What happens during and after a colonoscopy?

What happens during and after a colonoscopy?

A colonoscopy is a medical procedure that lets your doctor look inside your colon and rectum for problems such as ulcers, inflammation, bleeding, polyps and tumors. A colonoscope is the tool used
to perform a colonoscopy. It is a thin, flexible tube with a light and video camera on the end. It is inserted through the anus into the rectum and is carefully guided up through the colon, all the way to the cecum. The colonoscope can usually be used to enter the very end of the small bowel (known as the terminal ileum). The front tip of the colonoscope contains a video camera which sends real-time images to a computer screen so that your doctor can examine the colon. The front tip also has a light, a channel for water irrigation, a channel for air and water, as well as an instrument channel. The irrigation channel is used to flush water or air into the colon to remove debris or stool, and see more clearly what the inside of the colon looks like and to check for polyps. Special tools such as tiny forceps, or wired loops or snares can be passed through the colonoscope to remove polyps and take samples (called biopsy) of suspicious tissue in order to look for signs of cancer. A colonoscopy usually takes 30 to 60 minutes and is performed in a hospital or clinic by a trained doctor, known as a gastroenterologist. You will be offered a sedative to help you relax during your colonoscopy and you will be placed on your side for the procedure. Your doctor will carefully insert the colonoscope into your rectum and advance it to the end of your colon, to your cecum. The colonoscope bends so your doctor can move it around the curves of your colon. Your doctor might gently press on your abdomen during the procedure, or ask you to change positions occasionally to help move the scope through the colon. During the entire procedure, a magnified, high definition video from the colonoscope plays on a monitor in real-time so your doctor can thoroughly examine
the lining of your colon. Video may be recorded and photos are taken as well. A small amount of air may be blown into your colon to help expand the passageway so that your doctor can see better. This can make you feel pressure or mild cramping, but can be eased by taking slow, deep breaths. The colonoscope is then slowly pulled out while your doctor carefully examines the inside of your bowel. If your doctor finds polyps or suspicious areas during the colonoscopy, the polyps will be removed and small tissue samples will be taken to be checked for signs of cancer. Polyps are usually not cancerous, but they can change into cancer, and that is why they need to be removed. Polyps are removed with biopsy tools or wire loops that get passed through the scope into the colon. The most common removal technique is called “snare polypectomy”, where the polyp is surrounded by a wire loop and then an electric current in the wire burns off the polyp. The polyp is then pulled through the instrument channel and collected for biopsy. Other methods are available depending on the size and shape of the polyp. Polyps contain no nerves, so you won’t feel pain during their removal. After your colonoscopy, you will be taken to rest in a recovery room until the effects of your sedation wear off. You may feel some gas or cramping, but this will quickly pass. Because of the sedation used during the procedure, you will need a family member or a close friend to drive you home. You should take the rest of the day off and not make any major plans for 24 hours. Before you go home, your doctor will share the results
of the colonoscopy with you. If a biopsy was sent to the lab it may take a few days or longer to receive the results. Depending on the number and size of polyps found, as well as how clean your colon looks (based on the quality of your bowel prep cleanout), your doctor will recommend when your next colonoscopy should be done. Your doctor will also provide instructions on the follow up care required at home, and how to recognize complications in case they occur. Colonoscopy is generally a safe procedure and complications are rare. If a polyp was removed or a biopsy was performed during your colonoscopy, there is a very small risk that you may have small amounts of blood in your stool for a few days afterwards. However, if you experience severe abdominal pain, fever, dizziness, or continued heavy bleeding from your anus call your doctor right away. You should always discuss any questions or concerns you have about your colonoscopy procedure, results, and post-procedure with your doctor. Your doctor is there to help you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

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  1. I had a colonoscopy WITH JUST SEDATIVES! I refuse to ever have another one. I told them to stop it hurt. They wouldn't stop. Instead the big damn nurse laid across me on the table to hold me down for 20 minutes.
    Will I get another colonoscopy!

  2. Ask you to move ? wth… we are supposed to be sleeping how are we supposed to move? besides I don't think you should move with that tube inside it could tear your colon .

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this. Actually im afraid and i have 2 elongated pedunculated polyps inside my colon. Im afraid what is gonna happen.

  4. Just had one a few hours ago- feel amazing now. Didn't feel or remember a thing- Propofol is a hell of a drug!

  5. I just had mine done a few hours ago in Brisbane Australia and it was very good. I went home 1.5 hours after it finished. They put me to sleep – that's the best way. Still a tiny bit groggy. The first thing that I am doing now is eating!!!
    They took 4 x 2mm polyps out – I hope that they are OK and benign. They should be.

