What I Eat in a Day on Keto Diet- Healthy Ketogenic Diet

What I Eat in a Day on Keto Diet- Healthy Ketogenic Diet

they lose the weight they get the thumbs
up they look all sexy and then well there’s no more motivation because this
way it’s winter and we’re putting on big clothes and all of a sudden the weight
comes back hello everyone welcome to Mind Blowing Health and Wellness with Violet Pat Chat edition I’m Violet and I’m Pat Patrick finds interesting articles podcasts
information on the Internet what do we have today Patrick no article
no podcast interesting videos actually today we we
go by popular request let’s go through our path and violet live there keto
lifestyle on a day to day basis oh we got a question from no question like we
have like that question a lot from from your viewers but I thought maybe like we
could cover like the way we do like live our keto lifestyle you guys would be so
bored of this episode okay – so okay so first I think the first thing we should
clarify is violet lives Aikido lifestyle and Patrick lives a low carb lifestyle
first thing I want to cover it like is actually how do we what do a typical
week looks like for violet and then we do difference so basically for me I
looked like to cook like twice a week maybe three times depending on what I’m
making so I tend to batch cook my meats and vegetables because I don’t eat many
vegetables lately I might cook some vegetables
I might make us out I’m much more likely to do a salad to be honest with you
because I like to cook so I’ll throw some some meat in the oven either to
bake or to fry because I have a frying oven and the other thing that I might do
is slow cook some meat so my typical week there’s two cooking days and then
basically over the next few days I’ll either eat something that I’ve cooked
already or cook something new and I might rotate through until the end of
the week what do I cook usually some kind of piece of pork or chicken and the
vegetables anything low glycemic that I happen to have decided to buy if I buy
vegetables to be very frank with you I would say in the last five months I eat
a lot of meat we’d say your bra drawer and like not much I yeah i mean i would
say borderline because i’ll i might have a piece of meat with some olives or a
piece of meat with some artichoke hearts or a piece of meat with some a salad
like I try to keep my cooking to the minimum I’m the happiest when I can get
into the kitchen and out of the kitchen in like 20 minutes 20 minutes yeah one
wonder again lazy don’t wanna well actually I shouldn’t say lazy it
didn’t start off that way because I was eating too at the beginning I think it’s
just I’m not hungry so I eat I have two coffees though in the day I have my
first coffee I try not to have my coffee until I’m hungry that’s one of the
things that I I do do for myself so in the morning I’ll get up and like I’ll if
I’m not hungry before I leave the house for the office I might make my coffee
and bring it with me or I might just make one at work depending and then I
might have a second coffee sometime in the afternoon late evening because I
work pretty late and then I have supper usually around 8:30 9:00 supper
breakfast whatever you wanna call it 8:30 and 9:00 so that’s my typical day
actually I I eat around 8:30 9:00 except on the weekend because Patrick doesn’t
like to eat that late so on the weekend likes like Friday some every other
Friday and Saturday I eat somewhere around somewhere between between six and
seven I have my kids like half time like doing the week so so that’s like plays a
role in how do I I plan my meals but usually like it’s gonna be also very
simple very quick so piece of meat salad a lot of salads I I still like like my
semi Caesar salad and I’m gonna gonna have it like with like with a piece of
meat but like as for me I I like I like most meat so I’m gonna go with beef once
in a while chicken fish what else yeah so so sometimes
but at Costco that I’m gonna get so so me piece of no piece of a piece of meat
salad sometimes though like you’ve gone I don’t feel like having salad I’m gonna
go with like an avocado with like slices of tomato as a side so that’s that’s
like the usual stuff and when I do have my kids I I don’t
like push keto on them although like it’s it’s way way less often that I’m
gonna cook them pasta for example so they love Caesar salad so at least when
I have them three days during the week one of those are gonna be like it’s
gonna be a Caesar salad with like chicken fish with like with what you
even on a rare occasion they’re gonna have rice so it’s vegetables and meat
for them too what else I do most of the time eat one time per day so I have like
a I I want to self like a feeling windows of for hour maybe first from
6:00 to 9:00 even like three hours but sometimes though if I feel hungry like
during the day I’m gonna go like downstairs grab a Caesar salad with
chicken so I keep like I keep my lunch like low carb even if we have something
with colleagues we go out like is most of the time gonna be like a piece of
meat with vegetable if they have otherwise Caesar salad with chicken I
never have breakfast have I do like my coffee first thing in the morning though
so I’m gonna have my tuna tablespoon of cream in my coffee talking about meals I
will sometimes make myself egg salad with chicken and I do eat sardines so
sometimes I’ll have sardines for supper I might fry them or something just like
that and like interesting I like sardines with pickles so I might have
some pickles and sardines so I just I forget about those two meals but um I I
do try to have sardines and eggs just because they’re good source of things
that I don’t get in the other meats yeah so like you know iodine I think you can
