What I Do To Lose Weight Without Exercising 2020

What I Do To Lose Weight Without Exercising 2020

hey guys welcome back to the vlog
channel so this video is going to be about weight loss weight stuff a bunch
of weight watcher stuff weight everything okay so if that’s what you’re
interested don’t click off this video because I promise it’s gonna be
something amazing so long story short in the past couple of months I’ve been
thinking about making a meal plan specifically for on-the-go mom something
really easy for us moms to do and not stress about you don’t have to cook you
don’t have to do anything crazy so I made it yeah and disclaimer I’m not
doing this video to try to sell my meal plan you don’t have to buy it fine with
me does not bother me I just made it for
the moms that what about it from me that follow me on my Instagram and right now
I’m gonna be showing you some results that I have been getting I have been on
the plan for a while now and as most of you know I am a huge Weight Watchers
like advocate I love Weight Watchers I think it works absolutely amazing super
happy with Weight Watchers so I decided to come up with my own plan not based on
Weight Watchers specific specifically what I was eating but it has nothing to
do with like calories or points nothing like that it’s just about eating really
healthy I’m gonna go no cooking super easy to prepare I mean most of the stuff
is already precooked for the fridge or frozen all I gotta do is warm it up on
the skillet but let me show you some my results so let me put this down and I’m
gonna show you my waist so here’s my waist and I usually have a big tummy and
I’ll show you in a minute so here’s the side and then my back fat is getting a
lot better too but I just want to kind of show you a little bit of my results
because I’m I don’t want you to think that I’m lying to you I would never lie
in a million not that person but I kind of want to go
over Weight Watchers let me sit down so I truly believe that Weight Watchers is
the best program out there simply because calories are not so great for
you and I’ll tell you why most foods have calories well okay I’m at most
pretty much all foods have calories unless it’s something that zero calories
probably man-made okay would you rather have one slice of pizza for 400 calories
or would you rather have a piece of chicken some vegetables and like a piece
of toast or something for 400 calories you would obviously choose the chicken
because it’s healthier for you when you’re eating calories most of the time
I’m not saying all the time so don’t get offended most of the time people will
choose things that they want so they would pick the pizza they were gonna go
it’s 400 calories what’s the what’s what can it do for me what’s the worst that
can do to me well here’s the thing when I was eating calories I wasn’t losing
weight I was a gaining weight because I was eating calories that I was staying
in my limit but I was eating the crappy foods that made me gain the weight and
keep it the way and I didn’t like it so I decided you know what I’m just gonna
go back to Weight Watchers do my own thing first week on Weight Watchers four
pounds down it’s just so easy to eat on Weight Watchers cuz you’re eating real
Whole Foods and a Weight Watchers has a system that when you scan your food it
will tell you how high the points are if it’s high points that means it’s bad for
you it’s not good for you it’ll make you lose I mean gain weight you know she’s
not good for your body when it’s low points to zero points it’s fantastic for
you and those are the foods that you should be eating on the way watch her
plan if you’re like oh you know I can’t afford Weight Watchers because it is you
know nineteen ninety-five a month which is 20 dollars a month you know I created
a meal plan you don’t have to buy it I’m just gonna try to give you the
information about it here because I think it’s important so I put together a
meal plan that’s super straightforward so easy it’s not a health freak plan
like oh my god you have to be vegetarian or you have to eat
healthy in order to know no most of the stuff on there is what you can just grab
really quick at the grocery store and you don’t have to triple think about
it like is it healthy for me some of the stuff you might not think it’s healthy
for you which is fine but that’s not what the plan is about the plan is about
losing weight feeling better about yourself getting
more nutrients into your body if you’re a binge eater or junk food eater that’s
why I created the plan I myself have been struggling with my weight since I
had my second child and it’s not because I have any type of diseases I don’t have
any type of thyroid issues I have no diseases no nothing okay thyroid does
nothing like that to make me gain weight it was because I was stressed eating so
much that I began to believe that I was a binge eater I was not a Ben Jeter I
was stress eating because when I get stressed I eat a lot like a lot lot lot
to the point that I will feel sick by that end of the day and be in the
bathroom very sick so mm-hmm
hold on let me check my camera mmm there we go sorry about that but Weight
Watchers is a fantastic plan if you’re trying to lose weight if you can’t
afford Weight Watchers I have a plan right now that’s on sale for $24.99 it’s
just about what I eat it’s not about a diet I don’t consider it a diet I
consider it a lifestyle you don’t want to look at things when you’re eating as
a diet you want to look at it as a lifestyle can you maintain this can you
be healthy you know I have realized that I’m a motivational speaker I like to
motivate people I like to make people’s lives easier I like to make people happy
and that’s exactly what I want to do on this channel so my goal for this channel
my youtube my Instagram is to help people so I became a social media coach
and I’m gonna help you guys learn how to make money from home I’m gonna help you
guys lose weight I’m gonna help you guys with psychic readings I’m gonna help you
I have courses for only 20 bucks that you can download to sell
prove you I mean all types of crazy stuff I was a full-time photographer but
I’m at the point in my life that yeah I’ll still do it but it’s not the main
goal of 2020 my main goal is to help other people and spread love throughout
the world and I want out motivate people to be a better person
because I fell into the deepest depression I’ve ever been in in 2019 to
the point that I no longer wanted to live and I’m being honest here I wasn’t
I’m not suicidal who was never suicidal but I was at this point in my life like
God if you want to take me now go ahead because I I felt like I had no purpose
in the world and I felt like I had no purpose to anybody and I felt unloved
but that’s wrong don’t listen to those negative thoughts
it’s just depression and I’m actually gonna have a course on how to heal
depression naturally because I can’t quite speak for anxiety because I still
have anxiety but I can speak for depression and what it’s done for me and
what it’s done to me and what it did to my mom I can honestly talk about this
and how to heal it naturally so look out for that one too but if you’re not
interested in anything that I buy I just want to say thank you so much for being
a subscriber on my channel and believing in me and supporting me and my dreams I
will never ever be mad if you guys don’t buy something from me I’m not trying to
push anything I new guys I’m a straightforward person and I don’t want
you to think bad of me I’m only here to spread love throughout the world
and I want to help other people do the same so yeah I guess this is a really
long vlog but yeah guys thank you so much for watching this video and
supporting me I love you guys so much and if you’re doing here hi my name is
Danielle hit that subscribe button but anyways guys I will see you in the next

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  1. Going to binge some of your videos! Your personality is awesome first of all… although I would suggest putting the camer on a tripod it’s a little “bouncy” to watch. I would maybe get a little more click baity with the video title. Since you do talk a lot about Weight Watchers you might even call it “weight watchers meal plan” or “weight watchers and what i learned after losing xx lbs”

  2. You are absolutely amazing. How often do you do your grocery shopping? Do you think you could possibly do some in store videos? I think it would be awesome if you could show how you do your full shopping trip

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