66 thoughts on “Weightloss Journey With AsiaLoveMusiq – Where It All Began

  1. This video has made me so happy. From the first video I seen you in I thought you were stunning. I had no idea you had been on a weighloss journey. Seeing this has made me realise I can do it. I was 16.6 last year and have lost a bit with slimming world. This has given me a kick thank you xxx

  2. I am happy that I found your this video☺️ because I used to be alone and sad about my weight and now that I lost over 100 pounds but I'm happier and healthier but your amazing and I hope to be your size very soon 😄💕 stay beautiful love💜💜💜

  3. You inspire me :') #nolie i have watched this video over and over and it is the best weight loss/inspirational video i have seen 🙂 loves hugs and kisses from new zealand xo im a big girl too , was bullied from the time i was 8 until i was about 15-16 when i stopped taking everyones shit and gave it right back ! Im insecure but i am strong in my mind. I am so inspired to lose the extra weight so i am healthy and show the people who hurt me that i am better than them 😀 thank you soo much girl xx

  4. You are a quite a lovely young lady!! Follow me as I start my weight loss journey. I am so excited.  I have about 50 lbs to lose and I plan to get to that sweet spot where I am sayin… uh what you said at the end of your video. F- I'm good!! the total package. Your'e a great inspiration. Thanks!

  5. Asiaaaa im waiting for part 2! Im ready for this shit lol lets do this! You are so awesome and its so good to see you so confident and hyped lol i think if i loose a few pounds and i have that extra confidence 🙂 x love u b x

  6. Will you be doing hair vides to? Because your hair looks really pretty. And im definitely subscribing! 🙂

  7. I love you ..You are so funny I am going to be following you..I love your attitude and you made some very good points of all the videos I've seen  made you are the first one to say love yourself first no matter your size and then make the changes you need to that is awesome advise ..you should be so proud of yourself and your accomplishment ..I would love to hear you sing.. I haven't started my journey yet..I have been working on the inside then to the outside..Thank you for your story..

  8. I love this girl.. Just watched her latest vid. Very inspiring and very real 🙂 I document my weight loss if any of you want to join. Let's go on a journey together 🙂

  9. My I am in the middle I am not skinny but I am not fat I am just trying to loose my stomach fuck the rest!!!

  10. If you think you didn't go to the next round on the xfactor because of your weight at that time, why don't you try again? Seeing as you have that "image" to look like a "popstar"
    But personally you shouldn't tell yourself that you didn't get through because of the way you looked, you shouldn't put yourself down like that

  11. Wow! You lost 150 pounds! You look so gorgeous and you're so funny. Love you! Xoxo from Miami <3

  12. I'm trying to lose weight at the moment, and I have but not enough and it is so hard, but your video inspired me to carry on and to get to my goal! 👍👌😘

  13. i think it is more harder for women or girls to loose weight it matters more where as boy or men the can just get over it 

  14. I love this video very inspirational without being so condescending I'm a new subbie and love ur videos! Sending u love from Compton California

  15. It's so crazy how much I can relate to this. You are so strong, and you honestly inspire me. Keep up the good work! <3

  16. really love love this video. recently I found out that the people who were suppose to be my best mates were actually the people spreading terrible things and talking badly about me to other people. and through that I looked and had a painful realization that all the people around me were like that. I was feeling a bit down today feeling like my weight/ and journey to finally find/be myself was too much and I watched this video and it really made my day. especially where you say not to let anyone tell you that you are not good enough. thanks so much love this video really meant the world to me. <3 xoxoKira

  17. Thanks and congrats hunny.. im proud of u 😊😊
    I wish i lost m'y 25kg… need more confidance love and peace.. Xxoooo

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  19. I really want to change my self just for me not because people asked me to change . I feel uncomfortable with my body now 😔💔💔. I loved this video a lot it motivated me and encouraged me to complete my weight loss journey

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