  6. im little bit scared i will go on tuesday to have a colonoscopy any suggestion to you guys who ia done already? i am a brave man but im scared with it huhu tell me wat to do to prepare for this":(

  7. I got my colonoscopy (after 7 years of procrastinating) yesterday. Was far easier than I had expected. Propofol, which is usually used for sedation, has an extremely short half-life, so there really is no reason to advise you to have a driver take you home, nor to not drive the rest of the day. My son drove me home, but I would have been able to drive myself. After I got home, I immediately drove to the grocery store AND bought a bottle of wine!

  8. And remember, the doctor may speak to you about the results of the test while you are still under the affects of anesthesia, so you might need a friend or family member to be there for you as well.

  9. I had a colonoscopy done a week ago..the preparation is terrible ..lots of laxatives and liquids for 24 hours..
    The procedure was easier than I thought..I refused to be sedated.
    My colon was super clean and no polyps or else .thank God .

  10. This information is valuable! I've know too many people; who have died from Colon Cancer! This will save your life! 👀👍✂👍👀

  11. My sister in law passed away almost a year ago, with colon cancer (stage 4). She never had a colonoscopy, she said she did it need it. The preparation is the worst, the procedure is a painless. Well worth it, if you want to live a long life.

  12. men who are "scared" of this procedure are being stupid.  it could save your life.  and your family additional pain and suffering.  the only part that's uncomfortable is getting ready.. drinking a gallon of the liquid is murder.  during the colonoscopy, it self,  you won't know anything.

  13. I actually had one WITHOUT anesthesia. I wouldn't recommend it!!! It felt like a VW going up my ass… the worst. Don't even THINK about it…

  14. Sounded like a sincere attempt to describe the procedure until the "ALIEN" jaws shot out. Anyway have had two so far and only found benign polyps. The worst part is the preparation for this procedure.

  15. I have four had four of these so far and each one feels different depending on who the surgeon is. Some do the work fast to get it over and done with, others slow and gentle which I prefer. The last clown whipped out the scope like a Lion trainer in a circus act keeping the beasts in their place. I hit the roof with pain and complained about it afterwards. It all depends on who doing it and what kind of day they are having. It really felt as s though he had his head up my Ass and wanted to get it out real Quick.

  16. I just had a colonoscopy and would not do it again. The insurance company called me twice to say that since I was over 60 I should have a colonoscopy and that it was a covered benefit. I had the procedure and a very small polyp was discovered and removed. Then the insurance company refused to pay for the procedure, telling me that it wasn't covered because of the polyp, leaving me with a very large bill that I wasn't prepared to pay. I would have been a long time dead before that little polyp ever caused me any problems. Nearly everyone over 60 is going to have a polyp so I tell everyone I know, don't do it, it is a trick, kind of like asking a girl out on a date, then making her pay.

  17. How is this colonoscopy instrument cleansed and sterilized? There’s a camera, suction, water hose, tweezers and cutting devices, etc. all in this main device. When I had my procedure there were lots of ppl who were there to have the same thing done. So how does this work with back to back colonoscopies and maintaining a sterile instrument for each patient?

  18. Well..I will never do that again, just very , well not something I care to do. My Doctor put me to sleep..so I was really out for all of it.

  19. Had one done the camera got twisted inside me.they had to roll me on my back to get it out.god I was gutted like a fish…but glad to get it done as they found out what was wrong.

  20. I had one 2 days ago. No sedation. no drugs, just gas and air (just oxygen I think) pinched a bit as they went around the bends and a couple of wooaaah moments, but nothing worth being knocked out for. the only feeling you have after, is that you've been violated by some demon with a very long, thin and very bendy penis, so there is an element of psychological trauma that must be lessened with sedatives, etc. but if you gotta drive and get back to work, they wont give you sedatives (for good reason). Plus if you're out for the count, you cant watch the horror film that is like entering the alien hive. More ribbed structures in there than you would expect and once you've seen it, you can't UN see it. though it is nice to be re-assured on the spot, there there is nothing untoward growing in there, as was the case with me. The entire gut was checked all the way up to the duodenum! Worse part is the drinking 2 litres of yucky movieprep liquid and not eating for 24 hours.

  21. I don't want to be sedated during this because that would mean I'm still awake. If something is going to be shoved so far up my ass, I want to be knocked out cold.

  22. I just had one 2 weeks ago. I was terrified because I one long ago without anesthetic. Will uncomfortable it was that big of deal. With anesthesia it was nothing and I had 2 benign polyps removed. No discomfort at all.

  23. I had my first Colonoscopy on the 12th March was sedated for this and yea I had 15 mm Polyp had 8 altogether but no cancer all the polyp were removed with a hot snare so it good to see what happens
    I also had 3 Haemorrhoids grade 11 internal back to the Hospital in 3 years based on Pathology results Local Colonoscopy Doctor in 3 months my Doctor in 2 weeks so yea

  24. I have done one week ago
    Very relaxing procedure
    Little cramps but it was OK
    I have penducalated poylp
    Age 24 years
    And I have taken no sedatives because I m medical student so my interest to watch my colon and rectum

  25. Fun fact: The colonoscopes are re-used. You didnt actually think they opened up a brand spanking new one out of the box for you.. ..did you?

