Weight Loss Plateau? My Method for Breaking Weight Loss Plateaus

Weight Loss Plateau? My Method for Breaking Weight Loss Plateaus

What’s going on everybody? Welcome back to
another episode of “Ask the Skinny Guy Saviour”. I’m Vince Del Monte and we’ve got a hot question
today, we are talking about how to bust through a weight loss plateau. I’m going to give you
my specific steps, the very, very precise protocol that I take with each of my clients
to take them from say 40lbs of being overweight right down to having single digit body fat.
This is a similar approach that I used with a client who I helped lose 100lbs in six months
as well and it’s very, very simple. I don’t make things complicated, I like what Einstein
said, “Make things as simple as possible but not any simpler.” This question is coming from Armando, and
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Armando Falcon, thank you sir. He says, “What to do when you have hit a plateau? Meat and
nuts breakfast, CLA, caloric deficit, cardio and weights training, results waning. Bigger
caloric deficit?” Al those things may play a role but this is
how I do it. The first thing I need to do is ensure that you are following a good plan.
We need to make sure that you are getting a balance of proteins, carbs and fats, we
need to ensure that the food sources are of high quality. Let’s just assume that you have
a good plan and you are working with a coach, or have invested in one of my programs or
with someone else who knows what they are talking about, you’ve invested in their program
and you’ve got a good plan. I’m going to assume that you’ve got a good plan. The next thing that you need to do is make
sure that you are adhering to the plan 90% of the time and this is where most people
see the greatest amount of return on their results when they just start following the
plan. You’ve probably heard that quote, the best plan is the one that you follow. The
best diet is the one that you follow, the best diet is the one that you follow. I want
to ensure that you are following it 90% of the time, that we can measure, we can take
control and we can make improvements. How do you know if you are following it 90% of
the time? This is something that we learn in precision nutrition, Dr John Brardy, a
masters level nutrition certification that I have. One of the things that he teaches
us to do with our clients, it’s very, very simple and I’ve been doing it for over ten
years now as a trainer, and basically we look at how many meals they are eating each day
let’s say it’s five, just for arguments sake. Five meals a day, seven days a week that’s
35 meals a week. Every time that you follow your meal you get a check mark, every time
you miss a meal or you cheat on your diet and don’t eat what you’re supposed to then
you get an X. At the end of the week you see how compliant, how adherent you were to the
plan. Let’s say that I nailed it and I only missed two meals and I cheated twice so that’s
four times four Xs so that’s 31 divided 35. So Dave what’s that, something like 89 or
90%. It’s around 90% which means that I am compliant. This means I can make an educated
decision as to whether what I am doing is effective or not so I can make a decision
at the end of the week. What happens is a lot of people say that they hit a plateau
but they really didn’t hit a plateau they just didn’t do what they were supposed to
the previous week and this is where you play a huge role in your results. You have to take
responsibility and you have to get involved and you have to implement it. You wake up
early, you plan your meals and you make sure that you are doing your roadwork so you can
make sure that you can make an educated and informed decision at the weekend at what actually
happened. Did what you eat impact the way that you look now? So that’s the first thing,
are you adherent to the program? So Armando the steps that I take with a client
if they have hit a plateau are these, the first thing that we do is reduce the calories.
Let’s assume that you’re adherent to the plan, we reduce them about 20-25% and then we continue
as is, everything else stays the same, exercise and expenditure stays the same. If you hit
another plateau which often happens two or three weeks later, then we increase energy
output for probably 2 to 3 weeks. Which will probably get you to a point where you hit
another plateau. How much energy do we increase? We put in another two cardio sessions, interval
sessions specifically for 20 minutes. If we hit another plateau after that we reduce calories
again another 20% and keep everything else the same and let another few weeks go by.
If we hit another plateau we increase energy expenditure again, so we bump it up to four
sessions a week. Four interval sessions a week for twenty minutes and that’s how we
do it. We reduce calories and then we increase energy expenditure, reduce calories, increase
energy and we do that in about 2-3 week waves. The decisions are actually made when we hit
a plateau so most of my clients find that that is the pattern, that is the trend that
they go through. It obviously varies from person to person but that is the protocol
that we use, we don’t drop calories and increase energy expenditure all at once. What we try
to avoid at all costs is doing both at the same time which is what most people do. They
back themselves into a corner and go from zero cardio a week to six days of cardio a
week. They go from 600 grams of carbs a day to 0 grams of carbs a day. The whole goal
is to make the smallest changes possible which will end up producing the greatest amount
of change. Small changes that make a big impact, the whole protocol that makes sense is how
we do that over a period of time until you get to your ultimate goal weight or level
of leanness. Alright Armando thanks for the question and
thanks everybody who has been tuning in and participating in the conversation below and
liking the videos and sharing them with your friends, that means a lot to me. I’ve got
something for you today, I want to know your number one weight loss tip. Maybe not weight
loss, let’s keep it more specific to fat, I want your number one fat loss tip. The one
thing that has never failed you that has always, always comes through when you need to lose
another few pounds. What do you do? Let me know below and let’s get a great conversation
started. Speak to you guys soon.

