Hey guys so welcome to today’s video first today I have another what I eat in a day but I really wanted to put the sugar in the background there I really wanted to do this one super vlog style if you follow me on my vlog channel then this whole like my kitchen and everything it’s really familiar to you because I vlog all the time on my blog channel like I said lots of fun things there so make sure you subscribe to my vlog channel if you aren’t already I’m gonna leave the link on I believe here anyways I’m excited because today I’m pretty much just going to be sharing with you everything that I’m eating so I am still on a weight-loss journey it has been a journey I’ve actually recently marked my two years and I have lost 42 pounds before we get into that I do want to share with you guys the life some app you know I’ve worked with them for a little while now I love life some such an amazing app so I am currently on a calorie deficit so what a calorie deficit is it’s just that you’re eating less than you are burning in a day which equals weight loss so I love life some because it really helps me count my calories and staying on track nowadays I tend to be a little bit more loose and I don’t necessarily track every single day but in the beginning of your weight loss journey this is so important you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle or embark on a fitness journey I feel like it’s really important to just be knowledgeable on calories and everything so I love how the lefse map really helps you kind of keep track of everything you could also count your macros which is awesome if you upgrade to the premium there’s just so many more features I personally use the premium because I just feel like I like that extra features that I get what I love about it is you get a bunch of recipes so if you want extra recipes and you kind of get bored with what you’re currently cooking I love how you can just go do the same app that you use to count your calories to find some recipes you know what I mean and they also have different meal plans so if you guys want to go ahead and use life some just check the description box you can actually download life something for free it’s a free app so I’ll leave the link down there but if you want to get the premium version which is my favorite you can go ahead and get it for 30% off if you use my specific link which I will also leave down below for you guys so thank you so much to life some and thank you to you guys since if it wasn’t for you you grow in the beginning is up to so thank you but it is currently at 11:23 so it’s a little bit later in the day that it normally would start off I woke up this morning I like 9:30 and I normally do wake up around 9:30 and I normally eat breakfast around 10:00 but this morning that’s a I had to put on some makeup for you guys to look presentable you know so it took me a little longer but I’m getting really hungry now I got lipstick all over my little cup yeah I’m getting really hungry now we’re gonna start making breakfast I’ve been obsessed with protein pancakes let me show you guys what I’m gonna Inc so these are the protein world pancakes not sponsored by protein world or anything I just really love them I’ve gone through two three tubs of this already like I love this stuff and I’m not kidding it’s all I’ve been eating for breakfast sometimes I sit down and I’m like okay any like when are you gonna stop eating pancakes for breakfast like it’s getting a little bit much here but I’m obsessed and I love it so I get 10 grams of protein with this and it’s 170 calories I really like it and it just tastes really good like it literally tastes like a real pancake okay so the first thing I do is take a bowl obviously oh it already comes with scoop Jamie you know this so I normally do about four scoops of this and I like to use water so I’m going to go into my fridge and put some filtered water in here so this is how it’s currently looking and I’m just going to mix it all up there you go so you kind of want to mix it until it’s like this so I’m heating up my pan and I’m just gonna use this this is a butter flavor canola oil spray it’s just to obviously use a nonstick pan that way you don’t have to really worry about place that much spray and then I’m just gonna pour my mixture in I like to put it low medium medium low heat and just make one so I just get regular chocolate chips from the grocery store these are actually milk chocolate from Hershey’s is I only put about ten did you put more than that it’s just you know like too much like 10 or 11 ish ideally I would like dump the whole Bank in there cuz I love chocolate but it’s it’s too much like you know so weight loss is all about like moderation and balance and portion control you can eat anything you want as long as it’s in moderation if it’s like a super bad food and then you can eat whatever you want on a daily basis just you know control the portions so yeah so I really like bananas on top of my pancakes but I don’t really like a lot like I’ll literally probably just take like a quarter of this and I love my bananas when they’re still like super yellow kind of greenish and not that many brown spots they just taste so good to me so that’s what I’m gonna have I’m gonna flip my pancake now so while I just flipped the pancake and that is cooking on the other side I’m gonna show you guys how I’m going to calculate my breakfast on life some so the first thing I’m going to do is just go ahead and tap add breakfast so we’re gonna do that then you want to just search up your food in the little search bar so I’m going to type protein world and cakes and you’ll see it right there so I’m gonna add four scoops so I also just added my syrup my chocolate chips and my what’s this called ham banana and then it just shows on the screen how its updated so I’ve eaten already this amount and this is how much I have left so I just feel like it makes it super simple and like easy because it’s all laid out there okay so our pancake is dunzo so I’m just gonna add my banana on top I like to do thin slices cuz it’s like if you sin it’s nicely the warmth of the pancake will warm up the bananas and I just tastes so good thank me later I love the taste of this one the engine mama light syrup so I use this one but I do actually have a little bit of the protein world zero calorie syrup mixed in here to make it less so I’m just gonna put a little or a lot you know and there you have it breakfast is done like that looks so good I cannot wait to eat this right now I’m actually about to go watch the rest of season two of Ozark and eat this bad boy Hemi okay so it’s now about to eleven to twelve so two o’clock and I am getting hungry for lunch so yesterday I made a really yummy lunch which is a buffalo chicken with Caesar salad and I really loved it so I’m gonna have it again today so how I make my buffalo chicken is I buy these these are the prime breaded chicken strips I love these