  26. I had this done but mine was in my womb not this way on here and mine resulted in having to have a biopsy of the womb that day but thank God my results were okay some minor changes only which resulted in me not needing any further treatment just another check in 12 months instead of the normal 3 years so I won't take these results for granted I've still quit smoking and no intention of starting again my mum died of cervical cancer so I consider myself lucky to have to have no further treatment and to of been discharged so I do feel extremely lucky as most people normally go on to have treatment or full hysterectomy as my sister did also when she had abnormal results she was in hospital within a few weeks after her biopsy having a full hysterectomy ,and I also have gone for a smear test every 3 years since my 20s I think last 3 years was first time I missed but all sorted thank God 🙂

  27. This might sound like a stupid question but dose it hurt? Or do not feel it when there doing it? Because I'm scared that I might have to get one

  28. Everyone overhears talking and bitched about being nervous over the procedure Fucks the procedure worry about the results

  29. I went for colonoscopy and my GI has told me to come after two weeks for the results and that is the anxiety part and my Gi did not discuss how everything went during the procedure ,

  30. Had mine done a few months ago and it’s no big deal. The prep was harder then the procedure. Honestly once the sedative kicked in it seemed like it only took a few minutes. However you WILL fart like a Maniac afterwards. But it’s the one time you can blast wind and not get yelled at.

  31. Just got finished mine yesterday at 10 Green St. Baltimore VA hospital. Piece of cake… I was longer in an MVA trying to renew my driving license… In and out in the VA hospital in less than 45min. No pain, stayed awake (with conscious sedation) the whole time and actually comment on doctor's procedures from info learned on this video, I told him exactly where he was in my colon….he said i must've done my homework… Do the prep to the letter and all will go well. Learn to enjoy the prep solution, the prep is your friend… HC Clark-ENC U.S. Navy Retired CPO (1973-1993) Baltimore, Md.

  32. Thank you evry one for sharing yours experince.. i have suggested by doctors yestrday.. i m v much scared i dont know what will happen.. but after read all of yours experince lets have to do … beacuse its need .. i feel too much pain in my left abdoment since few month…. thank you atlest i fell courage from you all…..😥😴😓😓😓😓

  33. remember this; get on that shit,drinking that shit as soon as U CAN! Get it over with. so U can get a little rest before you go in to get it dine. daydream when you drink it just chug it down quick like shot glasses while focusing on something else while your drinkin it just keep doing it and have something to drink right after to get rid of the aftertaste I added some crystal lite peach ice tea mix to my jug of golyte or whatever it's called I drank the 3nd half the morning of thrbpricedure and had chicken broth for "dinner". on the way in to the procedure prep area my stomach wassti gurgling BUT the guy said it's normal and it Wil feel like that the rest if the day I was worrid cuz I felt like I didn't prepare good enough but it was good enough the doctor told me after. they found three small polyps 5mm 4mm and 7mm he said they start to worry when the are 10mn or larger. I'm a female 52 years old 1stt colonoscopy. I heard also that I'd they find polyps in the right side it's more worrisome for some reason. my friend is 58 he had 3polyps removed in the left side. nine we're all at the bottom(rectal) it didn't hurt just your stomach feels like shit all day so dint worry just try to drink lots it helps clean ya out so they won't have ti reschedule! by the way smoking causes polyps and I think that's wry I had 3 I quit thus year tho I'm done killing myself with cigarettes it's NOT worth it! good luck all you guys!!

  34. After having some scary symptoms, I finally had my colonoscopy done today. The doctors and aides were super professional and light hearted. 2 polyps were found and one was sent away for test. At the end of the day I am optimistic.

  35. Thank you so much I was really worried my mom is having this done today at 2pm my only worry is she didn't have it done by the age of 50 😢

  36. I was having stomach discomforts and tried to avoid the colonoscopy b getting every other possible conceivable test done but in the end after they were all done, I had no choice but to get the colonoscopy about 4 months later. They removed a polyp. The prep drinking was nothing, 250ML of picoprep, theevening before and then 1 litre of something else in the morning of the procedure. and then another 250 mil of Picoprep 4 hours before procedure. All the drinks I had to take were not in the slightest bit awful tasting. The whole thing other than being a bit hungry was a nothing event. in the end, I probably got better just knowing that I dont have weird stuff happening in my head wondering what's going on. Get it done! It's not worth the head stress! ..

  37. I was scheduled to have one for symptoms but, having watched You Tube videos, I realised they are embarrassing and painful, so I have cancelled it!

  38. I just had mine today and it’s not scary at all , got to the colonoscopy room and when they knocked me out it felt like 1 second passed and I asked when they was gonna start and they had already finished

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