84 thoughts on “Weight Loss Plateau? My Method for Breaking Weight Loss Plateaus

  1. Thankyou for this, I'm a female and love both you and your wife's channels. Please keep posting videos about weight loss if possible.

  2. @VinceDelMonte
    good vid what advice can you give me on meals meaning im a cook and i don't always get a break . i work either 5 or 7 hours 4 times a week. i was thinking of taking a protien shake to work. anything would be great thanks

  3. Best way to lose fat, To me, lay off the sugar 100% and the junk food, and the fat is gone. Met a woman who was like 250 pounds and she lost 40 pounds in 6 months with no exercise at all.. just through strict healthy eating. A lot of overweight people bust themselves working out just to be "kind" of healthy in the kitchen.

  4. I'm only taking in my base metabolic rate worth of food and I have plateaued. Can I go lower or should I consider taking a week off the diet and restarting? I'm 12% body fat.

  5. Sticking to the plan work for me. Everytime I look at something I just visualize how my ideal self would act, then do it.

    When I don't. I make no progress and i have to restart my positive feedback loop.

    Btw I bought your no nonsense product 2 years ago and lost 60 pounds in 5 months. You're the best!

  6. For me, protein and fat for breakfast always helps for cutting. And Vince, would you recommend paleo for cutting?

  7. The first thing I change is my macros when trying to cut some fat. I increase my fats, lower carbs and place the carbs only PWO. I keep my calories the same until my fat loss slows.

  8. this is very helpful and informational. thank you vince. Thank you for taking your time off and sharing ur knowledge.

  9. is it possible to get sick because of training? i trained legs and back yesterday, quite hard i think. sometimes my whole body was shaking. next day i became sick

  10. Vince, I haven't been able to work out for 6 months because of hypothyroidism.Now according to the lab results and also according to the doctor I'm 'very normal'.But I just don't feel like I have the capacity to work out(although I'm dying to).Do you think that if I force myself into exercising and just go through with it,I'll feel normal in a while or a few days?

  11. This video could have been a lot shorter by just saying HIT YOUR FUCKING MACROS, IF YOU DONT LOSE WEIGHT, LOWER YOUR CALORIES

  12. Hey Vince, I'm 182cm tall guy and Im only 128 pounds ;(. What I truly dislike about my body are my scrawny looking legs. I would love to do something about them but since im such a novice at the gym I dont know what to start and do. Should I hit the running machine or immediatley move on to weights? I would appreciate if you could reply me thank you 😉

  13. Hi vince, i dont know if ur advice is for girls aswell, but i was just wonderingg,, right now i weight 52kg, my height is 165cm, and most of the weight i carry is around my stomach and legs. I used to weight 55kg when i was eating 1200calories a day to lose fat but it didnt work, so i kept brinnging it down untill i reached 900calories a day (and i lost 3/4 kgs). I then took up my calories back to 1200 and started gaining weight :-|.. Soo now im back to 900cals. I seriously am sick of gaining!!!

  14. Food quality…Works every single time it truly makes a huge impact!
    I usually drop the carbs by 5%, eat a meat & nut breakfast and use better food (quality wise). Simple things that makes a huge impact.

  15. My favorite fat loss technique its to dont eat Carbs on the period of the night, ( If your workout are in the afternoon).

    Vince, what do you think about Cheat Days once every 14 days ?

    Here where i live some nutricionists says that this is a good way to prevent a plateau for a bit longer.

  16. #1 tip I would give, from a guy who has lost almost 40lbs of fat in one year, is you MUST track what you eat, and determine what macros you need. There are so many tools to do this, you'd be an idiot not to. I use My Fitness Pal. It's accurate, easy to use, and the phone app works great.

  17. I will run a mile most days of the week at least half an hour apart from any other exercise. This always works and is great for burning love handles! However running takes a lot more willpower to go do it than my regular program, so I typically only do it in the summer when I have a lot of free time or when I'm feeling really fat. I've got my exercise and nutrition super dialed in, so this always works when I want to get off those last 2 pounds.

  18. u shared this technique with us so many times:lower calories,higher expenditure,lower calories…so many times…i think i've got it now 🙂

  19. To gain muscle – calorie surplus + weight training. To lose fat – calorie deficit + weight training. Vince will tell you to do a bunch of shit (high quality foods – irrelevant, cardio – irrelevant, x amount of meals a day – irrelevant), and of course you'll listen to him rather than me – i don't care – but it's the honest truth. One day, when you'll find that following a SO restricted meal plan is for a no-lifer (like I did), you'll star flexible diet and see for yourself that it works wonders.

