Weight Loss  – Understanding Gastric Bypass and Lap Band Surgery

Weight Loss – Understanding Gastric Bypass and Lap Band Surgery

Weight Loss – Understanding Gastric Bypass
and Lap-Band Surgery Whilst the majority of overweight people still
try to lose their extra pounds through a combination of diet and exercise, or using weight loss
products, such as diet pills, weight loss surgery is fast becoming an appealing option
for many others. Most physicians will advise that weight loss
surgery should be only be used as a last resort, but for those that have struggled without
success to lose those excess pounds or are impatient to regain a slender figure the thought
of achieving that virtually instantly makes surgery a tempting proposition. Gastric bypass and lap-band operations are
amongst the most popular types of weight loss medical procedures. A gastric bypass operation
involves the stapling of part of the stomach and for this reason it is sometimes referred
to as stomach stapling. During the surgery, the surgeon will close off a portion of your
stomach, decreasing the capacity of the stomach to take in large amounts of food. He or she
will also reroute the intestine, so that food intake will only arrive at the desired part
of the stomach. This results in you eating less as your new smaller stomach soon fills
and you aren’t able to eat to excess. However, a gastric bypass medical procedure
isn’t suitable for everyone. Most physicians will usually require that the patient meets
a certain obesity level before they even consider the operation. There are exceptions to this
when a person’s health is being affected by their weight or some other illness such
as diabetes and whilst they may not meet the obesity requirements, their health is at risk
if the surgery isn’t done. A popular alternative to gastric bypass surgery
is lap-band surgery. It works on the same basic principle as the gastric bypass surgery,
reducing the volume of the stomach, with the main difference that the stomach doesn’t
have to be stapled; instead an adjustable band is utilized. One of the main advantages,
and reason for its popularity, is that the band can be easily adjusted or removed when
needed. Gastric bypass and lap-band surgery are not
the only weight loss surgeries out there, but they are amongst the most popular. Thousands
of people unable to lose weight through normal means have achieved some remarkable results. However, surgery should always be a last resort
and you need to talk to your doctor and get their advice before making any decisions.
After the surgery you may find it a bit of struggle adjusting to your new regime, but
like everything else you do become accustomed to it. Weight loss surgery is a radical step
but the only person that can make the choice as to whether they want to follow those procedures
is you. On a final note it is recommended that you
explore all the options available to you for losing weight before going down the path of
a cosmetic procedure. You need to keep in mind that the majority of these procedures
are not covered by medical insurance so you are probably facing a substantial cost, unless
your doctor has identified your situation as being life threatening.

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