What are the latest new treatments in diabetes

What are the latest new treatments in diabetes

The management of diabetes has been very exciting
more recently because there has been a large number of medications being available. If you look back, not even twenty years back we didn’t have that many medications to
treat diabetes so there’s been huge advances in the treatment and options that you have
for diabetes management nowadays. The most exciting class of medications are really in type two diabetes rather than in type one diabetes. In type one diabetes we
still have insulin as the main form of treatment and in type two diabetes, besides insulin
there are other oral and injectable options. Now, insulin delivery and blood glucose monitoring
have progressed over time and the glucose monitoring is very non-invasive nowadays, which is again a huge advance in the treatment and the management. For the treatment of type two diabetes we have got medications which are tablets, we have got medications which
are injections (but not insulin) and what we are excited about is that they are helping
people to not only manage blood glucose very well, they are also helping people to lose
weight, they are helping people to protect their kidneys and they are helping people
to protect their heart. Therefore these medications are really very promising and all the clinical trials are coming out showing very good results, so it is a very exciting time. Diabetes needs to be managed well because we know that if there is improvement in the treatments that leads to significant risk reductions of long term complications.

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