  20. to lose fat … if i have time (more than 3 weeks) : a carb cycling with 60-70% of the week with no to very low carb; if i dont have time (less than 3 weeks) defenitely ketosis + some extra cardio, no HIIT, just steady pace…. — it works wonder.btw: a ketosis hurts… it really hurts once you've already decreased your calorie intake multiple times it gets harder and harder, while training get less efficient (because of no carb intake). wouldn't advice to do a keto on a regular basis.

  21. I found this website that helped me lose weight very fast: POUNDALE.COM And now I am suggesting it to you as it worked perfectly

  22. My comment got too many negative votes for some reason. Someone please tell me where I said anything that is not true. Now to answer you:
    Cardio will only burn calories, it is meant to be used as a TOOL, not something you HAVE to do to lose fat. Cardio is good if you want to eat more than you can, as long as you can burn that extra with the cardio. Keep doing weight training, it is more important than cardio! To get lean anytime you just need to cut your calories 300-500 below maintenance.

  23. Is there a Formula or could there be a formula on macro nutrients/genetics combined with our mesotypes where we could target all of our individual goals simply by mathmatics?

  24. What is your goal? For starters, 14x times your bodyweight (in lbs) in calories is usually where you start for cutting, and 17x your bodyweight (in lbs) in calories for bulking.

  25. As of right now I am 5ft 8in tall. I weigh 170lbs. My goal is to get lean first and then start bulking. But, I am unable to distinguish which point I am at. I track calories. I take weekly measurements to keep track of body fat. If it helps any my measurements are bust 36in, waist 32.5, hip to waist 36in, bicep 14in, forearm 12in and I have a medium frame. My first transformation as of last year was losing 80lbs. Any and all thoughts are greatly appreciated. Thanks for replying back quickly.

  26. No, I can not. But, I can feel them. My stomach is almost completely flat except below my belly button which there is just a little bit of stomach fat. Any advice on which direction that I should go towards?

  27. actually he used to be anorexic, Also define by the book.. People used to think eating simple carbs right after a workout and eating every 2-3 hours was "by the book"

  28. he fact that he didn't just get fat.. hes put on a good amount of muscle over the tears. Also you brought up life experience. If being severely underweight and then bulking up means nothing than I'd love to hear your definition of a life experience

  29. Eat at your maintenance calorie level for a week then continue to cut until you can see your top 4 abs. Once you can see your top 4, then begin to bulk. Otherwise your bulking efforts will be much harder, and you will put on more fat than necessary.

  30. will you ever get to the point where youll end up reducing so much calories that it would be like not eating anything? or do you increase your calorie intake once you pick up your energy expenditure?

  31. what i do to lose fat is eat good fats like avocados, nuts etc. and do fullbody cardio workouts that are really intense that only last about 10 mins.

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  40. Hypertrophy max Max-Lactic Acid ALWAYS drastically changes my body composition. Lose a noticeable amount of fat to reveal dense muscle underneath.

  41. I use two "cheats" to break out of plateau: I take a brake: Either I stop working out for like 5 to 7 days /but watching my calories/, either I break my diet for 5-7 days /but keeping the workouts/ – idk why it works for me, but it's like I'm stressing out my body and confusing it so it switches regime and after the break it start's burning fats rapidly cause it thinks we're trough the dieting and working out… idk works for me 🙂

  42. Great advice. But at a 20% decrease in calories has to be wrong. I would be dropping it just over 500 calories. Any advice please

  43. Oh hey! Have you heard about – Rankay Female Weight Loss (do a search on google)? Ive heard some decent things about it and my sister got excellent money with it.

  44. hi sir
    i just subscrite 😊
    i want to loss 10 pounds in 3 weeks .its v urgent
    bt unfortunatly hit by a plateau.my weight is 76 right now
    i was doing 7 day diet plan of cabage diet soup plan

  45. ive only started computing macros around 3 weeks ago. Body fat dropped from 20 – 18.5% in that time. In a plataeu now. I'll give this advice a try – increase energy expenditure

  46. Hey! Thank you for your video! I have a plateau for one month now. I do
    not know what to do. I do everything right: write my excercise, diet,
    drink water… I have lost 11 pounds and now I am stuck in a plateau
    since the end of February. I have to admit that I sleep really late
    (because of the exams)… Do you think this is the cause?… But one
    month! Come on! 🙁

  47. I've never been more confused when somebody says if you work out too much you can stop losing weight. but then when we stopped losing weight so we exercise more? I can't be any more confused

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