What Consent Means at a Lesbian Strip Club Run by a Straight Man

What Consent Means at a Lesbian Strip Club Run by a Straight Man

Have you ever seen Magic Mike? Picture a girl in those type of clothes
doing what they do. There’s a difference between
a female dancer and a dom dancer. I’m a dancer at City of Doms
for a little over five years. It’s a lot of entertainment groups. City of Doms just happens to be
one of the biggest ones. I felt like there were no spaces
for a dancer like me. I wouldn’t say there was a time
where a female bothered me, it’s more so, like the men
that kind of do. I do know most of the dancers
boundaries, for the most part. It depends on the vibe. Sometimes it’ll change in a moment
and I may not even know about it. A lot of people saw
my energy shift. It goes from am I dancing
or am I taking orders? When I dance
I am getting out a certain energy and I’m expressing something. When I put on these outfits,
I become the outfit. Online they give me that energy
I feel I need to express. That’s why there’s a lot of bondage,
a lot of, you know, harnesses and things like that. You are now live. I first knew I wanted to be
an exotic dancer/entertainer when I was about 16
and I was really into dancing in a sexual way. My dance style due to how I dress
would be considered dom because I portray a dominant woman. Stud dancer is alternative
for those who don’t know the term, dom,
anything that highlights masculinity. My personal life
is just social media. Right now you’re looking like something
I want to come home to. I write back, play games, go live,
let people join me in my live. I mean, you gonna come with a towel?
‘Cause I’ve been dripping since the last live. Because these people
are the reasons why I even know who City of Dom is. Looking for a job as a dancer,
as a dom dancer in this society was extremely
self-deflating. Walking into a club that
automatically expects you to be pretty much naked
or just eye candy for men and it’s not even about dance. I was like, you know what,
I’m not even going to bother. I’m gonna just take it to
social media and dance there and then I found women
who wanted to watch and, you know, I just took it from there. The first time I danced
for City of Doms it was amazing. I felt, like, I found something
I’ve been looking for for years that I didn’t know existed. They call me Killer Cam,
some people call me boss man. I am the founder of the City of Doms. City of Doms is a group
of dominant, lesbian, strippers and entertainers who perform
all over the world. But right now, there aren’t
any spaces where LGBT can go and see stud dancers on a regular. Leading up to it, it was really bad. A lot of my straight women
were like, “Eww.” “Why are you bringing them here?” “Nobody wants to see a man-boy or
girl that acts like a man.” They didn’t think that was going to
be attractive, but I did it. Me being a straight male,
it’s not normal. But my relationship is good
for the most part with most of them. Most of them tell me
pretty much anything. Some of the stuff they tell me,
I’m like… Like really, did I need to know that? I’m looking at you
as one of my bros. Did I really know that you have cramps
and that, it’s that time of the month. Someone hit me up, was like, “Hey, I need you to check out
this person, Mighty.” She’s dancing all over her page and I’m very good at that,
finding raw, unknown talent. I was actually born in a
military Navy base, so my mom did a lot of hopping around
and I just did the worrying. Is she okay in Nicaragua?
Is she okay in Iraq? I was dancing on YouTube
while my mom was in Iraq as a coping mechanism,
so that way I wouldn’t be so stressed out about what she was going through. So, my whole senior year,
while going to school, while hustling to do what I gotta do
to make sure me and my brother will be okay. And it was my first way to
redirecting my energy in regards of dance. Everyone knows the cruise
is the biggest event of the summer. I’ve wanted to be a part of
this group when Cameo first presented it to me. It was the best thing
that ever happened to me, be honest with you. My top state is New York. Not lying, my fan base here
is crazy. I do it to make certain women
feel good about themselves. You know, most women they don’t get
that type of love at home. What’s up, man? What’s good, man? Cali all the way here.
Young Brass celebrating my muthafuckin’ birthday
with my n****, Mighty. All of that, all of that. Only a year in the game, more than frickin’,
10,000 people following her. You amazing. We’re in. Let’s go! For those who don’t know,
this is being filmed live. If you got warrants,
go downstairs. If you not supposed to be here,
go the fuck downstairs. If you told your lesbian lover
you was going to the grocery store, go downstairs. If you fucking with dick on the side,
you definitely better go downstairs. I’ve had some say to me, “I just don’t feel right with a
straight man running a LGBT thing.” I can easily stay in my box, but, I enjoy doing this
and I’m doing it out of genuine love
and respect for them. Today, we’re here for the
Best of Both Worlds Cruise, so I mean, the name stands
for itself, it’s best of both worlds,
that’s what it is. You get to see the fem side
and you get to see the aggressive side. All the way from Philly! Representin’, representin’,
representin’ Philly! This is her one-year anniversary, Mighty! I’ve been had my bills paid
by like, women who love me so much
they just pay it for me. I don’t have to worry about it. All this year, all these shows that I’ve been to,
I had someone sponsor me. So far, I’m the only dancer
at City of Doms that’s been to every event. But, you never know what can happen. Women have gotten
aggressive with me. I’m little.
So me being little, I feel like I’m a target,
pick me up, you know what I mean? The one stud that picked me up
and she flipped me upside down, I didn’t plan any of that stuff. That was my first time meeting her,
never seen her before. And I’m on a boat,
and all I know is she’s holding me up in the air. If I do any aggressive movement
or anything she can drop me. I don’t think anyone’s ever trying
to harm them. Mighty’s very small,
so I can see her getting manhandled easily, even when it’s by mistake. I wouldn’t say there was a time
where a female bothered me, it’s more so,
the men that kind of do. The cruise that just passed, a lot of the things that was rolling,
I don’t normally do, I’m not really for it. I felt like I didn’t have a choice. A lot of people saw my energy shift. I literally told him,
I really don’t want to do this. So, when I laid down
I just did what I had to do because I didn’t really have a choice. Honestly, it was super embarrassing. It goes from, am I dancing
or am I taking orders? You know what I mean? Is my dancing not enough for you
that I need to be showing my cat? So when the first person came up, she literally ran
and covered every single thing. And everybody else just came up
and was repositioning everything and they even said,
“Girl, don’t worry about it we covering you up.” I, at the end of the day
I can’t focus on what this man is telling me, I’m entertaining
these women. That kind of moment,
had a degrading beginning because of how it was brought up
and who was saying it, it was a man saying it. But these women that I’m entertaining
prove to me again, this is why I do it. Even though they look at me as
a sexy object, they don’t look at me
as a sex object. And then with you guys there too
it didn’t make it any easier. I felt like, I don’t know,
it was a lot. But, at the end of the day,
the show has to go on, And, sometimes you just gotta
take one for the team, you know, and, that was me. I’m a team player. Sometimes you gotta
put your foot down. Like, look, you know.
Don’t do this, don’t do that. And, you know, everybody drinking.
Just gotta be careful. I do know most of the
dancer’s boundaries… for the most part, yes. It depends on the vibe. It depends on the atmosphere. So, sometimes it’ll change in a
moment and I may not even know about it. Vaguely. If you feel uncomfortable doing
something, you’ve got to let the team know and that’s why we have
females on here, that’s why… one of my closest workers is part
of the LGBT and she’s a female. At the end of the day, I am a male. So, they may not feel necessarily
comfortable telling me they’ll tell her
and then she’ll tell me. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know me
as much as my audience does. But, again, I’m a female dancer
for females. I don’t expect a man to know. With a man running it, it’s different,
you know what I mean? If it was a female running it
of course it’d be drastically different. We’re not there yet. Every year, I really want the LGBT to,
instead of disbanding and looking for a hetero
to puppeteer us, we connect to each other
and use our networking and do what we gotta do
to keep that rainbow fucking rainbow. You know, really rainbow and not just,
you know, fake rainbow, you know?

