Weight Loss Journey Over 40 | Day 5 ✔ | OMAD Meal

hi it’s mieka fasting weight loss
and today is day five what? say five five check in and of our fasting challenge no
of our November challenges we have 3 November challenges and please put the
initial of the Challenger in and say how you did yesterday on day 5 on November
5th today is November 6th ok what did i do yesterday yesterday I
did two sessions at the gym uhm one was sauna with me speaks and the second one
was sauna and a 30 minute walk what did I eat yesterday yesterday I had omad
at the movies I made first I made something to take with me and it was
ground beef in a pan turkey bacon no turkey pepperoni um pepper jack cheese I
put that in the skillet fried it a little bit flipped it put cream cheese
and folded it over that’s what I took to the movie and I brought popcorn and I
ate a good amount of popcorn and then I bought the nacho cheese but I shared it
with my three children so I only had half of the nacho cheese and that was my
old mad not the best but I think it’s a protein and the high V brand of turkey
pepperoni was gross so my meat was not good and the popcorn was okay so it was
not great yesterday um and that was it for day 5 and I will see you tomorrow
we’re going to the gym gym now bye I also went to Planet Fitness and got
three massages and did some stretching you

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