Weight Loss Tips – Mind Over Munch Kickstart Series

Weight Loss Tips – Mind Over Munch Kickstart Series

Hey guys! So a lot of people will try and
tell you how to lose weight. They’ll tell you, lift weights, eat solid amount of macro
nutrients, blah, blah, blah, all of that is good and is important but today I wanted to
share some fun tips n tricks that could help you on your weight loss journey. One: drink
water before your meal to fill up. Try to drink a glass before every single meal plus
it will help with digestion, your skin, everything. Just drink a lot of water. Eat a salad before your big meal. This will
fill you up on low calorie, greens and vegetables and keep you from eating too much afterwards.
When you go out to eat, leave something on your plate. Portions are bigger than we need
generally when we go out to eat and I really struggle with this because when I go out there
are never leftovers but I’m working on it this year. I don’t need to finish everything
that’s on my plate. One fun and odd trick that I use is to pour my water or beverage
on to my plate once I know I really want to stop eating it. Because if it’s sitting there
even if I’m full, I’m not hungry but it’s staring me down I’m going to keep noshing.
So just pour your beverage on top and the temptation will be gone. A little bit weird. Brush your teeth right after dinner. Once
you’re done eating, brush them so that you don’t feel tempted to go back to the pantry
later on. Never shop at the grocery store when you’re hungry. We have been there, we’re
grabbing this and everything looks good especially those less healthy options. You will probably
end up with more in your cart than you need. So go to the grocery store when you’re full.
Sit at the ends of a table at a social gathering. The bread and chips and appetizers are usually
placed in the center of the table and if I’m in the middle, I’m pretty much the only one
eating them. If you are in the ends of the table it will be a little more work for you
to get those foods in the middle. Take progress photos. Not just at the beginning
and at the end of your journey but throughout the journey. I know progress photos are really
sucky especially when you’re not where you want to be, but they are so important because
as you progress you look back and see where you were and you’ll really appreciate how
far you’ve come. Keep moving throughout the day. If you’re someone who works at a desk
all day or a computer, set your alarm on your phone to go off every 60 minutes to remind
you to get up and stretch and move around. Force yourself to get up. Take a walk across
the office, get some water, go downstairs, whatever. Just get moving. And a final tip that I haven’t actually tried
but I recently read about is to smell peppermint. A recent study that I was reading about said
that you can smell peppermint and some fruits and it will actually decrease your hunger.
Does it work? Who can know? If you try it out, comment below and let me know. Those
are my tips. If you have any other fun weight loss tips and tricks please feel free to leave
them in the comments below. There is more coming at you every single day this month.
These tips and tricks are of course available for you in a PDF download in the description
box below. And tomorrow is your second Workout Wednesday so you do not want to miss it. Come
ready. Let’s Kickstart to a healthier you and remember it’s all a matter of Mind Over

58 thoughts on “Weight Loss Tips – Mind Over Munch Kickstart Series

  1. The mint explains a lot, lol! I live in a place where mice are bad. So my mom keeps mint in the vents to keep them out of the house. I don't feel hungry that much. 

  2. The mint works great for me 🙂
    I'm used to having an aroma lamp with mint oil around. Whenever the candle is lit there is no craving for sweet stuff. Maybe that's why chewing gum works pretty well too… 🙂

    Anyways, love your new series!

  3. I really, really do not like the wasteful food tip. Perhaps ask for a to go box when you get your meal and put away the portion that you do not want to eat. That way, you are not only getting two meals for the price of one but you aren't being wasteful and taking for granted the abundance of food we have in our country (America).

  4. Love your videos! But my dentist explains me that it's better to wait at least 30 minutes after a meal to brush teeth because saliva will decrease the acidity in the mouth, if you brush before acidity returns and thus created plaque 🙂

  5. I drink 5+ cups of green tea a days and I have been loosing around 3 pounds a week without extra excersize. Is this healthy?

  6. Video Suggestion!  Late night snacks.. i tend to work late about 2-11pm and have lunch around 6pm but get home sometimes at 1am maybe even after and I'm starving and never really know what to eat and it ends up being something not to healthy.. (bread and cheese sandwhich, cake, etc.)

  7. love the water tip! I usually get full and if i have the plate sitting in front of me for a minute or two i will start eating it again, even if i'm full, for no  reason. i will definitely try that out next time 😀

  8. I would not suggest brushing your teeth right after you eat. Although it is a good way to switch gears in your brain, it is also a good way to strip the enamel right off of your teeth and create pockets along your gum line. Great tips otherwise!

  9. THUMBS UP as always 😀 thank you for sharing your tips 😀 loving it!! never tried the peppermint!! ill try it and tell you how it went! lol! love yas!! keep up the great work! 😀 xx

  10. Something similar to the peppermint tip, I know that smelling fresh vanilla/vanilla pods curbs sweet cravings! I tried it myself and it works! Loving these January videos! x

  11. Please dont waste food. Imagine what a starving person would give to eat, and the animals that were used to create that meal. Instead why not ask to have the rest of your meal in a to go box and that way you wont be able to eat it. Save it for dinner or give it to someone else. A homeless person or a street dog or anyone, anything is better than wasting food.

  12. My mom used to chew a piece of naturally flavor peppermint gum while shopping. She swears that it helps her to not want to eat everything in sight!

