Unseen Weight Loss Video From 2018-THE STRUGGLE IS REAL😱

Unseen Weight Loss Video From 2018-THE STRUGGLE IS REAL😱

hey guys back with another video as
always I wanted to talk about me and my weight loss journey and basically
thoughts that I’ve had in my daily thinking process in one of them being
that I feel as though I could have been off of this journey if I would have
tried a little bit harder stayed a little bit more consistent and not let
the superficial things get in the way 1 being food and you know put that aside
and stop getting that stinking thinking of I’m missing out on something and just
ride the journey out I would have in no lie I think I honestly would have lost
in 60 to 90 days 88 pounds I know this now I know that this is a learning
experience and I’ve learnt it I’ve written down the journey I’ve documented
it with videos and it’s a learning journey and I don’t want history to
repeat itself so if in the future I do gain but all the way back excuse me
answer I just got finished drinking some of this goodness oh I can’t even show
pulling spring water oops there we go yeah I had some sparkling Poulos ring
one I kind of got a little gassy but I’m yeah I am a little hard on myself before
a good reason because I know that I could have gotten this weight off and I
still every day that I wake up can just say hey epic let’s just you know put the
food aside you know you’re not overeating but it is stopping the weight
loss process I’m staying at a stall majority
of the time because of eating solid foods and not giving my digestive system
a break so you know these days that I wake up and I’m mad at myself because I
know by just what has just got up that morning and started doing my juicing and
continuously did it for a certain amount of time
the weight would drop off and if I had a stall I know what to do for a stall so
you know a lot of this is on me and I know this and I’m trying to change old
habits and continue on to phase 2 which is maintenance and be done with all this
hoopla because I’m tired of going back and forth with you know subtracting how
much I need to lose then adding on what I’ve gained you know this up-and-down
roller coaster I just want it to be over with like yesterday and I just want to
go on to phase 2 which is maintenance and stay at the goal weight and just go
on with the rest of my life living healthy and just being happy that’s all
I want for myself to be healthy and happy that’s all I gained out of life is
to be healthy and happy I’m good so don’t want to make this video too long
just do I was just doing a confession I guess venting how I felt and I just
thought I’d get up here on video and just talk about what was going on in my
head for today so please if you are not subscribed to my channel please do so
also give this video like also she had this video and make it a favorite I’ll
see you guys in the next video

7 thoughts on “Unseen Weight Loss Video From 2018-THE STRUGGLE IS REAL😱

  1. It’s very hard when you’re in a weight-loss sometimes you’re up sometimes you’re down keep up the great work

  2. Partner you are doing excellent because you are consistent and I admire you for that. Just keep up the good work and do your thang 😎😎😎😎😎😀😀

  3. Yes, i really relate to every thing you said in this video. I should have been more serious. Halfway there. Time to refocus. Can't wait for maintenance I am so there with you!!

  4. I really love this video 😘 I feel like that too just sick of counting pounds going up and down. I'm nowhere near my goal weight. You've come so far and you're doing amazing congrats on sticking through and now look at you so much smaller and healthier.

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