I still can’t believe that I show the
world my body and I don’t even like showing my arms on public hi guys it’s
Keila I am back with another weight loss video
sorry I missed last week but let’s get right into it so a lot has happened in
the last two ish weeks but I will go ahead and explain it to you guys real
quick and then we’ll get into the body shots so my friend came to visit I
probably mentioned it in a video before she came to visit for four days and I
wanted to show her around so I kind of didn’t want my restrictions and my diet
to get in the way of things I was kind of low carb but I did have some slip-ups
and had gained like 5 percent of them luckily I believe it was all water
weight and they came off super easy so the last thing I cuz I was 217 points
6.4 went to something like that and the week before she got here I believe I was
down to 215 – and this week I weighed in at 214 point – I can officially say I’m
in the lower teens we just super exciting like ah I think I
told you that is the last time I weighed this much I was a senior graduating day
I had weighed myself probably 214 so I am back down to my high school weight
and I’m about to get lower don’t worry I am so excited to be into
hundreds like you don’t even understand I can’t wait I haven’t been in the 100’s
and since fifth grade six fans were waiting out there like 206 like I have
always struggled with my weight I’ve always been a bigger person and I’m just
so excited that I’m tackling with a relatively young age I’m 25 but some of
my whole life to maintain this lifestyle and create better habits for myself so
if you guys were just starting on a weight-loss journey or if you guys have
been on yours for years let me know the tips and tricks that you have been able
to do to sustain weight loss I would love to hear it I don’t want to gain the
weight back so any feedback from you guys would be greatly appreciated but
the body and I’m honestly just putting it off I’m putting it off I mean you
didn’t see a little bit of my arm I’ll insert a pictures of when I first posted
on Instagram those are like my first before pictures I didn’t do a video
because I wasn’t doing weight loss on to my channel at that time I was kind of
more embarrassed of my weight loss journey but now that I’m like whatever
I’ll show you guys the pictures so you guys can see it side-by-side comparison
of if I look different with 36 37 pound weight loss I don’t know how many weight
loss I’ll put it here we’re here but ok so this is my arm now I really really do
not like my arms up with the one thing and I will say this is an extra-large
and this used to be so tight on me like I used to have like rolls back you see see I hate my arms there jiggle but
that’s okay and I’m gonna go ahead and bring you guys down okay so this is my
stomach here I’ll get to the side so I can fit a
side by side I still have roles but I haven’t really
been working out my back so those with a body shot hopefully you
guys can tell a difference in pictures it’s been a lot of hard work of getting
these pounds off I am almost halfway through with my
weight loss and then it’ll be time for weight maintenance which is a whole
nother battle that I mean one thing about right now
but I’ve always thank you guys for supporting me on this journey and giving
me very encouraging words and letting me know you what you’re going through it
honestly helps me and it keeps me motivated like I’ve never been this mom
finally lusha I’ve never continued at this long I’ve never done it for longer
than a couple of months and then if I didn’t get the results that I wanted I
would probably just quit or if I went back to my old ways I feel like you know
I’m meant to be fat but I wasn’t excited for next week a week after and I’m so
close to the 100th I can feel it I’m super excited so as always if you like
this video and I make more of these weight loss weigh-in videos please give
me a thumbs up and comment because it does show me that you are interested in
these types of videos as always I will see you guys in the next video back


  1. That is Awesome!!!!!
    I've been sick with a sinus infection and have ate carbs so in a couple of days I've gotta get back at it.

  2. Yaaay!!!! Superrr proud!!! I support you all the waaay! I'm on a weight loss journey too, we're on this together 🙌🏼❤️

  3. You are doing great! I can't imagine being that close to Onederland. I have lost over 100lbs on Keto but I still have so far to go. I am 273 right now. I'd love to join your community. Consider me subscribed. <3

  4. Hi my name is OMARO.{OMAR-ROW} and I'm addicted to Keila Keto's eating videos. My addiction first started when I found her Buffalo Wild Wings video that featured her older sister and mother. In total I have watched that video about 3,000,000 times since I first found her channel four months ago. I LOVE HER VIDEOS SO MUCH, SOMEBODY HELP ME🤣😂💯

  5. you are a beautiful young girl. you should be so proud of yourself. just bought a book and it is awsome, Fat Bombs by Martina Slajerova, love it. And this youtuber ketoincanada said, don`t give into cheat because we need to look at our journey as sugar is a drug, like alcohol is to an alcoholic or drugs to someone who use to do drugs. best wishes.

  6. ` we are the same I was embarrassed to show my self during my weight loss journey and I still am but I'm glad you got the courage to now show your success because you look great

  7. Girl you are gorgeous and an inspiration. Strut your stuff!!!!…I weigh around the same as you and going down!!! We can do it!!!😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️❤️

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