Weight Loss App Chooses My Meals & Workouts For A Week

Weight Loss App Chooses My Meals & Workouts For A Week

Hey everybody So remember at the beginning of the year I shared with you my goals and I said I wanted to get a cut six pack Six to eight pack maybe like abs well that’s been going okay but I feel like well, I’ve been really focused on the stomach area I’ve noticed other areas of my body that maybe need a little bit more attention So this brings me to today’s sponsor, 8fit approached me and I thought perfect This is a way that I can try something out, be more disciplined because I’m putting it on the internet I want to get healthier. I want to work harder on my body I know a lot of you guys are health conscious and you always tell me to show you guys more healthy recipes Show you more fitness routines. So I thought it was the perfect collaboration that we would all love And I was like: Yes, sign me up specifically when Someone else started filming my videos I noticed myself from behind and noticed things like the like flab here that hangs over my bra that I didn’t used to have and I was like, oh Where did you come from? Another thing is cellulite especially on the backs of my legs higher up here There’s like this part. So basically what 8fit is is it’s a fitness app. That is sort of like a dietitian and a personal trainer combined they give you a customized meal plan and I believe there’s over 800 recipes on their app right now and they’re adding more and more all the time and It’s suitable for any dietary restriction And then also for the workouts they give you ones that are suitable for your bowl these workouts can be done anywhere because you don’t need any equipment and This whole app is suitable for any gender. Basically. I’ve noticed my body changing I want to say since the age of 28 and Things that used to work for me are no longer working and I need to change it up. I need to challenge myself again So we’re gonna try this I think what I’m gonna do is have the foodie series I’m going to eat Stick to the meal plan six days a week and then have one cheat day and for workouts I’m gonna aim to keep them the same as I do now, four to five days a week. get started Get started Main goal, I don’t want to lose this fat but also like when it comes to this a light thing I think it’s not really it’s more about building muscle Because you’re always gonna have this layer of fat. I need to have the muscle underneath to support it. So I Think I’m gonna go gain muscle mass How much do I… I haven’t weighed myself in so long okay, we’re going to do the weigh-in 53.7 kilograms, okay Estimate your current body fat. Oh by looking at the bodies, I guess Let’s say I’m like What is your fat target, yeah, I definitely want to decrease All set we’ve created a personalized training program for you your transformation starts here gained 3 kilograms of muscle and lose 2 kilograms of fat sounds good in 4 months so you can choose in 4 months easy and 3 months medium in 2 months hard Ok, let’s just go for this alright measurements are done. Let’s get the ingredients and let’s get to work Now I’ve dinner time and I’m going to prepare my first meal from the app and I’ve chosen this what do they call it Comfort bowl My lentils didn’t really turn out I think I put too much water Guys, this isn’t going so well, I think I’ve left my carrots in the oven for too long while waiting for other things to cook and now I’ve made dehydrated carrots We’re done, thank you Hmm Actually, not bad it’s a little bit bland though because there’s not really any sauce I added a lot of hot sauce, but not bad though. Not bad. Can you ask me again? Can I have more please My boyfriend ask for second, that doesn’t always happen so to hit with him Good morning. I’m about to start my first breakfast recipe and today I decided I’m gonna make these Breakfast egg muffins we see a lot of fitness gurus on Instagram making these type of things So I’m excited to try them out said you can add any milk you like. I’m gonna use oat milk Have you guys tried oat milk? It is so good. If you haven’t you’re missing out. I tried the other day in my vegan foodie video and Whoa, it’s so creamy. It’s so so good this oatly one specific So if you want it for coffee, they have a barista one, the original they also have chocolate They’re just so creamy and delicious Okay, see how we did Okay, so not really what I was expecting but I swear any time something has to go in an oven I’ve doomed it never works out Let’s see if these taste good. Oh still a little bit of liquid ew I think theres something wrong with the eggs Okay, let’s eat. I wish there was the option to click like no oven Just cancel the oven. Alright, so now I’m gonna go to the gym I’m gonna run on the treadmill for 30 minutes and then I’m gonna come back here and do the workout that the app suggests since I can’t film at the gym I’m gonna come back and do it here and the app doesn’t tell you that you need to go running but it does tell you how many steps you should walk and since I stay home and edit a lot of the time like that’s What I’m