Vegan Strongman Eats ONE MEAL A DAY !

Vegan Strongman Eats ONE MEAL A DAY !

100 thoughts on “Vegan Strongman Eats ONE MEAL A DAY !

  1. This man is something else. His wisdom and words needs several viewings. The constant camera movement was ridiculously irritating.

  2. I've seen the link for this video so many times, but never clicked…now I think this might be the most important video for people to watch on youtube!

  3. "Subjecting yourself to self imposed discipline is the surest way to increase the quality of your existence." 🤲

  4. I only eat one meal a day….. 23/1 done it for 12 years. I dont do vegsn though i eat anything in my one meal

  5. The man is well educated and I'm familiar with what he speaks about because it's the way we were designed. Biology doesn't lie people. Amen Rah, you have my respect! Blessings

  6. Its funny, brutha be tryin to impress you with vocabulary beyond what is necessary to communicate. Whats your problem? You cant say the same sht simpler? Judges and academia does similar sht. Also, I dont believe his caloric intake is that low. You cant have a body (and strength) like that with low calories. He is just another example why I dont trust people in general. Every where I turn, lieing mofos in my face. Also, I believe the name that he goes by is some sht he made up to impress, because he doesnt like his South African heritage. His real name is probabley like any other mothrfckin brutha you see walkin down the street. I bet he does serious weight training. I bet that he got his Phd from a third-rate university. I guess that he is in his mid-sixties. Does anyone know his age? If this brutha has a Phd, he should know his ass is not from Egyptian descent. He shaves his head because he partially bald-headed. On his site, I clicked "Diet", but, of course he doesnt provide diet info, because he wants money, before he gives you diet info. And, I am sure his ass didnt pay for that diet info, when he received it. They steal info from other sources, then resell it to you. Typical human nature.

  7. I am wondering what would be the effect on per-diabetic person who has lost the weight and changed the food plan to adopt a 4 to 5 small meals a day to keep the level of blood glucose from rising to high or dropping out completely with the ending result from the weight loss that allow them to be removed from the diabetic medication ?

  8. I can not comprehend some of his discretions of this diet plan , but what I do understand is that our bodies are temple and if we are not careful what we put in it ,well nothing from nothing leaves nothing.

  9. This guy looks like he knows what he's talking about and is generally mocked. No doubt someone to listen to. Knowledge is obviously there.

  10. First 2 seconds of seeing this guy, I was thinking: one of those guys who goes "get your a*s up, bi*ch"
    As he let his words out, I see him more like going "may I suggest you elevate your glutes, so I can stimulate your vaginal tract".

  11. Does he do longer fasting in Addition? Like one day per week of (which in his case means 47h) or eg a week on water or juices?

  12. Wow, this guy is highly intelligent and super disciplined. And what he teaches is very accurate and true. Yet he seems emotionally suppressed and unable to experience joy in his life. To me, being spontaneous and joyful is as important, if not more important than maintaining peak physical condition. After all, we are all spiritual beings temporarily experiencing the human condition.

  13. I found myself translating what he is saying as he is speaking. Perhaps we all should be able to be as articulate and well-spoken. I found myself listening to his speech pattern, at times, more than what he is saying. But then I started actually listening because I am trying to change the way I eat and be more healthy, indeed.

  14. Isaiah 53:5, he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes, we are healed. For salvation, people just need to follow the way they did it in Acts? They were baptized in the water and of the spirit. Here's why! The gospel is the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. If we are to follow him, we must do the same thing. Death= repentance, Burial = baptism, and resurrection = being filled and rising again from the dead. That's what Acts 2:38 is. We must obey the gospel, 2 Thessalonians 1:8-9, in flaming fire taking vengeance on them that know not God, and that OBEY NOT THE GOSPEL of our Lord Jesus Christ… Matthew 7:21-23, Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of Heaven; but he that DOETH THE WILL OF MY FATHER which is in Heaven. St John 3:3-5, EXCEPT a man be born of WATER AND OF THE SPIRIT, he cannot enter into the kingdom of GOD. We can't come up with our own gospel. Galatians 1:8-9, But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed. Don't be cursed. One way for all people. Jews, Gentiles, and Samaritan. Our salvation has to match-up with the scriptures and no scriptures on the subject can be taken away. Eternity is TOOO long to be WRONG! st John 5:39, Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me. The gospels show what Christ has done on the cross for us. The book of Acts shows us the beginning of Christ's Church and how to enter the Church, obeying Acts 2:38. The letters were written to the Church to show us how to behave now that we are born again into the Church. It's better to walk alone than to walk with a crowd going in the wrong direction. Are we supposed to follow the teachings of the apostles? Acts 2:42, They continued steadfastly in the apostle's doctrines. Ephesians 2:20, We are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief cornerstone. Don't get Titus 3:5 mixed up with James 2:14-26, about WORKS. One is a WORK of your OWN RIGHTEOUSNESS OR GOOD DEEDS and the other is a WORK OF FAITH, Obedience to God's command. God told Noah to build an ark to be saved. Noah believed and responded by building the ark. Mark 16:16. If you believe in this message, help spread it in the name of Jesus Christ so people can get saved the right way. God bless you!

  15. He use protein shakes, his body is inhuman. I have a model eye, I cant tell you that that's not a regular body.

  16. Me: I've been listening to you on x.05 speed….you don't sound that different.
    Vegan Blade: Quite correct.
    Me: Howw iss thiss posssiibblle?
    Vegan Blade: it is so.

  17. Billions of Monks/Nuns live/have lived like this, its works for me.
    'Dr Spock' ' your' linguistics gymnastics' are an 'evolutionary anomaly '
    Thankyou'well said.

  18. I am wondering about well tolerated food combining with OMAD of 1-2h. Especially regarding 1) salt with raw nuts/raw oilseeds (peanutbutter is heated) and 2) fruit acid (eg lemon has the highest) with carbohydrates (grains, beans and starchy vegetables). Can someone tell?

  19. Suddenly I have a new favourite pace for hearing others speak, in order for me to be interested in the content. Made me realise most speak too fast!

  20. Agree that eating less is good , fasting is good, daily exercise is good… But you will get old and grey friend, you will get weaker as you get older and their is nothing that can change that.. now go have a beer..

  21. I wish I could try one meal a day just to feel and be healthier but I have low blood sugar issue and I'm eating every 3 hours to keep my sugar up. Wow, incredible, how can you eat once a day, maybe twice a day is ok but I'm not sure if I can stretch it that far with one meal.

  22. He laughs at getting sugars. Poor misunderstood species… listen to me speak about glycation and then you will learn.

  23. Not making fun of the guy, but my I have to wait till I get home to watch this video cuz I need dictionary to completely understand this man

  24. I know some people who eat once a day. Some old school jamaicans. No meat. Just all veggie subway sandwiches.

  25. I wonder what type of meal he eat because I’ve been training for years over 40 plus one meal a day he got a lot of will power from somewhere I have too consumed 4 to 5 small meals a day enough to feel comfortable and I’m older and I don’t train hard like I use too just smarter but still at top level training but one meal a day I be in the hospital I like to know his secret cause he do look bulk as hell cause eventually it will save me money on grocery bills.

  26. That must be one hell of a nutritional meal. One meal strong as Big Z,the Atom,Louis Cyr, wow. If you cannot fast, eat one meal a day, there's no need to deadlift. Normal strongman eat 10+meals a day. One helluva meal. What's the meal doc?

  27. there all vitamin, protein in veg,fruits, grain. we have to learn how to eat a balance diet veg.. because of greed, to satisfy there tongue, people live in the pain and suffering of animals

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