Water Fasting Snake Diet Results Day 2 – Weight Loss Journey Day 7

hi everyone today is day seven results
on my snake diet five day water fast and my weight loose weight loss journey I I just did 30 minutes of walking in place
again and I did no food I just have my blood
pressure medicines that medicine that’s it today today I’m noticing my stomach
is smaller so I don’t want to add this up yet cuz I don’t even want to know how
much I lost I want my each day my goal is just to go
down to keep going down and November 12th my birthday is how long I want to
go keep losing weight everyday but that doesn’t mean I’m not gonna have like a
day where I eat something crazy what I want because I just like to have what I
want sometimes but I’m gonna do that when I feel like it I’m gonna say I’m
very disappointed at how much I lost on the snake died a day to snake dharia
day to weight loss journey day 7 it feels like it’s been way longer than a
week today I am 262 point 0 that’s a weight loss of minus 8 pounds
now this would have been good if it was like this one and I got to eat I ate a
meal so that was worth it this one underneath the whole day and I only lost
two point eight I’m not happy with that I really expected to be overcome that’s
crazy look at that three pounds I didn’t eat two point eight I didn’t eat
Oh point eight and point eight so that’s my way our results for today come back
and see me tomorrow subscribe share like I’d really appreciate it

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