gonna be doing today, I’m gonna run to make up for those steps But you could do any cardio you like or just walking count your steps. But yeah, let’s head to the gym Oh, my arms are so weak Yeah, I think I did it All right, so it’s day three 2.5 Day 2.5 of eating with the app and day 2 of working out So I’ve done one full work go so far and I have to say today I am hurting and I work out four days a week usually, so this tells me that This app is challenging new muscles in my body that I wasn’t using before. So that’s a good thing specifically I really feel it back here under my butt. And that is my main cellulite area So it’s really targeting that area to tighten it up and I’m really happy about that So I’m gonna do another workout tonight after I eat this morning. I had an event and This is gonna be my cheat day. Like I said, I’m gonna one day a week a week cheat day But I’m still gonna follow that dinner plan tonight I just wanted I had dim sum for a lunch, but because I’m only doing this one week I really want to give it a good shot and really let it Run my life this week and I want to make as many recipes as I can but so far I’m feeling good Ready Hello, I’m very excited because tonight the app has me eating pad thai and that is one of my favorite things Only they’ve done a little twist on it we’re gonna be making it with sweet potato noodles I don’t really know how that’s gonna happen. But we’re gonna find out in a second and I love sweet potato I love Pad Thai. So it seems like a match made in heaven if I can do it correctly hopefully sometime this app, the color. Kind of looks like the color of deliveroo. Oh, it’s like a teal green so every now and then I hit deliveroo Instead of 8fit and then I’m like should I take the easy way and just order dinner? But no, I’m committed It’s running my life this week. We’re gonna keep going. I feel like it’s working I’m not gonna check anything to my final weigh-in a measurement How long is this gonna take me 40 minutes? You like this one? feel like I need to make a grand entrance like those reality TV shows Taylor you literally look the same so I know it’s only been a week of trying this app and They say you need to do it for at least 30 days to get results and in my opinion, I think When you’re making a lifestyle change, it takes about six weeks to see things really change with your body So it’s only in a week, but I feel great. I have to say I don’t know what the results are yet We’re gonna do that later But before I do that I’m going to make a few predictions tell you how I feel about it first off the pros of the app I wrote things down along the way that I was impressed of it’s good that you can customize your level of exercise and diet So I overestimated myself. I thought I was so healthy. I thought I was a gourmet chef and this app brought my feet back down to earth so I had to change up the Exercise level to not as high because I really I don’t know why I thought I was so strong But I thought that and my arms are actually really weak never felt this sore before So feeling sore, knowing my muscles are working Maybe I feel like I’m more toned even though it’s only been a week But I just like I feel good about myself. I feel that I’m getting stronger. I do feel like I lost Centimeters, maybe. I don’t know but I think if I did it’s probably just because I feel less bloated overall I fit into my clothes a little bit better already and I think that’s because I ate out so much or got delivery and just all the hidden sugars, salts, fats that are in there, even though I was choosing healthier foods I would always choose like quinoa salad, different salads or like grilled chicken. There’s a lot of hidden stuff in there and Just making even if it’s the same things at home I feel like I’m already less bloated. This app really good for beginners people that want to ease into exercise Maybe they’re a bit intimidated to go straight to the gym. They can do this at home They can do it at their own level. They can do it slowly at their own pace So I really enjoyed that. As well as cooking, it kind of ease me back in into cooking and cooking healthier recipes and I like how you can add servings to it So that you can cook healthy for the people around you and they give you like this grocery list that makes things really easy speaking of groceries My grocery bill went down on my overall food bill went down quite a bit because I wasn’t eating out. I selected the affordable plan. So the Ingredients that the app chose for me were a lot more affordable than maybe I was fine before so that’s great one thing I Wish they would have is that you could input the food you ate because some days I had like a cheat day and I I would like to add in the food I had in it to calculate the calories and kind of adjust my week accordingly, but it doesn’t let you add in your own food. I don’t think unless I couldn’t find that My favorite recipe was definitely the sweet potato stew I also loved the carrot soup, the egg muffin things in the morning. all of these all this stuff I tried to make more of and just store in