Two Men Go From Obese to Six-Pack Abs

Two Men Go From Obese to Six-Pack Abs

Noah’s life was spiraling out of control years of yo-yo dieting alcohol and drug abuse Sent him into a pit of despair that he thought he could never crawl out of When I was a kid Soccer was wondering when I was 18. I was playing professional youth soccer in Brazil. I was in a toxic relationship I ended up walking away from soccer. I ended up losing that relationship, and nine months later put on 210 pounds I Went down a complete path of binge eating binge drinking to escape the reality of the situation Imagine being the athlete in high school everybody knew and then two years later of them seeing you at 356 pounds people were shocked no one recognized me I Was tired of family there was a point that I gave up. I just said enough is enough I took over 30 painkillers and a full handle of vodka I went out to the balcony we were on the 31st floor as I was on the balcony I got a phone call I said I’m done. I can’t do it and that is my best friend today Who rushed over he found me face down on the balcony and the next morning. I realized that my life was spared That was like a wake-up call for me to say if I don’t change now. I will never never That was no but check this out That’s the old Eugene his blood pressure was through the roof and doctors warned if he didn’t change his ways He wouldn’t live to see his thirtieth birthday But today. I’m happy to say Eugene could not be more alive before knowing Eugene struggled with their weight, but now both Noah and Eugene They’ve got their sexy back you all ready to meet them All right now you guys are just showing off Hey, make yourselves comfortable because I got to tell you two numbers here are important Noah lost a hundred and ninety pounds Is six as in look at that six-pack A whole bunch of questions, but I I just have to admire you guys look really really Very single single Not for a long guy, okay, so how do you go from? almost giving up to being where you guys are at right now because You guys are the model right now to me of being in good shape fit and healthy. Yeah, how do you go? How do you go from that? honestly I It’s really about you cannot change. What happened yesterday Mm-hmm what happens right now is going to affect tomorrow Obviously you have to be hit hitting the gym hard But I mean can you give numbers what percentage is a diet what percentage is that the the? Exercise component. It’s cliche but abs are made in the kitchen Like you can do whatever you want outside I mean in the gym working out ab work whatever, but if your nutrition isn’t there it’s not gonna work So what are some good tips that you have about eating well on-the-go because I think that’s a lot of people’s excuse they’re busy They’re running around the only thing that’s available is fast food or so they say so what do you guys think about that? I Personally just like to prep all my meals at the beginning of the day So that way, you know I don’t have to think about food I just I just have it ready, and I just eat it and move on so just prepare ahead You

100 thoughts on “Two Men Go From Obese to Six-Pack Abs

  1. But this just proves that it’s all about looks. That audience just proved that when they were fat, they got disgusting looks but now that they have a 6 six, the women are drooling. It’s absolutely pathetic!

  2. funny how guys are only considered attractive to these women once they lose weight but if we say the same about women, we're sexist and fat shaming.

  3. Why did they even include that Eugene guy in this? Noah had a pretty heartfelt and inspiring story.. then they just randomly throw in some Asian douchebag who 100% wasn't obese, but was just bulking and taking photos from unflattering angles…

  4. What are some ways to prevent/cure/treat stretch marks? I'm sure both of these men have some from losing that much weight

  5. I was obese and lost 32 kg and now fit with abs… but can't see the abs cause i have sack of loose skin hanging! How come they don't have loose skin?!

  6. Its all a load of bollox they go way over the top and wonder why they are called hyper condriacts yeah they lost weight who gives a fuck.

  7. i hate food. I can't relate to people who over eat. I hate making food, I hate chewing and I hate swallowing. However, I love exercise.

  8. that asian dude is doing dirty bulking n then cutting…taking pic from below even me skiny bones looks fat with that angle u moron

  9. This is fake; losing that much weight would lead you to have access skin. Also I don’t see any old stretch marks

  10. Keto diet no working out eat lots of pork bacon, cook the eggs, in the fat, look up dr Eric burg keto

  11. How much did the Chinese guy loose? Why wasn’t it mentioned in the video? Wait I know why. The Chinese guy lied just so everybody would clap for him. The white guy obviously was actually obese and lost almost 200 pounds. Chinese guy is a freaking liar.

  12. Asian guy just bulked up then got shredded – like every bodybuilder does over a year. His health issues weren't his weight, it was his diet.

  13. You all are impressed to see a caucasian guy acting humble and an asian boy bragging, usually people expect the opposite which is usually streotype on TV.

  14. Eugene was never “fat”

    He had a YouTube channel where he did muscle worship videos. He bulked then took pics, but he was always fit and can get quite ripped

  15. Jesus christ the asian dude wasn't even that fat, his chest looks more muscle than fat and his belly is shot from an angle to make it appear even bigger than it really is, and put up a double chin.
    He's overweight, but not obese damnit!

  16. White guy's much bigger, lost alot more weight, but the Asian dude's acting like he's the hot shit of the show.

  17. for anyone who's hating on eugene. First off, he's not showing off i bet he's just excited to be on tv and show his transformation and for u saying he wasn't that fat look at the picture at 4:22

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