because the calories and macros are really good like a lot of different chicken strips are literally 300 calories this is the only brand or want this one in Jane’s but these are bigger than Jane’s anyways one of the only brands that I found that two pieces is 220 calories yeah something like that these are already defrosted I’m going to have two you can also make burgers with these I do that all the time and I’ll just have one instead of two obviously okay so let’s make some salad I have my bowl here and what I love is getting salad kits and they’re already cut up I mean it’s just super easy and my favorite is this one by this brand because I love what it comes with and this is like starting to go back so I kind of want to just finish it I’m gonna actually just have whatever is left in here I’ll just eat it all today never have enough lettuce and I’m gonna pick out the pieces that are kind of going bad so I tried to pick out most of the pieces but I can always skip over them as I’m eating it so anyways this exact salad kick comes with Parmesan cheese already which you could totally do without it you know I could be honest I’d like a really small amount of Parmesan cheese just because I want to keep this low-calorie one thing one thing about salads is they’re really healthy but they can go from healthy to like whoa too many calories will real quick so you want to watch what toppings you’re putting in your salad and you want to watch what dressing you’re using and how much cheese so I’m only going to put a little bit of that but what I love is that it comes with this like seasoning and it just adds like such like little good flavor you know I really like I don’t even know what this is it’s some sort of like mixer so I’m gonna add a little bit of that seasoning I don’t like to overdo it so for salad dressing I love this one this is the cropped calorie-wise Caesar dressing I love Caesar but it can be you know kind of high but Kraft makes a really good one it’s only 30 calories for a tablespoon so I tend to stick to that serving size so it’s about 1 2 3 4 ish kind of drops so just that maybe even just 3 if you wanted and then I will take a plate and mix it up and there you go your salad is mixed up and done I’m just going to flip so last thing for my salad is I’m just gonna eyes at some of the cheese on top and I’m not gonna add a lot I literally do like the tiniest a little bit like that’s it okay so for the buffalo chicken this is the sauce that I use it’s from President’s Choice just try to find one at your local grocery store but what I love about this one is its zero calories so you really can’t go wrong and I’ll literally just pour it on turn it over put more on the other side okay I kind of put a little bit too much that’s all good just gonna put it on low and like let it simmer for a little bit only needs like a minute or two and it’ll the sauce will kind of start baking into the checkout okay so our buffalo chicken is ready this is so good you guys like oh my god so that’s it lunch is done how good does that look like literally I feel like I could totally order this I like a restaurant or something what I love too is you’re cutting a little bit of carbs by having a salad instead of like bread or a burger or rice or something and I don’t know I’m really into Caesar salad lately so I’m excited to dig into this so it’s about four o’clock right now and I’m starting to get a little bit hungry but it’s too early for dinner obviously I usually like to wait until 5:00 or 6:00 for dinner so I’m just gonna have a little mini snack and I love this for a snack this is just turkey breast extra lean slices smoked slices this is my favorite brand and it comes like this so it’s like just a really good value as well but I just love the way that these are sliced and the way that they taste but they make such a good snack because they’re so low cal and high protein so you’re just getting a really good macro calorie healthy friendly snack if you’re trying to lose weight so I’ll typically if I’m just having a snack like sometimes I’ll have four slices just really depends because I’m gonna have a pretty big taco dinner I’m just gonna go for about two slices of Turkey as a little snack oh wow would you look at that there’s two oh there’s three left so you know what I’m just gonna have three thank him okay so it’s dinner time now I have my pan heating up I am just gonna add a little bit of oil don’t really need much because the beef already will add so I’m actually going to keep the heat on the lowest option and just cook it slowly add some salt add some garlic black pepper paprika and some chilli powder so while that is cooking I’m gonna go ahead and just shred up some lettuce I feel like this was so fast to whip up like literally so I’m just gonna add a little bit of heat to that one and start cooking or toasting whatever you want to call it the tortillas I am using 100 calorie tortillas so make sure you check all the brands to find out the best one so now I’m just gonna put my beef in them equally and I like my tacos almost grabbed my sour cream so I like my tacos pretty plain I’m just going to add some cheese and some lettuce and then I’m just taking a five percent sour cream and only taking a little bit so I know that a lot of people say hey you can use Greek yogurt to replace sour cream well I honestly just don’t see any reason for that because then I can just have the real thing this is literally 20 calories for a full tablespoon I believe so for two teaspoons it’s thirty calories and I’m not even using a taste like a full one you know so there’s just no reason to like replace it you know okay so that is pretty much it I feel like that was so quick to make it took like 10 minutes I want to say yeah the cameras been rolling for 12 minutes now so there you go okay so I think I forgot to tell you guys what time it was when I was cooking dinner it was actually five o’clock and now it is 6:30 and you ready no I need some dessert so I actually found these at the grocery store like two weeks ago and I was so happy to find them these are the no sugar added edition ones and this is just chocolate pudding but because there’s no sugar added it’s so much less calories than the regular pudding this is only 50 calories for this whole little thing right here and if you look at all the other ones they’re like a good hundred 130 so I love this it just makes a good little snack whenever I want something sweet and it really satisfies me so that’s pretty much it if I get hungry again later on like before bed or something I might just have some strawberries but that’s pretty much all that I ate today so I hope you guys enjoyed and I will see you guys in my next video

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  1. if you keep a piece of paper towel in the bag with the lettuce it will stay crisp and fresh longer bc it will absorb all the excess water

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