Water Weight or Fat – How to Tell if your Weight Loss is Actual Fat or Water Weight

Water Weight or Fat – How to Tell if your Weight Loss is Actual Fat or Water Weight

so the weight loss you have experienced
is it water weight or is it actual body fat? or if you’re trying to lose weight
for the future how can you make sure that its body fat and not just all water
weight? well I have five things to consider to make sure you feel better
about the weight that you’re losing coming up what is up 4 Faith family
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things first no matter what you will be losing water weight at first it will
level out but that is because you’re probably taking in less calories less
carbs less sodium and sweating more than ever before those four things combined
are going to guarantee that you are going to lose some water weight but it
will go back up and then it’ll be more of a true number so first thing to
consider is that measuring your waist is best evidence of that is with body
builders they’re up on stage they have tons of muscle right there big dudes big
individuals and their waists are still itty-bitty that is because the waist is
primarily composed of body fat and not of muscle so if you see that go up then
you know that you have probably gained body fat if you see that go down and you
know that you have probably lost body fat there’s not a whole lot of water
retention or muscle that’s going to go in around the waist now it can change a
little bit but if you see minus an inch on your waist you know that the majority of
what you lost is for sure body fat thing number two to consider is make sure that
you aren’t losing weight too fast the body does not have time to break down
body fat ten pounds a week or even a higher rate if you see someone on
YouTube claiming that they can teach you how to lose 40 pounds of fat in a month
the majority of that is water weight I do not doubt the ability of that person
to lose that amount of weight in such a small amount of time that’s not body fat
and they will gain that back really quickly because the body just simply
can’t break down fats that fast if it does lose real weight that fast which is
still a long shot it’ll be muscle not fat because muscle
the body can break down even faster than fat and so if you do lose that real
weight and it’s not water weight then you’re losing
something that’s very desirable and that is your muscle thing number three to
consider is you can ensure that the majority of what you’re losing is weight
by doing a couple of simple things those things are make sure your diet is not
restrictive in calories or carbs by too much of course you have to restrict
yourself you have to go less than you have in the past in order to be able to
lose weight of course but if you’re eating 1200 calories or you feel like
you’re eating like a bird then you are definitely going to be losing water
weight because you just have a huge dip in calories what I said earlier calories
carbs possibly sodium you’re going to have this huge dip and just things that
are entering your body that hold on the water and so of course the majority of
what you are going to lose is water weight and then the same thing applies
to carbs if you are taking in way few carbs and you’re on a low-carb diet but
you have higher calories or you know normal calories carbs are just like
sponges and they are definitely going to hold water and if you take those away
they’re going to stop holding onto that water now that isn’t necessarily a bad
thing I’m not saying that low carb dieting is bad but a lot of what people
lose on low carb dieting is water and that’s why it comes back so fast that’s
why you hear the stories of the people that said I lost 50 pounds and then in
two weeks I gained 30 of it 40 of it back and that is because water weight
represented itself the second they started eating carbs again thing number 4 to
consider is that those scales that send an electrical signal up one leg and down
the other leg those don’t really work well for distinguishing water weight
versus body fat a lot of people think that if they can start measuring their body
fat easy enough then they can step on that scale and it’ll tell them that
their weight went down to the body fat stayed the same and so therefore they
lost water weight or any combination of whatever it is and that makes this whole
thing really simple the problem with that is that those scales work based
off the speed of an electrical signal going up one leg and down the other leg
if it goes faster it knows that you have less body fat because body fat will
impede the signal speed now the thing that also increases or decreases speed
is hydration and so the very problem that you came here and you’re watching
this video for is the same problem with those scales they can’t distinguish if
you’re just better hydrated and therefore the signals moving faster and
it’ll say your body fat went down or if you’re dehydrated a lot of people
they wake up in the morning they’re dehydrated it’ll say their body fat went
up and that is because there’s less water for the signal to travel through
and so it’s not real body fat those things are very very deceiving
now when used consistently I’m not saying they’re not useful but taking a
single measurement like if you’re putting everything into I’m stepping on
the scale today oops I gained weight and it says I gained body fat oh no that
doesn’t necessarily mean that you gained body fat in fact you need at least four
or five six to see a pattern you should never base it off a single weigh in so those things don’t really work and that doesn’t solve the problem that you came
to this video to solve the fifth thing to consider is simply give it time and I
know that is the last thing that you want to hear and it’s not a fun thing to
talk about but if you have lost ten pounds and you’re concerned is some of
that water weight is all of it water weight what is it please don’t worry
about it and keep on with your foot on the throat of fat keep pressing down
you’ve got this you’ve already lost weight just chalk that up as a victory
and keep on going if it is water weight it will go back up a little bit little
level out but if you kept working that whole time you’ll end up having
lost that fat and it might feel like you’re maintaining but you actually gain
that water weight back and lost that fat and then you’ll start to see the actual
weight whenever everything has stabilized and your body’s gotten used
to the amount of sweat you have amount of calories you’re taking in etc.
whenever everything stabilizes then you’ll see that true weight start to
drop and you’ll see real body fat being taken off but I promise out of the ten
pounds or whatever it is you lost some of it is fat and if you keep it up more
of it’s going to be fat don’t worry about that number on the scale
don’t worry is it water weight or is it fat because I promise if you keep
exercising eating healthy and getting better at those things I’m not saying
you’re going to be perfect at them right away but if you keep on trying you keep
your foot on fats throat you will succeed you will finally get out of this
hole that you’ve been trying to get out of for your whole life well that is all
for today’s video guys thank you again so much for tuning in if you haven’t
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can you ensure you find success the best tips come in the comment section so I
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God bless

18 thoughts on “Water Weight or Fat – How to Tell if your Weight Loss is Actual Fat or Water Weight

  1. My tip for water weight vs body fat is consistency. Like you pointed out, you can never really control it because water effects body fat resistance scales so much; however, I always drink a bottle of water post workout, pee, shower, and then take my weekly weight/bf measure. It may not be as accurate, but it is consistent which is what matters in the grand scheme of things

  2. Just come across your videos. They are brilliant. Really amazing. Been watching quite a few. So informative, answered loads of my questions. Thanks for making them, and keep them coming!

  3. Before you say anything… i think you can tell if you see and overall change in the way your clothes fit..and how you look in them… i also can tell with my face… i have a face that changes with my weight even in small increments so i look different at different stages.. so thats how i usually can tell.

  4. I have fat or that’s what I think it makes no sense but it’s genetics from my dad #1 world champion of Moscow anyway my “fat” is not wiggling like some fat Person it’s stiff it doesn’t shake or anything I want to know if it’s water weight or fat?!

  5. I like most of what was said, but don’t agree with “a lot of what you loose on low carb diets is water.” Low carb is the primary way most athletes, models, movie stars, etc.., loose body fat. I think it can be water at first, but to say it’s mostly water across the board, I don’t think is accurate.

  6. Thanks for the information, I’m doing yoga for weight loss , do you think it’s going to work ?? I’m doing 20 Suyra Namaskaras a day and some other yoga postures with some 5 min jump rope . I wana loose 15 kgs weight could you please help me ??

  7. Did really good last week. Lost 3 pound. This week gained 3! DAMN IT!!!! I can't eat much less, and feel halfway decent. At a 500-700 cal deficit. Has to be water. Maybe I'll try to flush it out, but how do you do that without flushing all the electrolytes out too?

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