Pukka rose chamomile lavender tea. So sometimes I make it cold, sometimes I make it hot, depending on how I feel. Also I got my fruit infused drink over here. It’s blueberries. This lid is really cool. It has a filter so your tea leaves or your fruits won’t go through it. Finally my dinner! This is so good, just a soup base, so tasty. So if you’re vegan, you can just change the fish stock to vegetable stock. My friend is coming down from Sydney and I really want to see her, so I’m just gonna eat a little bit. So I’m supposed to have this for dinner, but we’re also going to a vegan Italian restaurant later. I think I’ll show you guys what I have later as well, but for now… This is so good. This is extremely nutritious,. There’s a lot of vegetables in there, lots of vitamins and minerals. So now tip number 6 is to have a balanced diet. I’ve been on a couple of diets before. I’ve tried keto, I’ve tried intermittent fasting, which is not really a diet, but- So if you remove an entire food group from your diet, there’s a high chance that you will crave for those foods. Again, this is very different for every individual, so you just gotta know what’s best for you. Personally for me, I don’t think it’s good for me to remove carbs from my diet, or fat entirely from my diet, so I like to have a balanced meal of carbs, fat and protein. That really keeps me satiated. Personally, when I was on keto, after I got off it, I was craving a lot of sugar. So I didn’t like that. I was craving a lot more sugar than I normally do, and that’s the reason why I don’t really like diets. Just gotta eat a little bit healthier and you’re gonna see results, as long as you’re being consistent with your training, and also eat consistently well. A little bit of cheat meals here and there, it’s totally fine. So that’s tip number 6. For the final tip, it’s to subscribe to my channel! For more tips! Anyway, I’m gonna have my- I don’t think I’ll finish this because this is quite a lot. I’m gonna have a little bit of this and I’m gonna head out to see my friend and maybe have a gelato. Today is the last day that I’m gonna eat like crap, if I were to eat like crap when I’m going out. It’s totally okay to treat myself or treat yourself. Don’t feel guilty, that’s not what you’re supposed to feel. Don’t feel guilty. Just enjoy the moment. Enjoy your food. Enjoy your friends company. And yeah. I think I’m gonna end the vlog here for now. I hope you guys enjoy my tips to cravings – to sugar cravings or savory cravings, just your cravings. These are the things that have really helped me – not being on a restrictive diet and not fasting for an entire day or not being restrictive – that really helps me, and also Drink your water. Drink your water, because sometimes you’re just thirsty. So that’s the final, final, final tip. Sometimes you’re just thirsty, you’re not actually hungry. Just have a cup of water, and then assess after about 5 to 10 minutes and see whether you’re hungry. If you’re still hungry then obviously you’re hungry, but if you’re not, you’re just thirsty. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video! Give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it, and if you want more tips, you know these sort of videos. I’ll see you in the next video. Bye!

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