get in eggs and like so there’s certain things you know this is just healthy to
have a little bit more variety but if you don’t like those occasions where you
didn’t go to the grocery store and your fridge doesn’t have like do you have
like last resort items but like I always have aches thanks if yeah if you don’t
have Mead you know in actuality for me like if it would happen that I went to
the fridge and like there was no eggs and I went to the freezer and there was
no meat I just wouldn’t like like that to me is like it’s not a big deal I just
would say okay I did some coffee and like whatever I would just not eat but
eggs like is easy to have in the fridge good good I mean leaping with that on a
regular basis I’d buy eggs because I mean although I only eat them maybe once
a week like you guys eat them so like whatever I have eggs always I would say
probably always do we have some shopping tips and tricks like how do we I see
that like also in your comments guys like you’re asking often like how do we
how do we grocery shop like what’s the best way to grocery shop there’s a theme
of what you’re gonna hear me saying throughout this video because like I’m
kind of making this video under protest can you see he threw it on me because
I’ve been asked to make a video about how I eat for the longest while I
haven’t done it because I really do believe that you shouldn’t eat like me
like you should do a keto lifestyle with the foods that you love to eat I do Mike
you live so the foods that I love to eat today like how do you grocery shop like
where do you get your meat where you get your vegetables there’s like depending
on what I’m doing so like I do like getting stuff from the farm but like it
takes coordination and like you have to plan because they only deliver every so
often and so I’m not opposed to eating like grocery store meat because it’s
better than having no meat so like but if I can get it from the farm of course
that’s preferable but if I haven’t taken the time to plan that out and like
organize myself I’ll go to the grocery store and grab some meat the vegetables
I like to do vegetable store that I like to go to is
just a regular thing honestly it’s not like it’s organic only or anything again
just from particular fruits and vegetables I’m just choosing on what I
take so I’m not gonna go there and take the high glycemic vegetables I go there
and I take the stuff that’s that I know when I put it in my calculator is gonna
give me good numbers so like that’s the the way that I shop for food is always
based on what am i planning to eat this week and I’ve learned to do that because
I’ve thrown a lot of food away so I’ve learned to really plan it out like what
are you planning to you this week and then I try my best to get through
whatever I buy I’m not always successful I would probably say I’m rarely
successful because I don’t end up eating as much vegetables and I as I think I
will or that I might purchase because if I want broccoli and I want cabbage so
I’m gonna buy both but then will I get through all the broccoli and all the
Karen oh yeah becomes a bit well yeah yeah
but they’re like oftentimes like that fruit and vegetables plays like doing
the ruled eat or maybe worth it because like usually the price I just don’t like
yeah so something like that detour maybe may be worth it for you if you have like
a freaking bitch fruit and veggies like specialized store around I will
definitely say that if you have a store in your neighborhood that’s just fruits
and vegetables go there and check out the prices I was surprisingly happily
shocked at the low cost of vegetables at my local fruit and vegetable store I was
shocked because you know in the grocery store vegetables are so expensive and
then we went there and I was just like I remember especially when I first started
to in Quito and I was really eating vegetables like Sara Lee I was eating
vegetables every day I was eating actually when I started keto I was doing
two meals a day so just to go back in history a little bit and so since I was
doing two meals a day I was having a salad at one meal and and vegetables at
the second meal and in all honesty I could buy a week’s worth of vegetables
for less than $15 like the prices in this place were crazy vegetables and
salad $15 for the I was like how is this possible how are
they making money I didn’t understand but like it was crazy
again I mean they still exist I just don’t know that much anymore
yeah so if you have a big freezer maybe like I know for sure not to make any
advertisement or ban and I like to say we’re not sponsored but like Costco have
good quality meats except that it’s like big big quantities of a certain meat so
you need freezer but like usually I tend to get my meat there I’m laughing
because it depends what you consider a big quantity when you’re only yeah sure
but like yeah that and but also even at Costco like I buy some of my vegetables
they’re the salad there if even if you have a lady a lazy side like they have
those container of pre-cut salad that if you heat like the same day and day after
they do job very good not too expensive I’m laughing I’m laughing and that I’m
backing up a saying like it’s not even true I I still eat seven ounces
regardless of whether I’m having meat with something or not so yeah what do
you do worst of the meat that’s why I I usually buy a Costco like the smaller
the smallest package I can find like in in a package so if it’s steaks for
example like I’m gonna have a package that has three or four that is easy like
usually what I do I unpack everything GI I individually wrap like my stuff and
put it in my small tweezer so I have like a condo fridge so the freezer is
