Weight Loss Surgery Testimonial / Gastric Sleeve (VSG) Before and After

Hi my name is Athena Haines and I’ve had the VSG surgery 8 months ago and I’ve lost 56 lbs and I’d like to thank Dr. Alvarez and all his staff. They have changed my life significantly. I no longer have to hide behind all my clothing. I no longer have to yo-yo diet. This is probably one of the best things This is probably one of the best things
I have done in my life. It’s change me drastically, me and my family
and my friends. I’m happy. And if your thinking about doing this surgery,
you need to consider it. Because this is, this is great! This has defenitely changed my whole world. So, defenitely look into this, talk to Dr. Alvarez, talk to the staff, just do it! Bacause this is amazing, and it feels great. So do it! Take the step and do it, cuz it’s wonderful. Thanks.

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