100 thoughts on “What Consent Means at a Lesbian Strip Club Run by a Straight Man

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  5. I used to follow City of Doms the manager his wife and the dancers but after finding out the things I did and what was done to MiTierrez and bullying from the other dancers I stopped following them… Follow MiTierrez on Instagram 😁

  6. He's disgusting. She did not want to lay down but he made her. She should not be there. He's also immature

  7. I feel this way. Just because he is the owner of the place or whatever it is he does doesn’t give him the right to just put her on the spot and do as he wants and pleases with her body. He did say I am going to do something that has never been done before and he said he wants her to show her cat which to me was disrespectful on his behalf and disgusting. Why not have meetings and ask them if I do certain things are you ok with it and if you’re not just so that we don’t disappoint the audience give me a Q. You know. But just putting her on the spot like that was not cute. And ofcourse no one is putting a gun to her head to do it but she is an entertainer and she did a good job in keeping her fans entertained. I want to applaud the women who saw she felt uncomfortable and had her back and covered her cat with money so it won’t show👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼After that incident she should have a very serious talk with him about what she likes and don’t like. Consent is Consent, and She did not Consent!

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    And are we not gonna talk about how good looking all of them are??? Holy shit. 💦

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  14. sex workers need unionization and workplace democracy so bad. these "employers" are thieves who don't do any real labor and exploit these women and treat them like shit. especially in this situation, the business needs to be owned and operated by the women working so that everyone's issues are listened to and taken care of. they already have to deal with the bullshit societal stigma of sex work, and then their bosses don't stick up for them, don't respect their boundaries, and treat them like they don't have any emotions.

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  17. This sleazebag is disgusting. He is clearly not doing anything for the so called love of the LGBT community. That's a political term anyway. This little scum bag is there to exploit, dictate and make money off these performers. They do not need him. He likes looking at these women himself and navigating the ship. He is a piece of shit. Studs start your own club.

    So much respect for these angels 💖💖💖

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  20. The guy running the place should have more respect for these women. Its kind of interesting that these dancers really turn me on as a straight man. These dancers have great bodies and they are fit. Its cool to see females with more dominant energy, I wouldnt call it masculine myself. Females are beautiful, it doesnt matter if they wear make up or what kind of clothes they wear. Those are just cultural practices.

  21. that man needs to be fired, and replaced by a strong, respectful woman who acknowledges and understands boundaries, because there is always a line to be crossed, and he crossed it. he had no right basically blackmailing her into exploiting her body, its obvious he is there for the money, not for the greater good of these dancers. It made me have hope in humanity when the girls covered her

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    I'M A STUD & What their doing is a Business yes, Outsides stay outside if U can't handle or take Real Life cuz Failures never make it🎲 People are too Sensitive & it's Why most of them are not only Not Successful but, stuck at being Average.
    Stay out of yo Feelings if & when Conducting Business💡

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