  13. Great tips, I just wanted to add a note that brushing your teeth right after eating can be harmful for them, you should at least wait 30 minutes for that. Maybe just go for a mouth wash right after meals!

  14. Love the tips! However, No need to waist food! Ask the waiter to have the rest of ur food and give it to any homeless!

  15. I have heard, for digestive reasons its better to not drink any water within 30 minutes of eating. The water dilutes the acid in your stomach and hinders proper digestion. Any thoughts? 

  16. haha I just smell the food I'm really tempted to eat and that's satisfying enough for me… lol it's so weird but hey, it works!

  17. When I go out to eat, my trick is that I like to have left overs. So I usually split my diner in two portions and ask the waiter as soon as possible to bag half of it. I don't like to waste food and I like my meals cheap. It does not work every time, but it helps me a lot.

  18. I will have to try the peppermint thing I have never heard of that before. 😀 thanks for the tips.

  19. I like to personally ask myself "Am I actually hungry?" Because when I'm "hungry" it usually means I'm bored and I WANT to eat, rather than I NEED to eat.

  20. The pour your drink on your plate method is an awesome idea, never thought of that.  I'm gonna have to try! LOL Thanks for these for tips!!

  21. What I do is make enough for two meals and put it all onto one big plate, then half it and put the rest in fridge for a later meal, that way I wont have to cook again.lol. I did it with my scrambled egg whites,turkey sausage, and sauteed spinach,onions,garlic n tomatoes this morning n had the rest for a lite lunch meal. Had water too and added my favorite– frozen strawberries,blueberries n raspberries to the water n added a sprinkle of cinnamon. shook my big water bottle n i loved the taste. every drink was magnificent becuz i smelled cinnamon when i drank the water

  22. I know u posted in January of this year,2015 and its now,Oct.2015 . I just started watching yer videos like over a month ago and I have loved every one of the ones Ive seen. please dont ever stop making videos.U have a great personality n are funny n pretty and are very smart when it comes to the tips,meal prepping,snacking,etc… Thank u again for helping me. I am looking better since i began eating right n have lost a lil over 20 lbs.

  23. just had one more,but very important question…I have been stuck at 160 lbs. now for a few months. (lost 22 lbs since April of this yr.) Do u have any suggestions as to get past this plateau Im in so I can lose more weight,cuz Im eating the right foods, the right portions,so does it mean i need to walk more? i cant do floor excercises becuz of my arthritis. will walking more help me? I usually dont walk much. i am lazy.

  24. I love mind over munch, especially all things meal prep. I would love to set up a weight loss mastermind group based around meal prep. Anyone got any ideas on how I could go about this? Or anyone interested in starting one?

  25. I agree with almost all of them, except the one with brushing your teeth. Dentists say that you should wait at least half an hour before you brush your teeth.

  26. Another good tip for dinning out is to ask for half of what you ordered to be packed to go. That way you eat everything right in front of you AND you get the leftovers for the next day. No food waste and good portion control. 🙂

  27. When you go to a restaurant, they usually give you a bigger portion sizes then you need so get a to go box when you first get your food and put half of your meal in the box. That helps to make sure you don't over eat and you have a meal for another day! 😄

  28. This is not really a weight loss tip, although it is considered a superfood. Pomegranate helps with migraines; it really isn't in season right now…but places like Walmart have little small containers of the "pips" of pomegranate.

  29. A good tip that works for me is to use blue plates. The color blue subconsciously makes you less hungry, while red, yellow, and white make people more hungry. There is a reason why McDonald's is red and yellow.

  30. Hello Alyssia

    I've been doing a lot of research on nutrition and a lot of it from you! It really helps me decide for the best. But I have question, Is there a diffrence in what kind of water you drink? I see there is alkaline water which is suppost to help keep your HP level high. Would it be bad to drink sink water all the time? and what about just regular store bought water (distilled, filtere, spring, mountain, ect.)? I would like to see a video about. It will help a lot.

  31. Yes! Pour that water! I once at a restaurant had a delish dessert don't recall what it was but I felt done because it was so rich. Didn't want to keep eating it though so I grabbed the salt shaker and doused the dessert with a topping of white. End of the table! That's so smart. These tips are awesome, Alyssia. Every one is beneficial and would make sense for everyone not just those wishing to lose weight. Oh really? Inhale peppermint? Interesting.

  32. I've been told that water with apple cider vinegar is good 30 minutes before every meal. I haven't tried since I'm not sure about the benefits it truly brings to one's health.

  33. Drink delicious tea 🙂 second tip: do not eat to late
    1. avoid confusing thirst for hunger pick a time to stop eating or you WILL confuse sleepiness with hunger :/
    2. feel like your having a delicious snack or you might even eat due to boredom.
    3. antioxidants 😉

  34. "If nature had intended our skeletons to be visible, it would have put them on the outside of our bodies." — Elmer Rice.

  35. I've noticed I've gotten a bit of a belly pouch since a few weeks ago but I don't get why. I eat only lunch and dinner during weekdays, I don't drink/eat much sugary drinks or foods, and I bike every day to school. Shouldn't that be enough to have a normal complexion? Besides, my lifestyle has been like this for 2 years. How come suddenly now I get fat if nothing changed? I don't understand. Now I'm trying the obvious to lose weight but I still have these questions

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