Weight Loss After Pregnancy In Hindi | प्रेग्नेन्सी के बाद वेट लॉस (हिंदी में ) (Eng. Subtitles)

DISCLAIMER: The content on this video is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek medical advice for any questions regarding a medical condition. So Today i am going to tell you all that How I lost Post-Pregnancy Weight and How I Lost 17kgs. The English version of this video can be found at the end of this video. Before moving towards how I Lost post-pregnancy weight, I would share what all things I have done before pregnancy. My weight before pregnancy was 60 kgs and for the person of 5.3 height, this much weight is a lot. I used to look Huge and bulky at that time. I had lots of water retention. So I thought to reduce some weight before pregnancy. Because I never wanted to reach at 85 or 90 kgs level. because on that stage, it would have been very difficult to lose weight. So what steps did I take? Number one thing in all scenario is not exercise as it is 80% about diet. Exercise is just a part of all the things but the major thing which plays a big role is diet. because the diet is an important component of weight loss. because people keep on exercising but never take care of their diet. So the first thing I did was to alter my diet completely . I started having clean diet and clean diet is all about eating healthy and well balanced diet with no junk, processed and sugar in it. I left all kind of junk food, processed food with immediate effect. because these things are main culprit and it puts you on weight. always remember your GOAL. Never forget your GOAL and Desire to look Slim. if you really want to be slim then leave all kind of junk right now. So before pregnancy, I started with walking, jogging, and pranayama and Yoga. I used to do Yoga for 2 hours daily. along with pranayama. with a healthy diet. So by doing all these things I reduced 7 kgs. So now my weight was 53 kgs. Now what did I do during pregnancy. So the first thing I did during pregnancy was to not to have any kind of junk, processed food and direct sugar. I did not have any kind of direct sugar or anything sweet made from sugar. avoided processed and junk food at all. by avoiding processed food you will see a major effect on your body. to cure my sugar cravings I used to have lots of fruits. I was very active during my pregnancy. I made sure to do the walking and having only healthy food. Because eating wrong at this time puts people on weight. Many people have made pregnancy a reason of overeating. Which is wrong! Sorry but eating wrong for the name of baby is making you fat so make sure to eat balanced and healthy diet. So number 1 thing is don’t have junk food during pregnancy. Because it will not only make your baby fat but also you. So you need to make sure that you need to only that thing which is not only good for you but for your baby. everyone knows about healthy food and healthy diet. You need to eat lots of green vegetables. You need to eat lentils with grain. I used to have warm milk with 1tsp of clarified butter. Throughout my pregnancy, I was very active, used to do walking In fact with my Doctor’s permission I used to do 50-60 squats during 9th Month. I used to do start doing squats from morning after waking up like 5 squats after every 2 hours. It helped in having normal delivery. all things helped me in to have extra body fat% So before doing any kind of workout during pregnancy, You need to check with your doctor. Now after my baby was born, I checked my weight and it was 64kgs. Now I have reached at 64kgs from 53kgs. In India at the time of normal delivery Panjiri is given to the women. Panjiri is made from wheat flour/clarified butter and lots of dry fruits. Panjiri helps to regain the muscle strength after delivery. After eating all these things my weight reached at 67kgs. My fat% reached at 37 % So i made sure of that I do not take any kind of stress at this time. Because everything was new for me. Because taking tension or stress at this time will increase the level of cortisol hormone in the body and when you have excess cortisol in the body, your fat would not burn. So don’t take stress at this time. In case of normal delivery you need to wrap your tummy with tummy wrap belt or cotton belt which helps your uterus and organs to go back to their previous place. must wrap your tummy if you have normal delivery. try to wrap it for as many time as your can. other thing I took care was to eat healthy food and no junk and processed and sugar. the next important thing was to drink warm water all the time, whenever I used to feel thirsty. Along with warm water, I boiled 1tsp of carom seeds into 1ltr of water. I used to drink this water 3-4 times in a week. as warm water will shed lots of pregnancy weight. try to drink warm water only. I started with little bit of walking as well. I used to have only light food like lentil and rice with clarified butter. with fruits and vegetables. because during breastfeeding you are not only eating for yourself but for your baby. So never leave eating food or starve yourself. So you need to make sure to regain your muscle strength. For that have massage on your body. because massage helps to regain the muscle strength. warp your tummy. panjiri will help to get your strength back. have protein rich food. because protein rich food helps to build muscles. after 7 months I started doing my weight training, though i was already doing walking. I started with 2 kgs dumbells. someday I will share my exercise regime with all of you. i started with cardio. I started with cardio and weight training. weight lifting was helping me in getting my strength back. i used to do squats, lunges, planks planks targets your abdominal area. I used to have whey protein along with this. I have reviewed whey protein as well, you can find the link at the end of this video. I started with 2kgs of dumbells and I reached 12kgs withing 2-3 months. So now i was exercising with 12kgs. It helped in losing all my pregnancy weight. I started exercising after 7 months of delivery and by the first birthday of my baby, I was able to reduce around 12 kgs. I came down from 67kgs to 55 kgs. my fat % came down from 37% to 30% my visceral fat % came down from 6% to 4% My waist size was 38 inches but now it was 31 inches on my baby’s first birthday. Now at this time, my baby is one and a half years old and I exercise with 12kgs dumbells with lots of protein rich food. My main focus is to build muscles. Building muscles will helps in burning fat. My visceral fat is 2%, waist size is 28 inches, fat % is 28% and my current weight is 50kgs. So overall you need to avoid junk, processed and sugar with lots of protein rich food and exercise. Don’t stress yourself out, enjoy the process and new phase of your life. Take your time and take mini steps. These small things will make a huge difference so just have patience. So don’t forget to LIKE AND SHARE my video and MUST SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL:) Have a good day.

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