[Vlog] EP.12 Run Around with TharnType [Season 2] – เมื่อกลัฟและก้าวหน้าโดนยกซีน

[Vlog] EP.12 Run Around with TharnType [Season 2] – เมื่อกลัฟและก้าวหน้าโดนยกซีน

When Kaownah and Gulf were cancelled for filming Run: you came here since early morning Kaownah: i came here at 8am and now it’s 8:30pm Kaownah: it’s such a long day and there’re many scenes … Run: many scenes that you have not to shoot lol Kaownah: actually, i have only 1 scene today there’re 1/3 and 1/3A. it’s meant only 1 scene but I was already filmed scene 1/3 there’s still a half part that i have to film Run: Actually, i heard Kaownah has much free time so i wanna do a vlog with him but when i came here he’s slept Kaownah: i was sleeping every time P’ Run came lol Kaownah: Anyway, i can wait for a long time cuz i always stand by for shooting wait! you’d better be back now Kaownah: welcome to “Keep talking with Kaownah” (he created his own program) cuz he always keeps talking Run: oh! it’s a good idea Kaownah: but I feel uncomfortable now cuz my pants are too tight! Kaownah: who pick this one to me? Run: OMG! you talk about him behind his back! LOL Run: Kaownah told me his pants are too tight. who are the costumes team? P’ Phi: it’s me! Run: can talk about something? Kaownah told me There’s a name ‘Seo’ was written on his pants but you told it’s another one, it’s not the same cuz P’ Phi think i was Khlui P’ Phi: i can’t remember Run: then i said “i was Seo not Khlui” P’ Phi: i can’t remember cuz there’re many characters in this series even some characters have done for shooting but there are still many characters cuz Seo has done for shooting so Lhong can wear it right? he doesn’t know ~ Run: Actually, our costumes in this series is the best P’ Phi: Thank you so much P’ Phi: if there are any other production teams want to work with me, contact me, please Run: who you have to film with? Kaownah: only one person today. he is P’ Thorn Run: wait, what’s about in the morning? Kaownah: only me! I talk to the ghosts first part talk with the ghost, the second part talk with P’ Thorn Kaownah: actually i always talk to myself Run: you always talk to the ghost, right? Kaownah: yep! Run: i think Lhong is cute! but he has some attitude that only he thinks like that Kaownah: i’m excited like what are you gonna say lol but actually, he’s spoiled in the interview but if you read a novel you’ll know you should read a novel and watch the series. it’ll be funnier for example, if you read a novel you won’t meet Seo cuz P’ Mame add this character only for the series for more comedy scene and a bit interesting Kaownah: ooh! why do we talk about this thing? The series would be more intense than the novel there’s a problem and like some background to make it more intense and drama esp. Lhong and Seo is the most handsome cool and charming! Run: i accepted Tharn & Type you’d better not come to this competition Tum & Tar you have to say goodbye and go back home hey, it’s your turn congrats to Lhong Krub you should go now Run: he removes his make-up already Gulf: just only my half face Run: why are you cleansing your face now? Gulf: cuz my last scene was cancelled Run: How long have you waited? Gulf: Actually, i came here at 6am and i have a break at 12pm and then I’ve slept until the evening i’ve filmed at 6pm again just 1 scene at first, there’s another scene at 9pm but they already cancel it Run: true, cuz we can’t use this location after 10pm Gulf: Today i just came here for sleeping Staff: you come to Tharn’s house for what? Gulf&Run: for sleeping Run: Oops! come to sleep at Tharn’s House!? Staff: you come to your bf house you should only sleep! Run: Oh! The matter that was discussed before we came to this room about “Daddy that doesn’t mean a real Daddy” She is the one who starts this topic and she shows me that video clip. it’s so OMG!! Run: he already removes all make-up on his face Staff: how about his bare face? Run: His bare face still good tho~ Run: look at him now Staff: and you?, Run Run: me too!!! lol Gulf: bare face!! (High tone) Run: if you watch the video I wear glasses you will see the different when i use contact lens my skin is better than i use glasses lol Staff: oh i see your skin look bad cuz glasses Run: Right!! it’s true everything’s done for today this is about P’ Tharn’s house episode actually, P’ Tharn family is really rich Gulf: Super rich! // Run: so there’s nothing around his house so i don’t know where i should do a vlog for you guys but Type’s House is a tourist attraction there’s an island but Tharn’s House has nothing. there’s only a house! like it’s really quiet! actually, it’s a village on the golf course Gulf: yes Run: it’s ok i will talk anything and you only clean your face tho, that’s enough LOL Staff: you should end it now Run: OK! we have to go now please support us ~ oh Do you want to say something? please follow and support TharnType The Series we, the actors and all of the production crew, really work hard for this series thanks for your support Today we only sleep lol but the other like P’ Tharn, The crew they work really hard all-day they work so hard please send us supporting everyone ^_^ ok, then please follow Run Around with TharnType maybe there will be more episode. I’m not sure please waiting for where will we go next time bye

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