really small but like so I don’t buy for example like five or six pounds of
ground beef like I don’t do because I don’t have the space so it’s more like
either I’m gonna cook everything and freeze like the leftovers for the rest
of the week or like I’m gonna repackage individually and put my freezer I would
imagine it’s easier when you have the boys cuz then you think they’ll eat some
of those steaks for you yeah meal prep I think we cover that like for you you
like to cook like twice a week I often I sometimes do that like my thing is more
like take a stake put it in the pan and while
it’s cooking like do my salad but it’s it’s really sick we always say that keto
is simple and and you can’t imagine how simple it is like I’m gonna try to find
like in the last couple of weeks I did take a pictures if you think that you
can put them like in the video you’ll see like steak salad steak avocados and
tomatoes it’s it’s really really simple you don’t need to I don’t remember the
last time we made the lasagna last time last time we made a pizza we’re getting
to the point where it’s yeah so so it’s simple because I had another point like
more like a meal prepping like for weeks like when you’re working and kids are
school and you also have weekends where you can actually have more time and if
you like cooking you can like but but I also want to point out that like you’re
talking about how simple it is and like so I’m gonna try to I’m gonna do a
little effort here I’m gonna try to take a few pictures of my plate just to
contrast against your plate because I’m sure they’re looking very different and
I think the thing that I’m gonna say is that when people talk about Quito being
so complicated and so hard and so difficult but you look at what they’re
doing and they’re later trying to replace every kind of food that they
used to eat so if I have to make bread so that I can make this sandwich the
submarine sandwich of course my life is gonna seem a lot more difficult than if
I just eat a normal meal and for me a normal meal is some kind of meat with
something beside it which like what are the things that I I will put out there
just as a question mark if all the people who are investigating ketone
they’re not sure if they want to do it if you would just take a look of your
week two weeks three weeks that you just went through were you making such
complicated meals I don’t think people were like I don’t I know I wasn’t that
was part of the reason that I was overweight I wanted the simplest
possible thing and usually that’s buying some processed something and right or
how hard is it to make a spaghetti or put some fast on
a lot of people have pasta very very regularly a lot of people have like
fries and something cuz it’s simple to throw fries in the oven so like I get
but my thing is I’m not gonna tell you what you’re doing look at your foods and
like really just check and see later how often is it that you were making a
complicated meal versus how often were you making very simple things I feel
like one of the reasons that keto seems so difficult to do is that well if
you’re gonna make a sandwich you have to make bread if you’re gonna make lasagna
you need to make the noodles if you’re gonna write like everything becomes
complicated because you’re trying to make foods that we’re the foods that got
you fat in the first place the foods that caused you insulin resistant in the
first place the physic cause the foods that cause you metabolic issues in the
first place it’s like well why would I want to recreate those or like I didn’t
have that on my plan but like substitutions healthy substitutions easy
substitutions my kids their kids allowed they they love burgers what do i do is i
put my burger patty between like a few leaves of lettuce your favorite lettuce
and like you have a burger that’s and honestly like it’s as faithful and you
don’t feel all bloated with the red that when we were kids and this is just like
you know I I want to say this because I feel like we are too focused on
replacing when we were kids and we had hamburgers
my parents ate steaks I’m just pointing that out they do not have hamburgers
with us we had hamburgers and they ate steaks why because that’s children’s
food right I don’t understand why we’re so focused on replacing things that were
not healthy for us my parents fully saw that food as for kids okay like adults
eat real food right that was their attitude I don’t think I’ve ever seen my
father eat a hamburger not at a picnic like in the house eat a hamburger at a
picnic I’ve seen it because that’s the food we brought but in the house eat a
hamburger never seen it right it’s very interesting to me I feel like
become accustom to this quick food fast food get and and I’m guilty about mm-hmm
I’ve become accustomed to it is it the best thing for me to be doing do I do it
yep so very rarely that like both of us will spend like more than 20 minutes
like prepping our meal during the week and and like usually during the weekends
I’m doing the cooking like when we’re all together and then like is when I I
can like to be honest like during the weekend I’ll find like oftentimes like
either like do a big recipe what I do like to do is like are Indian Indian
meal so I do rise for the kids they’re not in not that much in to call for rice
like yet so I’m gonna have like a batch of rice for the kids
I do like cauliflower rice for us butter chicken miss butter chicken is butter
and cream and chicken so it’s already like a keto like friendly something I
did like and then bread only with coconut power that actually tastes
pretty good oh it can take like four shirts weekend
maybe an hour I don’t think I’m a super efficient cook like yeah it’s it’s not a
week it’s not a weekday meal that’s for sure and when I make pizza it’s the same
