We Open Up About Weight – Weight 1

Jeannie, a lot of people like
to post pictures showing off their weight loss journey.
>>Yes.>>And last week you posted this picture showing off your weight gain and
it actually blew up, you guys. Everyone really seemed to relate to your story.
>>Yes.>>And I know you received a lot of support. So please tell us about the picture and why you decided to post it.
>>Yeah. Well crazy enough, it was all from
watching an episode of The Real. I was watching it right. And all the beginning seasons, you guys
know, I always make fun of my butt, right? Just because I’ve never had a butt,
it’s always flat. I have chicken legs and for
somebody who, as you got to know me, I’m against a few, just a few things, like
people who abuse other women or children. But especially body shaming, it’s
something that I am absolutely not for. And when I watched the episode, I was
like, yo, you, yourself are a hypocrite. You’re body shaming yourself. It doesn’t matter if you are just joking. You’re actually putting down your body,
and when my body hears that, it just doesn’t connect with my heart and
my spirit and who you guys know me to be. So, I was just talking to
some friends about it. And my friends are like,
you know you can change your body right? And I’m like, how? Not like through surgery or anything
like super extreme and they’re like, well you can work out more and actually put on weight and
put the weight in the places you want. And I’m like,
I’m not trying to be a bodybuilder though. And I’m not that person that always
wants to be a gym rat but they were like just start slow, start eating so
that you can start to put on weight and then just watch,
do the right type of heavy weights. And you can get there. And I was like, no, I don’t believe it. So I said let’s try it, right. Because the thing is,
I know that I have been through so much in my life to be 39 right now and
I’ve survived it all. So I know that my mind is very strong. What if my mind had a body shape? Shouldn’t it also look as strong? So when I was looking through pictures and I came across that picture,
just on accident. That was about the beginning of the year. I was like, my God,
that girl just looked so gaunt. She looked weak. She looked like you could push her
gently and she would fall over. So I said, you know what? I’m gonna change this. Let me just start to put on weight and
see what happens. So I started doing my favorite thing,
eating. Eating more.
>>But what were you eating?>>Complex carbs, I would say, yes to carbs.
>>That’s fancy.>>Yes, because I used to weigh 103 pounds.
>>Explain what complex carbs are.>>Yeah, that’s what I was asking.>>So I stayed at 103 pounds for twelve years because I was really,
to be honest ove-rcontrolling of myself. I would say no to carbs. I wouldn’t touch bread. In LA, you just don’t do the carb thing, right.
>>Yeah.>>But then I learned that there are healthy carbs that you can eat that
actually give your body the shape and the muscle and
the energy you’re supposed to have.>>Do it taste good?>>It tastes like whole grain breads.>>I like bread!>>Quinoa, brown rice, good stuff, not white bread, not white flour. And I put on 17 pounds, now about 20.
>>Wow.>>And I’m gonna go for five more. I’m gonna go up to 125,
to see what happens. But then I started lifting heavy weights,
you guys. And the crazy thing is I learned
that when you feel strong, strong is the new sexy.>>Yup.
>>It is.>>It’s actually better.>>[APPLAUSE]>>I love it!>>[APPLAUSE]>>So yeah, so I made a vow to myself. And also, you’re doing two a days. You are serious about this.
>>I am, I love it.>>Jeannie works out it in the morning.
>>Yes.>>And you also work out later at night after we finish.
>>Yeah the show, yeah.>>And you also work out later at night
>>Yeah.>>And it’s been good, yeah. So I would just say, as I’m nearing 40,
I wanna feel so bomb in 40. I wanna come back next season,
come into my 40s, dripping with finesse. 40s with finesse,
you know what I’m saying?>>[APPLAUSE]>>I love it.>>I wanna be strong and healthy
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Yeah, no more complaining, no more body shaming.
>>And I like how you shed light on the fact, because a lot of times people focus on
individuals wanting to lose weight. And they forget that there are people
out there who want to put on weight.>>We don’t feel sorry for y’all, I’m sorry. We don’t be feeling sorry for y’all. [LAUGH]
>>We hear that all the time.


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