What I Eat In A Day To Lose Baby Weight While Breastfeeding l 8 Months Postpartum

What I Eat In A Day To Lose Baby Weight While Breastfeeding l 8 Months Postpartum

hey guys welcome back to the channel so
today’s video is going to be a what I eat in a day while breastfeeding to lose
the baby weight I am currently eight months postpartum
and I do workout and go to the gym so I’ll be going over everything I eat pre
gym post gym and all my snacks in between so if you are curious and you
are looking to get in shape after baby make sure you keep on watching ok guys
so before I go to the gym I don’t like to eat anything heavy but I don’t like
to workout on an empty stomach I’m currently not taking any type of
pre-workout but I do coffee in the morning because I definitely need it. I
don’t add any type of sugar to my coffee I just do the International delights
French Vanilla creamer I know that already has sugar in it so I don’t like
to add any more and then while my coffee is brewing I do cut up half a lemon and
squeeze half a lemon in to 20 ounces of water and I make sure I finish this
entire water before I even touch my coffee all right and then right before I leave
to go to the gym I do have a protein bar we got these at Costco I think my
husband initially got this for himself but I kind of took over the box
they are so good you guys and they’re really high in protein which I don’t do
any type of protein shake I do have collagen to my coffee though
so I try to eat protein bars to kind of get that extra protein in especially
before going to the gym it’s really good for you and these actually keep me the
right amount of full I don’t feel – like sluggish or anything like that
but it’s definitely not like I’m on an empty stomach but I just kind of eat
these as a pre-workout snack before I actually have my first meal of the day
okay so I just got finished working out my legs are literally shaking right now
so I’m going to have one of these nutrigrain bars this one is the
blueberry one and I did finish my water I don’t know me these are 24 ounces this
should be a Venti or a grande I’m not sure but my second water today I’m just
gonna eat this really quick go home and actually have a real breakfast
it is currently 9:34 I don’t have the baby so I’m seriously taking my time
to be kid free for a little bit hopefully I can just breastfeed him
really quick so I’m sure he’s hungry and then have my first meal of the day okay
so after I get the baby situated it’s currently 10:00 a.m. and I’m having my
first actual breakfast so I am doing the revive overnight oats you guys follow me
on Instagram you know I always talk about their smoothies but they also have
oats and this is by far my favorite flavor and their oats from them and I
actually like that it’s actual fruit even in their smoothies it’s not like
powdered protein or anything like that like it fuels you it’s good for you
ingredient and I love it after a workout and with the oats it really does help
during that time of the month where I have a natural dip in my supply it helps
just give me a little bit of boost so this way my son doesn’t lose out on any
type of milk or anything like that when you are working out if you drop weight
too fast you’ll notice a dip in your supply so adding things like oats or any
other natural Galacticos is really good for you and then with my breakfast I do take my
vitamins I don’t like doing it before the gym just because I have a super
sensitive stomach so I typically take these when I’m eating my breakfast okay
and then for our lunches I typically do leftovers I am really big on trying not
to waste food and so we just kind of pack them up into these meal prep plates
I got these off of Amazon thier dishwasher safe they’re freezer safe they’re
microwave safe but on this night I did a cheese tortellini with the Morningstar
crumbles and a pasta sauce and it was so good you guys and then in regular mom fashion I definitely multitask when it comes to
lunchtime so I’m currently feeding Ezra feeding myself and answering emails at
the same time okay this is gonna be like a really weird drink but I promise you
it is so good so I usually do like an afternoon pick-me-up so it’s currently
3:30 I would have had this sooner but Ezra was sleeping on me and I did not
want to disturb him so I like green tea lattes from Starbucks so I typically
will just do like hot water with like a scoop of green tea and then some creamer
if you have coconut milk it is really good too but I needed a little bit more
caffeine than just the green tea latte so I actually add a little bit of coffee
to mine so I make a super weak coffee I don’t fill it up all the way I do it
with eight ounces of water and then I add the creamer
until it’s sweet enough for me and then I have it with the side of banana just
because it’s really close to dinner and I don’t want a full snack but I
definitely need something in my stomach but you guys it is so good and it gives
me that right amount of energy to kind of get me through the day without
keeping me awake all night long all right guys and then today’s dinner
is going to be an egg roll stir-fry we typically eat around five o’clock I
start cooking around four o’clock this way by the time my husband gets home for
work dinner is done but I don’t usually measure things I just kind of eyeball
everything so I will leave the entire recipe down in the description box below
for you so if you guys want to try this meal for your family you’ll have that
it’s definitely going to be a go-to I did use the morning star crumbles but
you can use ground beef ground turkey ground chicken whatever you want to use
which is another reason why I really like this because it’s super versatile if you do any of these recipes make sure
you tag me on Instagram so I can share them as well and then just give me your
feedback if you liked it if you didn’t like it or any of the ingredients that
you changed and then I have no idea where my silver cup went so I switched
to the pink one and I’m currently up to a hundred ounces of water alright and I am currently participating
in dry January if you don’t know what that is it’s basically where you have no
alcohol in the month of January it’s really good for your skin and a lot of
us had a lot of parties and everything else over the holiday so you may have
drank a little bit more than usual so it just gives your body time to detox and
if you’re new to your fitness journey you’re gonna see a huge improvement when
you take away any type of alcohols and refined sugars so I try to stay away
from that stuff in January just to kind of jumpstart my diet and my workout
routine as well so for a snack I’m just gonna have some popcorn with again some
more water I drank so much water today you guys I think I was up to almost 150
ounces you definitely do not need a drink that much but as a breastfeeding
mom who also works out I feel the need to drink more water so I just kind of
listen to my body I hope you guys liked this video if you did make sure you give
it a thumbs up I will be doing these regularly so if you want to see more of
these make sure you hit that red subscribe button along with that
notification bell so you don’t miss those videos and as always guys I love
you and I will see you in the next one

11 thoughts on “What I Eat In A Day To Lose Baby Weight While Breastfeeding l 8 Months Postpartum

  1. Hey guys! I love making these videos for you! Let me know if you prefer it with the voice-over or more vlog style. I also added the dinner recipe in the description box. Remember to share on Instagram and tag me so I can share it as well!

  2. Yummy it sounds all delicious both ways whatever you do it not picky good job with your working out good job with your diet that's the hardest thing especially when your stomach feels like it's on fire after you breastfeed LOL

  3. I wish i liked microwave popcorn!! For some reason it ALWAYS makes my tummy hurt 😫 idk why!! But dinner looked so yummy!!!

  4. I think it would be better to have the nutrigrain or oats prior to working out since it has simple carbs then have the high protein bar immediately postworkout 😉

  5. Hi I'm having a hard time losing the weight at first I was losing now it seems like I've stopped losing. I hope your videos help me more thank you

  6. Mmmm blueberry nutri grain bar 😍
    The revive overnight oats look so yummm 😍
    Feeding and emails…I love it gorgeous 💕
    Egg roll in a bowl!! Yum! I make a bahn mi in a bowl!!
    I am now craving popcorn 🍿
    Loved this!!!

  7. I love the idea of doing a big glass of lemon water before coffee. Kind of common sense, but one I forget about! And that egg roll bowl looks yummy!!!

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