the fridge, especially those muffins they’re perfect to store on the fridge and then just quickly grab in the morning and eat or eat the leftover through the next day and that really saved me some time My boyfriends favorite was the sweet potato pad thai. So overall, The recipes were really good They didn’t always work out for me but If you’re not a good chef maybe don’t click the gourmet option, Alright, let’s get to the measurement So, like I said, I predict my measurements may have went down a little bit But I think my weight stayed around the same because I did click gain muscle so if I did lose a little bit of fat or even water retention because of the sodium I think I gained a little bit of muscle hopefully, so I think I should be around the same weight. I actually lost quite a bit 59 one centimeter my hips got point five centimeters bigger It’s 89 now, so I did gain a bit muscle there thigh went down a centimeter Okay Measurements wise I lost overall weight, my waist went down one centimeter, my hips went up Some of my butt went up point five centimeters and that’s what I really focused on my legs and my butt, I want to gain muscle, my thigh actually went down one centimeter think I’m on the right track my cellulite and stretch marks are still alive and well I researched some ways to help help with the situation a bit. It seems that using a scrub and exfoliating and moisturizing, just keeping the skin regenerating and moisturize helps a little bit So I started using an exploiting scrub and a dry brush but Honestly, I know that it’s genetics and I know that it will continue to progress with age and it’s just something I need to accept a lot of people have it. It’s not that big of a deal. This app got me back into a healthier lifestyle I was cooking more before I moved here and I’m gonna get back into cooking healthier meals again. Will continue to do this because obviously it’s working out. I like their exercises. I like their recipe So I’m going to continue on this healthy lifestyle change So I’m so thankful that it actually just kick-started that it kind of was a perfect video to make. Feel good, I feel stronger and as long as I continue in this healthy direction I know my body is gonna change and it’s gonna continue to change so as long as I’m making good healthy choices for me and I feel good if I need to buy bigger clothes And so be it and I’m gonna rock some chores this summer. I’m over caring so much about the back of my legs because I know when I’m 65 and I look back Damn, your legs look so good Taylor You should have wore shorter shorts as short as possible. So I Probably not gonna wear short as possible but I am gonna rock shorts and Try not to care so much about something so silly because a lot of people have it if you’re interested in this app I will leave a link below so you can download it I hope it will help out some of you guys too and help kick-start a healthier lifestyle for you I just want to leave on the note because I know a lot of people say you’re so skinny Why are you doing this while you’re dieting? It’s not really a diet It’s a lifestyle change and there’s different healthy weights for everyone and I know personally when I feel and look my best. So even though things can change and things get bigger or smaller It’s just about the feeling and how I feel and I know I knew before that I wasn’t feeling my healthiest, so that’s that. Alright. Thank you so much for watching. I will see you guys in my next video.

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  1. While I appreciate the video and do plan to use the app to some degree, you should have made it clear that things like the meal plan cost money. When the app asked for money for full ability to use all the features, I was a bit annoyed to learn that the meal plans are one of those things. I don't think the price is super terrible, but a heads up would have been nice.

  2. To those people who are thinking or saying that she’s just working out and dieting to obtain a certain body image even though she’s already slim…first of all it’s her body and second of all there’s nothing wrong wanting to improve yourself. As long she’s doing it in a healthy manner, I am not against of what she does to her body. Yes, a lot of people work out and diet to achieve their idea of a “perfect” body, but what’s wrong in doing that if it helps them feel good about themselves and they come out with a banging body? We should be encouraging each other to be healthy and fit, not shaming each other.

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  6. In old Danish we used to call cellulite 'fløjlshud' – velvet skin – and is wasn't seen as something negativ, on the contrary.
    Then the beauty industry kicked in and the teen body became the ideal. All the adult female characteristics as body hair, wide hips, a bit of fat and a soft stomach got shamed.
    Of cause you should alway try to be healthy but never feel ashamed to look like a grown woman! So you rock those short shorts and love your velvet skin ❤

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