UNSEEN WEIGHT LOSS VLOG 2018- Weight Loss Regimen Is Right

UNSEEN WEIGHT LOSS VLOG 2018- Weight Loss Regimen Is Right

hey guys I had a couple of people asked
me what regiment diet same thing whatever I don’t call it a diet regimen
they should do in order to lose weight and they’re saying that nothing that
they have tried has worked for them and I’m gonna be real harsh when I say this
I don’t keep your on Jenny Craig I don’t care if your weight won’t watch it I
don’t care if you a juice thing like I do I don’t keep your drive fast and
water fasting I don’t care what it is keto diet let’s not forget that because
that’s like the new thing if you are religious consistency and you have the
will anything will work just remember that 80% of losing weight is what you
put in your mouth it stocks in the kitchen period so you can lose weight
and you might not want to believe this you probably don’t hear this from a lot
of people because they’re trying to sell you something and what I’m trying to say
it’s not what they want me to say because they want you to buy that
product like Jenny Craig the whole box meal that you’re just throw in the
microwave and you eat it but it’s full of preservatives and chemicals but I’m
gonna say this to you and I’m gonna say it and I’m gonna mean it and I’m gonna
back it up later on when somebody tries to come at me saying that that’s not the
right information to be giving out to people moderation if you want to lose
weight and you don’t even want to give up the foods that you’re eating
you have to eat those foods in moderation and one key thing that you’ll
have to do in order for you to eat the way that you’re eating not only cut down
the portions of what you’re eating you cannot be snacking
between those meals so if you eat breakfast lunch and dinner which that’s
the standard American diet is you don’t need breakfast lunch and dinner you can
really live off of one meal technically but if you’re not willing to do that to
have three meals a day and snack in between you will never give the body
time to digest the food for number one and burn off those calories so what
happens when you’re not giving the body a chance to even digest the first meal
and you’re on the second and snacks in between
it stores us back if you’re not willing to eat raw fruits and vegetables Whole
Foods you know beans and nuts and all this stuff whatever you are eating you
have to cut it in half period I don’t keep its per machine you might eat
Burger King for lunch and dinner or breakfast and dinner whatever the
portion sizes are you buy it you might have to eat what you eat for breakfast
half of that for tomorrow morning the other half the day you buy it
portion control its Fox in the kitchen its Fox what you put in your mouth if
you never get that under control you’ll never get your weight under control so
don’t even waste your time trying to work out because that’s not going to get
the weight off you because if you’re still gonna eat badly you’re still not
gonna lose weight and all you’re gonna be doing is burning yourself out and
then you know what you’re gonna do next you’re gonna stop eating where you was
losing the weight and you’re gonna stop working out where you was losing a
couple of little pounds because you’re burning yourself out thinking that the
workout part is the 80% in the food is 20 you got it all
wrong 80% of your weight-loss success is what
you put in your mouth a lot of people who follow me on a daily basis might say
you say this a lot in a lot of your videos why do you keep making this
content why because I’m a smaller Channel and I don’t reach the thousands
or the hundred thousands or the millions if I did if I was a bigger a medium-size
channel I would make a video on this topic maybe once a month because I still
want to beat it in your head that 80% of what you eat stops in the kitchen so
until my channel grows so I can reach the masses
I will continuously meet it in your head that weight loss stops in the kitchen
what you put in your mouth end a discussion so with all that being said
please subscribe to the channel like and share this video and make it a favorite
and I’ll see you guys in the next video

3 thoughts on “UNSEEN WEIGHT LOSS VLOG 2018- Weight Loss Regimen Is Right

  1. This real Talk sis & so true! Moderation is the key! Now what you eat! How much of you eat is what does the harm! I eat so fast I never give my Very helpful info

  2. Yassssss preach Queen!!!!! Omg I said that today!!!! You aint never lied! No matter what you do you can win!! Yasss moderation! So glad to hear this new subby!

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