Weight Loss Tips (No Equipment Workout)

Weight Loss Tips (No Equipment Workout)

what’s going on guys I’m ZayTigss
and welcome back to my channel before I move on I want to take this time to
thank all of you who checked out my last video who subscribed dropped a comment just show support overall you guys are all appreciated just know that I’m
working hard and I got a few things in store just for you guys so stay tuned
for that so today I wanted to talk to you guys about a style training that I
did when I first started and that’s high intensity circuit training for those who
don’t know what that is that’s a combination of both circuit training and
high-intensity interval training combining both cardiovascular workouts
and resistance training in the same routine so some of you may already know
but when I started training I was 35 pounds overweight and a lot of you keep
asking how did I do it what was my training like what did I do for cardio
and this was it so if you’re looking for a fast and efficient way to lose weight
and burn body fat this workouts for you so for this
routine we’ll be doing a full body workout
combining both upper and lower body exercises as well as high intensity
exercises with that being said let’s jump right into this workout we’re gonna be
doing each exercise for 30 seconds and resting 10 to 15 seconds in between each
exercise let’s get right to it I was gonna set it off with jump rope for
those who do know me I love to jump rope but I left mine at home just find a
little step or a little ledge like this we’re gonna be doing alternating toe
taps for 30 seconds let’s do it breathe also keep that core tight alright now that we got that blood flow
going we’ll jump into that next workout were going for push-ups 30 Seconds remember we’re resting 10 to 15
seconds in between each exercise so go at your own pace alright remember guys each exercise full range
of motion goes for everything we’re gonna go for walking lunges now 30
seconds and all the way back shake it off shake
it off alright you got 10 seconds to rest the next
exercise I’m gonna jump into burpees for 30 seconds oh all right I’m gonna go ahead and use
a full 15 seconds for this one one next exercise we got bicycles remember if you
guys want to just jump right into that next exercise
feel free to do so if you can it’s even better
but if you do need to rest make sure you rest it let’s go 30 seconds make sure you’re breathing make sure you got
that core tight already breaking the sweat we’re gonna
jump right into them next exercise we got plank knee to elbow 30 seconds keep
that core tight push up on each rep squeeze that core alright there we go guys we’re almost
there there are gonna be some exercises such
as that one that I put in there as an active rest exercise remember the goal
is to keep that heart rate up while maintaining that fat burn going let’s
move on to the next exercise we’re going to be doing high knee taps 30 Seconds remember guys these are called high
knee taps not low knee taps push yourself go as high as you can
knees to chest oh man got some sweat in my eye
low plank to high plank 30 seconds let’s remember to keep that core tight throw
out the whole exercise really squeeze those triceps at the top oh man all right there you guys have it
that’s it for round 1 I need you guys to complete this 4 times total and
remember as your body starts to adapt to these type of workouts you can minimize
that rest time to really get the benefit of this workout I hope you guys enjoyed
this workout and I hope you guys can implement this workout into your regimen
and start changing your body and your lives like it did for me make sure to
subscribe if you haven’t done so yet and remember I make these videos based on
what you guys want to see so make sure to leave a comment down below and let me
know what you guys want to see next
again thank you guys so much for watching I’m ZayTiggs, until next time

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