Weight Loss Surgery: Stacie’s Story

My struggle with weight has
been really difficult ever since I was a very young child. And finally I hit
365 pounds, and that was a huge wake up call. I had diabetes, I had high
blood pressure, cholesterol. Of course teasing came along
with the weight issues. Then, my self esteem got so
low that I never really thought that anybody would ever like
me or even be friends with me. I went on the internet and
I started doing research and I found the
lap band surgery. Then I went and I talked
to my parents about it. I think it’s kind of funny that
my parents were more afraid then I was. Because I was excited– it
was a new chapter in my life that I was starting. Some might think that after you
have the surgery, that things are going to be great now. That’s not true. You still have to
work, you still have to exercise, eat
right, stick to your diet. I like cooking now,
because I can actually cook what I want to cook,
and make a nice meal. I’ve learned how to read labels
on the boxes and packages– that’s very helpful. The relationship
with the doctors now is important– just
so that they can make sure that everything’s
healthy with me, and that I’m not losing
too much weight too fast. I am happy that I’ve
lost so much weight. When I slip up, I
realize that I do. And I just say,
tomorrow’s a new day. Social life has changed. I have a boyfriend. I’m going out, doing
different things. Before I would never
go to the mall. Now, I go to the mall. I actually enjoy going places. I enjoy going out. Before was very hard on me. But now I’ve learned, who
cares what people think. It’s what you think,
what you feel, how you feel about yourself. If you’re happy, then what your
neighbor says shouldn’t matter. You’re happy, and
that’s all that matters. I have my confidence back.

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