Weight Loss Journey | The End

Weight Loss Journey | The End

Hi and welcome back to the channel. If this is your first time here, my name is
Lola and today I am giving you a summary of my 30-day Fat Loss challenge. If you missed the previous videos, I have
included the links for them in the card and the description below. All right, let’s beast it! The challenge itself went really well. As you can see, we started at 168.6 pounds
and we ended at 165.6 pounds. And as I explained in the previous video,
this area right here, I was getting into that time of the month. So I was holding on to water and after this
plateau, actually the weight increased again and then it went back down. But anyways, I kept 165.8 as the end weight
even though most of it was water retention. You can see that we had a lot of fluctuations
during that month and some plateaus sometimes. And we’re seeing a lot of this because I was
weighing myself every day. And the reason why I did weigh myself every
day was because the challenge itself was a short one. 30 days is not very long when you think about
it. So in order to have as many data as possible,
I had to weigh myself every single day. But usually I do weigh myself once a week
and I did include a trendline for you to see how the weight actually went. We can see by that line that there was indeed
a decrease in my weight. And down below here we have the fat percentage. So we started the challenge at 23.4% of fat. And as we progressed through that month, you
can see that the fat percentage kept decreasing. And we actually finished at 19.4% body fat. I have it in this little box here. So when I started the challenge my goal was
to lose seven pounds of fat in 30 days. So I started, ah yes, I know it’s a repetition,
but I started at 168.6 pound with a body fat percentage of 23.4% and that represented 39.45
pounds of fat overall. And at the end of the challenge, I was weighing
165.6 and actually less than that because this again was the weight plus water retention,
but let’s assume this was the end weight and a body fat percentage of 19.4% which comes
to 32.13 pounds of fat. So as you see here, we actually went slightly
over the goal. We have a loss of 7.33 pounds of fat that
we lost in 30 days. And actually it was even before, because within
three weeks, I was already in the 19% range. But anyways, the goal was achieved and I am
pretty happy about it and I did all that by eating all the things that I really enjoyed
and I had no restrictions as to what to eat. I did not remove anything from my plate. If I wanted a cake, I had some, if I wanted
a pie, I had some. So what I’m trying to say is overall , I ate
all I wanted and I still achieved my goal. Why? Because I was diligent and I was also honest
with myself and with what I was eating. I was documenting everything, food and drinks
included. So anything I would have I would track it
and tracking everything that I would eat also helped me stay within the numbers that I had
to stay within. Whether it was my, uh, calories or my macros. Yes, there were days where I went over calories
and macros numbers, but was it the end of the world? No. It could be seen as falling off the wagon
if you want, but I just kept going. I had those moments where my numbers were
in the red, but that’s not something that I perpetrated for a long period of time. I enjoyed myself in the gym and outside the
gym. I enjoyed myself with my meals. I created accountability for myself. Also the fact that I tracked everything and
showed the world what I was up to also helped keep me accountable. I really had fun with this challenge. I had my ups and my downs, but I made it. If you like what you see here, then consider
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