WEIGHT LOSS MOTIVATION: How To Get Motivated To Lose Weight – Motivation To Lose Weight

WEIGHT LOSS MOTIVATION: How To Get Motivated To Lose Weight – Motivation To Lose Weight

hey what’s going on this is Alek with the change your life diet i’m here once again to share my weight loss tips with you so you can lose weight fast now on this video I want to talk about weight loss motivation and how to get motivated to lose weight now I’ve been in this situation a lot where i go to like a family gathering or party or something and they’re kind of amazed by my dedication my motivation not to like pig out when there’s like a big table full of sweets and desserts especially this late at night and look for like a birthday party or some kind of family gathering if you watch my videos you know i’m not going to be eating you know desserts and sweets late at night it just worst thing you can do to you know if you’re trying to lose weight so I want to talk to do what is what’s my motivation to lose weight now there are four kinds of factors the first factor is you kind of have to have a little bit of experience with being overweight pretty much of your communities and you kind of your you have like 10 20 pounds to lose its not only that much of a big deal but you know I’ve done this my whole life and you kind of have to get to the to a point where you put on so much weight that you’re so disgusted with yourself that you know you that’s kind of a motivating factor you get to a point where your social scientists and it’s not just you know you were used to be 30 pounds overweight but now you’re 40 pounds and fifty thousand just keep getting worse and worse so that’s a really big motivating more motivating factor another another one number two is the fact that I’ve struggled for so many years with other diet systems and you kind of lose eight pounds ten pounds here in there and it’s such a struggle and you wind up putting it all back on eventually in a couple months so that’s really discouraging arm and a third motivating factor is basically the realization that you’re not just going to maintain a 30 pound you know a weight gain for the rest of your life it’s just gonna get worse and worse so like my twenties I was 20 30 pounds overweight my late twenties my mid-thirties he got up to 50 pounds overweight so like I’ve experienced this myself and I’ve seen it with other people where you know there were maybe 40 pounds overweight when they’re it there in their forties but in their sixties there were armed 80 pounds overweight and it just gets worse and worse and worse when you get older so number four is is the most important thing for my weight loss motivation and this is the amazing amazing results i received on this diet system the change your life diet never imagined in the mint in a million years after trying to lose you know eight pounds ten pounds 12 pounds without the other diets I never imagined I lose 50 pounds with this system and that was seven years ago and I’ve maintained it ever since so it’s really the results that you you see with it with it with the system we try after you struggled for so many years on other systems and after you get to a point where you’re so disgusted with yourself and you realize that like when you find something that works for you and it’s kind of effortless and kind of enjoyable you know relatively you want to stick to that so I’m going to keep it short this video i hope you liked this video again finding the right system is everything that will keep you motivated if it’s enjoyable to stick with it for the long term so i hope you liked the video please like subscribe and leave your comments and questions below and if you want to know about the most amazing diet system in the world please check out my website it is change your life diet.com check it out it just might change your life thanks

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  1. What I mean is that I usually eat all day long but when I start trying to loose weight. I am almost sure I don't eat 1200 in a day. Alek For example I ate a chicken wrap with mayo, pickles, tomatoes, onions and spinach. I believe around 12:30 I ate 2 hamburgers parties, no bread. I want to start incorporating a green smoothies with a hint of fruit.

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