What Amberlynn can learn from the Slaton Sisters show

What Amberlynn can learn from the Slaton Sisters show

One of the apects discussed in the show is the support or lack of from Amy and Tammy’s mother. In this clip, you just watched we can notice so many things. Her attitude towards her struggling daughter, the lack of support to the decision of getting surgery, the effort to make it clear that Tammy’s tendency to give up is her own fault and not something that she got from her mother. Her mother also distances herself from the problem. Notice that when she says that the sisters’ health problems runs in the family she brings up their cousins instead of herself, who is also clearly obese. Assuming that she doesn’t have a medical condition that causes weight gain… Regardless, this makes a really good comparison to Amy’s husband who is incredibly supportive of his wife throughout the whole journey. Can you guys notice how this leaves Tammy by herself? Maybe this is one of the factors that explains Tammy’s behavior that we’re going to discuss throughout this video. I’m saying this because having support is known to be an essential factor for weight loss success. “Although a number of studies have cited the importance of personal accountability such as weighing oneself regularly to control one’s weight, some women in a recent weight loss study led by researchers at the University of Illinois said being accountable to others was the critical factor in their success.” “Renewing their self motivation day after day and staying focused on their goals without others support were significant struggles for these women. Likewise, a major obstacle for some of these dieters was a lack of social support from significant people in their lives. Rather than encouraging the dieters’ efforts to get healthier, some friends and family members responded negatively intentionally or unintentionally sabotaging their progress by making unhelpful comments or tempting her with high-calorie foods. If Amberlynn watches the show, I hope she becomes aware of how important having supportive friends around her is. And bringing your fast food is not being supportive. As it is expected a lot of the focus of the show is on the relationship between the sisters. Amy is a smaller than Tammy with 400 pounds versus the 600 pounds from her sister. Tammy also lives with Amy and her husband since she needs help to do the majority of her daily activities. Of course, that causes a lot of drama between the sisters and there’s a particular focus on how Tammy tends to blame Amy for her problems, and just her lack of accountability as a whole. You just watched her say that is ridiculous how there aren’t scales that go up to 600 pounds. We can also see so much of Amberlynn’s behavior when it comes to food. Tammy thinks that she knows how to lose weight and it’s seeing lecturing her sister, who is 200 pounds smaller than her, on how to lose weight properly. We can also see her saying the reason why she did not lose all the weight that the doctor told her to, which by the way was 65 pounds in one month, It was because her sister wasn’t helpful enough. Keep in mind that Amy cooks for her sister, bathes her, drives her everywhere and buys her food. Also, keep in mind that although neither of the sisters lost all the weight that the doctor told them to, Amy lost more than Tammy and had an overall much better improvement. Accountability is a topic that I discussed so much and there’s a reason for it. “The process of accountability also prevents you from falling prey to the victim role. It prevents you from being unaware of how you feel or where you are right now. You are more likely to not complain during the process since acceptance helps to alleviate this negative action. Again, It cannot be stated enough that the collaboration of acknowledgement and acceptance in tandem is what will keep you focused on your results without allowing excuses to enter the process.” If Amberlynn watches the show, she would see that Tammy’s victim mentality didn’t quite helped her reach her goal. It was quite the opposite actually. One of the things that Amy complains about the most is Tammy’s refusal to try. Not only Tammy seems to be more Reluctant to change her diet, but she also quickly gives up on everything without barely trying. This is something that we see in Amberlynn as well. Also, Tammy is much closer in weight from Amberlynn than Amy, so it’s fascinating to see their similarities. Maybe this is the biggest proof of how their behavior got them to their current weight in comparison to the smaller people in their lives who showcase a different approach to their weight loss journey like Becky. Both Amberlynn and Tammy claim that they know exactly what to do to lose weight and to be healthier instead of trusting their doctors’ opinions. Both also always give excuses to not follow through with the necessary actions for the weight loss to happen. Both are very stubborn and both depend on others for a lot of things. Let’s not forget that back Becky drives Amberlynn everywhere too – and also brings her food just like Amy does to Tammy. With Tammy giving up on going to the pool because of three steps and Amberlynn giving up on her diets after 12 hours, it’s clear both lack the will to even try to change. “Mental toughness is many things and rather difficult to explain. It’s qualities are sacrifice and self-denial. Also, most importantly, It is combined with a perfectly disciplined will that refuses to give in. It’s a state of mind – you could call it character in action.” “Discipline is when one uses reason to determine the best course of action regardless of one’s desire.” “Discipline equals freedom”. And this concept of discipline meaning the ultimate freedom is something that I frequently saw while preparing this video since it means your own fears and limitations can no longer stop you, and you’re able to make difficult decisions. I would say that you are free from your own limiting beliefs. That’s for sure something I would love for Amberlynn to learn. Another huge difference between Amy and Tammy on the show is that Amy is constantly trying to find options for the things that she can’t do. She’s the one who went to a pool to exercise after the doctor’s recommendations, and also the one who came up with the idea of buying the dancing game so her sister could move more without needing to leave the house. Pool exercises are recommended for obese individuals because it improves mobility, reduces swelling, and of course burns calories. All that while reducing the pressure on the joints that could be caused by walking, for example, in other common exercises. She also seems to be the sister that pays more attention to the doctor’s recommendations and tries to follow them. She always seemed to have at the back of her mind that she would be returning to see her doctor soon, and that she needed to lose the weight, while Tammy and Amberlynn both seem to have little respect for the professionals that they get in contact to. Amberlynn has not even once, in all of those years watching her, followed through with ANY recommendation from ANY health professional that she visited. In Amberlynn’s case, It seems like she would rather listen to coaches and people on Instagram. The last thing I want for Amberlynn to get from the show is that the sister that took her doctor’s recommendation more seriously and tried to find alternatives to the recommendations that she couldn’t follow got the best result, while the sister who kept making excuses, refusing to try and spent her time complaining about how hard it was, got results that matched her efforts, or the lack of efforts. If you guys have not watched the show yet I would definitely recommend it. It’s for sure an experience. I would say is like watching a 600 pounds version of Amberlynn? Well, anyway, thank you for watching this video, and I’ll see you in my next one. Bye