thing it’s like you’re talking about a good hour hour hour in she’s but that’s
my point is like and I don’t and III do our crusts that our carb-less right
because I use a meat crust and so it’s it’s a very meat heavy meal that day but
the point being that I think the thing I’m trying to help people to understand
is that those replacement things like if you think back like so for the number of
times in the last let’s say four months how many times did we actually do those
kind of meals on the weekend if we’ve done twice maybe that’d be a lot yeah
and I think one of the things you start to realize and this is something it
I of course I I’m I don’t like cooking not that I’m a good cook but I don’t
like cooking and so I’ve always been trying to be like the left some at least
amount of time in the kitchen so I think I quickly figured this out and I think
eventually you did figure it out that we would rather just eat a meal and then do
something fun with the kids then be in the kitchen for an hour out of the
weekend when this is the only time we have to do something fun with the kids
so in actuality we oftentimes will prioritize like we’re gonna eat a meal
and and it’s a delicious meal that’s a part that’s like I mean in all fairness
you make a really good Caesar salad so it’s a delicious meal and then we get
to go do something yeah right and we hang out and we either play games
or we go outside or we do something and it’s fun and we didn’t spend our or I
shouldn’t say we didn’t spend we didn’t lose you an hour in the kitchen while we
were waiting to do something fun yeah yeah so I do think that’s another piece
of the puzzle to figure out I think it takes time because I know that the
request for this video is all around how do i do keto but the way you do keto is
by eating food like real food and tracking to make sure that your carb
numbers get low and the more you track the more you’re gonna see where the
carbs are coming from and then you take your decision do I want to keep my carbs
high or do I want to eat low carb and improve my health and the more that you
do that the more you’re gonna start to realize that taking out certain foods
and replacing them with other foods so I’m talking about vegetables salads
right like taking out the bread and putting a lettuce there or taking out
the rice and putting cauliflower rice there like you’re making substitutions
as you said in some cases or just cooking a different meal right it’s I
love a piece of meat olives and a few pieces of cheese that’s that’s honestly
a plate for me often and easy easy trick like tips trick that I can give you like
if you like cooking and if you’re into cooking and you want to cook your your
food do it for a week do we do it during the weekend for the whole week like
oftentimes I’m gonna take like two cauliflowers rice Wan mash one but in
the fridge when you arrive home you cook your meat even your meat can be
precooked and put in the fridge like so when you arrive after work and you’re
tired don’t want to spend a lot of time with your piece of meat your your
cauliflower mash or rice but in microwave in the fridge right now so
yeah so you do like your cooking during the weekend yeah and what else like oh
what I want you to say as for grocery stores like I don’t know they’re they
all over the world like that but like when you get in you into your standard
grocery stores like when Canada when you enter you have your fruits and
vegetables section just a little bit further away you have your meat section
and then all those aisles in the middle like are the aisles you want to avoid
because like it’s all the process and for most grocery stores along the edges
are the fresh and frozen because that’s where the plugs are yeah yeah so so you
wanna you want to you know stick to the outsides of the store because that’s
where you gonna find your milk cuz that’s your sorry
well milk for the kids cream for us you can find your eggs that’s Regina find
like your cheese right so like all the places where you need things plugged in
oh you know there are some stores that are fancy and have frozen plug stuff in
the middle but mostly they’re around the edges
although you need to go in the middle to get the olives a big jar so that’s like
I think the thing I’m gonna say is this why do what you do if you’re committed
to being healthy you’re gonna be able to walk through any part of that store and
see the garbage and not buy it mmm because you’re committed to being
healthy if you’re trying to get ready for bikini season or you’re trying to
impress the next-door neighbor you’re gonna have more trouble because your
reason for doing what you’re doing isn’t pure isn’t about your health it’s about
external things looking a certain way I encourage everybody do it to be healthy
because you know what not only did it get the benefit of improving your health
and so with your kids having energy you will
also get the benefit just by a happy side-effect of losing the weight because
it just happens and the good thing is that if you’re doing it because you want
to be healthy that motivation is never gonna change when you’re down to the
right size you still want to be healthy you’re not gonna change how you’re
eating I think people get into trouble because they’re trying to get ready for
bikini season or they’re trying to impress the neighbors they lose the
weight they get the thumbs up they look all sexy and then well there’s no more
motivation because this way it’s winter and we’re putting on big clothes and all
of a sudden the weight comes back and now you’re in that terrible place of
yo-yo dieting hmm right because bikini seasons gonna come again right invest in
yourself right make this about good reasons which means make it about you
