What Can Diabetics Eat? – Food to Avoid with Diabetes

What Can Diabetics Eat? – Food to Avoid with Diabetes

What can diabetics eat? – Food to Avoid with Diabetes So why do you crave oily foods and fatty snacks? Well, there are two reasons: We crave fatty foods and oily
snacks. First, we’re deficient in fat ninety-nine percent of us are deficient
in the good fats. I’ll tell you about that in a minute and second we are pre-programmed to not only crave sugar but also fat. It’s a survival mechanism. You see, fat is calorie dense. Nine calories per gram instead of four calories for carbs and protein. Eat more fat, put on fat. Stay alive for
the winter. It’s a good thing. The problem is most of us don’t hunt and gather anymore. Except for the
regular forging we do in our refrigerator now the second rule of cravings is we usually trying to get something good. But we’re drawn something not so good. Some most of fatty foods in our culture are full of trans fat or hydrogenated fats which actually block our metabolism and
they slow down fat burning and they promote more fat storage and
they increase your food cravings Not a good thing. So what we should be eating instead of those processed man-made toxic fats and or trans fats are the fats that we evolve eating
omega-3 fats now unfortunately they are very rare in our diet they come mostly from wild plants and
wild animals which we don’t eat that much anymore and the only wild thing we today is fish So to cut that cravings I recommend getting more fat but the right kinda fat. Here’s
how: Eat more healthy fats, nuts like almonds, walnuts, macadamia nuts, pecans and seeds like sesame sunflower or pumpkin are all good sources of good fats and try to get some wild food, like those small little omega-3 rich fatty fish that are low in toxins like
sardines and herring and mackerel, small wild salmon is also a great choice and take a fat
supplement I recommend one to two thousand
milligrams a purified high quality fish oil supplement every
day and make sure it contains EPA and DHEA your give yourself an oil change

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