Most researchers like to rely on more than a gut feeling. At least, that’s our philosophy at UNGAP. Our network connects over 250 researchers from all over the European continent. Our aim? To better understand how oral drugs
are absorbed in the gut. UNGAP takes a closer look at four key areas. Specific populations is first. For Average Joe, we know pretty well how his body absorbs drugs. But what about Old Joe? will the different pH values in his stomach alter drug absorption? And how will this affect Little Johnny? Or Juanita, who isn’t Caucasian? And what about the obese population? UNGAP wants to find out. We also study regional differences. After swallowing, a drug passes the stomach the small intestine and the colon. Historically, the upper part of the small intestine
has been the main focus of researchers. But other regions play key parts as well. Little is known about this so far, however. With partial stomach removal
to tackle obesity occurring more often, UNGAP wants to take a closer look
at the influences of regional differences. Advanced formulations are another focal point. Usually, when you swallow a tablet or capsule, the body rapidly absorbs the drug . But the current generation of drugs
poses a particular problem. Often they have a low solubility,
which impedes swift absorption. At other times, low permeability will prevent the drug
from reaching the blood stream. That’s why UNGAP researchers
explore advanced formulations. They might be complex, but we believe they will help to cure patients faster. UNGAP’s final key topic is food-drug interface. Since, most people swallow their drugs with food or a drink. Evidently, they will interact with each other. For some substances, like this grapefruit juice, we know what goes on. But for most food components, these interactions are still a mystery that UNGAP wants to unravel. To achieve this, UNGAP needs people who want to contribute. As an UNGAP member, you’ll join forces with scientists in various fields, from all over the world. You’ll have a hand in scientific publications, attend interesting conferences, and participate in lots of other exciting activities. Interested? Surf to this website, register with UNGAP, and help us improve drug treatment for millions of people. UNGAP Understanding Gastrointestinal
Absorption-related Processes.

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