and feeling good rather than about the season yeah
best of all it’s not complicated and it’s not a hard you just be you just
like have to make it about your research prepare your meal how hard is it like to
fry a steak and change your habits to like I guess like you like you said just
like don’t try to replace everything you you’re you you you’ve been used to to
eat so like change your habits like it’s the best thing to do I was watching a
video today and the person said oh you know I’ve been missing pizza so much and
I just thought to myself I remember being there hmm
I remember being at that place where I missed pizza so much and then you know
you learned to make pizza we tried cauliflower we tried a fat head
though finally fell on a total meat recipe I believe I got the recipe from
Keele Connect I’m not gonna take credit for it was a keto Connect recipe and you
know what it’s a good it’s a good recipe it tastes delicious how often do I make
it I don’t miss it anymore the funny thing is that when you allow yourself to
eat good quality foods you start missing the stuff that made you sick
I love eating a pork chop I love that like I do it quite regularly you think
I’d get bored but I don’t every day right I kind of give myself
other things to eat right but I think that’s part of it too is just allowing
yourself to find the foods that you know you’re gonna like and being flexible
being willing to try new things you know like maybe one day I’ll try some other
kind of white meat that I haven’t thought of trying or even fish it might
happen right I think like if I don’t open the door to that idea I possibly
could get bored I’m not bored yet and I’m encouraging everybody to think about
short term long term right because if you’re having fun eating the keto foods
that you’re eating right now and I say fun right like they taste good
to you but planning a little bit further ahead and thinking oh maybe I’ll try
this spice on the meat instead of that spice or maybe I’ll grow you do ground
chicken instead of ground pork or like or ground beef if you can like taking
the time to play with the stuff a little bit so that you do have options rather
than waiting until you’re fed up and you don’t want to do it anymore
right because although I can’t see that happening because I feel too good mm-hmm
I feel too good to give this up but not everybody’s like me right we’ve
established that not everybody’s like me I’m encouraging everybody and so we did
this because he threw it on me we did this I’m encouraging everybody a scale a
tracker check what you’re eating and see what fits what doesn’t fit because the
truth is you’re gonna find the things that fit for you if someone would have
come to me tomorrow and say violet to Dukey no you have to eat steak then I
can’t do keto right and that’s where I get caught up and not wanting to tell
you guys what I’m eating because it doesn’t matter what I’m eating
what matters is what foods do you like to eat that fall within the realm of
giving you 20 grams of carbs or less good protein source good fat source so
that you can build your body and show your body in any case let us know in the
comments below like what do you eat how do you eat what’s your typical keto meal
like interesting sure if it’s gonna give you guys each if he’s gonna give
guys ideas terrific but I want everybody to understand it’s not because somebody
else eats something that you should eat it or that it will be it will react well
with you it’s the other part of the story like some people I know myself is
being one of them don’t don’t really react well to
oxalates right like you kind of need to also allow yourself to eat some things
see how you feel and then decide ooh I keep eating this right like part of the
reason that I eat fewer vegetables than Patrick is because I react to vegetables
all right he seems to have no reaction or at least none that we can see right
in in the moment right so it’s like I am more cautious about which vegetables I
eat and and if I’m gonna eat vegetables in a large quantity I prefer if they’ve
been pressure cooked to help me with with that he doesn’t have to do any of
that right it makes him cooking for himself on a daily basis much simpler
than me cooking for myself on a daily basis right so these are small things
but they’re so important when you’re talking about feeling good I would
rather feel good then eat something tasty right like it’s just to me obvious
so share a recipes for sure in the comments below I keep it in mind that if
you try something and it doesn’t work for you that’s fine it works for
somebody else right we’re all different as long as we’re keeping the basic
tenants of keto in our minds 20 grams of carbs or less good quality protein the
fat that comes along with the protein if you happen to be eating something that’s
low in fat for example chicken breast or like some kind of meat sorry some kind
of fish that’s like like not fatty you can add a little fat to that because it
needs some energy source right so maybe you pour some olive oil on it after
you’ve cooked it after you’ve cooked it don’t cook with olive oil yeah no that
was an interesting topic I think that it was good to talk about in a very general
way again don’t copy us figure out what’s gonna work for you I want to
thank you for watching Mind Blowing Health and Wellness with Violet Pat Chat edition we
love making these videos for you guys while the store is always happy that
you’re here the new people subscribe ring the bell
we do this every week if you guys would like to contribute to the production of
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14 thoughts on “What I Eat in a Day on Keto Diet- Healthy Ketogenic Diet