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  1. So, turn on the cc! On other news, I had trouble with this video, some clips from the show were claimed and others weren't, so I had to remove the ones that were, that's why you might spot some sudden cuts in the show footage. Even though it seems to be fine for now, the rest might be claimed too so really lol… just watch till the end quickly. Enjoy and tell me what do you think about the sisters!

  2. ALR is so salty that the Slaytons got a TV show and she didn't. It's entirely her own fault, of course, but she definitely won't learn anything from the Slaytons.

  3. Amber is going to end up like Tammy sooner than she thinks if she doesn’t get professional help. Tammy is only a few years older than Amber and one small injury could take her mobility in an instant. She’s hiding right now because she knows she isn’t making the progress she should be.

  4. Wow definite similarities! Absolutely adore your channel, been watching for ages and realised I hadn't subscribed yet! So sorted that out 😊❤️ I'm on a weight loss journey and these videos are really motivating. I'm one month in and 20lbs down! Thanks x

  5. I'm not overweight but this stuff is helpful for my life too 😂 I like how objective and educational you are. Vast difference from most of the gutter in her comments.

  6. Imagine a world with twin AmberLynn feeding off each other’s drama and Youtube love. Slaton sisters are unreal❗️👍 ALR is accountable to no one except god.

  7. Interesting similarities between the sisters and Becky/ALR. It will be even more interesting to see where everyone is at the end of the year. Amy has clearly lost a fair amount of weight and ALR has lost weight too. Even tho she is losing weight now, at some point ALR will need those professionals she scoffs at. I hope Becky can continue to lose so that she and Amber are working together. Thanks for your great videos (I'm putting that Vince Lombardi quote on the fridge and bathroom mirror, it's a good one👍😁)

  8. Amber should really watch Tammy's latest video..where she's been sick for months and basically is bedbound and usin a Damn pottychair..(her knee blew out)

  9. The discipline = freedom thing is so true!!! I used to think that doing whatever you want is freedom, but it's not. This is something I had to learn on my own weight loss journey.

  10. It just hit me…with amber..it's Sad that there are so many people who care more about her health and longevity than she does. Wow.

  11. Superiorlynn is too focused on what she thinks is right to learn from others who are improving. It's a shame how similar alr and Tammy are. I'm really rooting for Amy ik shell go far.💕

  12. Omg the way Amy and her husband were playing in the pool together was so cute! I’m really glad you mentioned how important support is for weight loss and it’s clear Amy’s husband loves her and wants her to get healthy. If only Tammy could want the same for herself

  13. your english fluency and accent are so much better. it proves: start before you are confident start before youre ready!

  14. Thank you for mentioning the support system part, specially for food addicts, REAL support is key in weight loss success and some people don't get it

  15. The mother's attitude really sucks! She's discouraging them from getting the surgery as soon as they mention it. I think that deep down inside, mom is jealous that they might lose weight and get thin, while she remains fat for lack of even trying to help herself. I've never watched the show, but I could see this woman's toxic attitude contributing to her daughters gaining so much weight in the first place.

  16. Another great video! Thank you for all your research and visual aids.You have a sweet soothing voice and what you say is helpful to me. I'm going to have to binge watch your older videos…:-)

  17. Also, remember, Amy bought a box of exercise equipment which Tammy wouldn't use. ALR refuses to do any effective exercise.

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