  1. After almost a year of keto my day looks a lot like Violet's. Just in the last few months I've simplified. Meat and veg. and I don't miss anything and more often just not hungry. So funny that you did this video. People ask me what I eat. They're shocked when I tell them how little I eat and that it's at 8pm. I soon realised they want the magic pill.

  2. While I don’t want to do it often either, It’s fun to substitute keto bread for bread, cauliflower rice for rice, etc., once in awhile, and it’s worth a little extra trouble. Then again, chaffles are super quick and easy.

  3. When I try to recreate snacks things, I find that it leads to a slippery slope because sugar is so addictive to me. When I make keto treats – I want all of it, and it’s hard to use moderation, so it’s often better to not make it. I will bring keto baked goods to gatherings, and enjoy them there.
    I went to Red Robin last week (not sure if you have it where you are, but it is a good burger place). They are known for their fries and onion rings, so I don’t go there frequently, but I really wanted a burger and we were in the area…
    They’ve added a keto friendly option to their menu – a burger wrapped in lettuce, with unlimited side salad – it was lovely! 😊

  4. I don't do the "what I eat in a day" videos because it's funny how boring my food is, and with very simple cooking methods that I think everyone already knows how to do. If I do made a keto treat, I make a single serving of it. 👍😊

  5. I so get your eating lifestyle Violet and now am at the point in my keto journey where I'm experientially understanding why you didn't want to do this type of video. I've lost 35 pounds so far on keto and people are asking me what I eat because they've heard the keto buzz words like "fat bombs" "bullet proof coffee" etc. When I started keto, I did consume a lot of nuts, fat bombs, etc and now I pretty much just eat organic meat, veggies, and occasionally healthy plant oil twice, sometimes once a day. I'll more so consume nuts and seeds when I'm traveling, especially if I'm going to place where it'll be difficult to find keto friendly foods. I don't feel the need to try to recreate keto versions of foods that aren't good for me to begin with because I see it as reinforcing the negative belief that I'm missing out on something, when in actuality I'm eating the way my body was designed to eat. The last thing I want to do is normalize and reinforce a non ketogenic lifestyle as being healthy despite the fact that high carb eating is normalized in society.

  6. Violet, your intro was too funny/sexy. LOL! So cute 😃. This was a very interesting topic. Violet, I understand why you don't like to talk about what you eat in a day or so, however to me, it only reinforces more ideas of what to eat and what keto is about. In other words, the examples you and Patrick put forth was more insightful on food choices. It's all about the fats, proteins and very low or no carbs.

    Keto or very low carb? I'd rather very low carb it. I think they're one in the same if very low carbing can get one into ketosis.

    I'm starting to get the true idea; and food examples do help. Thanks to Patrick and Violet for another great commentary. I believe I can actually do this now. I mostly got hung up on how many grams of carbs to eat because of so many commentaries on it. I'm stuck on whether it's less than 50 or less than 20 carbs. This was a most definitely needed topic though. Thanks to Patrick for bringing it up. LOL! 🙂👍

  7. So I think i waffle between getting healthy and getting back my favorite foods as my motivation. Bread Being one. Or chocolate, … etc.i think that is where keto snacks on hand. I do read labels and sometimes would prefer one small chocolate to keto fudge.

  8. Okay STOP cryin about cooking and turn it into a "family" activity with the kids and your man friend! You're an adult! Set an example! Love you guys!❤

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