TSL Plays: Running Man Food Bingo (CNY Special)

TSL Plays: Running Man Food Bingo (CNY Special)

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Hello, everyone!
Welcome to another episode of TSL Plays. Today, we are playing Chinese New Year food bingo!
Here are the rules. What’s your strategy, guys? – No strategy!
– Anyhow! My strategy is to make it look like a house. (Fauzi) I’m putting everything randomly. (Alison) I shall put it next to something disgusting. First, we are going to eat love letters. Yay! – Yas!
– I can just eat them? I love these. I want to eat the… – My heart!
– Hurry up! Ally! Faster! Just now, the snack was dry. F&N Orange! Yay! Yummy. – This is the familiar taste of Chinese New Year.
– Yeah. Green pea cookie. Wah lao, Fauzi… Yum yum yum. Oh wait! Oh my God… Can I have more of the pea… peanut… pee… green P… biscuit? Because it’s very nice. Wow, are we Birdboxing? What the freak is happening?! Ok. Oi! What the freak is this?! Feels like a gameshow. – (Xenia) So scary!
– (Alison) So fun. Ready? Ew! Damn sad sia, the pea biscuit is damn soggy. – Oh, my God.
– It’s so gross, I want to puke. – Oh, my God.
– What the… It actually wasn’t that bad.
It really wasn’t. – Are you sure?!
– Yeah! I choose… Kueh bahulu! Nice! Why do I have two plates?
Is there some other shit… Why is it so hard? It’s not supposed to be hard but it’s quite nice. Ok, next! – Choose something nice, Chris.
– Ferrero Rocher. Oh! That’s so not Chinese New Year. – Super Chinese New Year-y!
– Is this what people eat during Chinese New Year? I have this. It’s ok, right? Ready? Go! Huh? This is his punishment? Lame sia. Even I can do it. Ok, Fauzi, you attempt! Ok, I choose… mandarin orange! – Hey, why’s everyone like that? – Boring ma! Shit, what’s my punishment? – (Chris) Go, Alison! You can do it!
– (Fauzi) Go, Ally, I support you. Almost! Ally, you can do it! I’ll support you. Oh! Ally, so close! Third-time lucky! Ally, I really want you to win! – I also want to win!
– Ally, bend your fingers like crazy. Like, bend like crazy. You can do it, Ally! You’ve been doing well so far.
You just need to focus. The thing is, I think you did better
than all of us would have done. – I really think so.
– And suddenly you come here… Hey, do you want to try? Just for the fun of it. Maybe for this one, I’ll make it. Oh, my God! Ally! You should have! – I wasn’t pressurized, and suddenly…
– Ya sia. I will say… eat the pineapple tart! – Ok.
– Ooh. I got it again?! What the… – I feel like I can’t swallow this much.
– Yeah, you cannot. You confirm die. (Editor: Ally does Fau’s friendship mean nothing to u) Ok, I’ll take the challenge. Put at the side! Whoa, not bad! Not bad! It’s worth two bowls of rice! What the… Noice! Everyone, cover your ears, because I’m going to pick… – Parsley-coated sour plum!
– Why?! – Oh, my God. Fun fact – I hate sour plums.
– I love sour plums. – No, but this is a whole sour plum.
– This is damn nice. Parsley is like seaweed. – Not bad, what.
– Mmm. Yeah. Wait, is Chris suffering? Oh no… Oh, Chris needs help. I’ll eat it for him. – Really, really. Come, give it to me.
– Thanks, Fauzi. Oh, he gave me the entire thing in my hand… – I don’t like it.
– I’m crying sia. Thanks Fauzi. – Choose something to wash it down.
– Yes, Chris, something savoury… Next will be shrimp rolls! Yeah! My favorite! Bingo! No, (you must say) ‘huat ah!’.
You must put it in your mouth first. Huat ah. – Wait, Chris also ‘huat ah’?
– Yep. – Hey, the shrimp roll’s got the (fortune sticker).
– Yeah! Yes! Yes! Yes! I’ll volunteer, Chris.
You want me to rearrange? I’ll volunteer for you. – Fauzi…
– Ok, sure. Tell me what. The middle thing… with your fortune cookie. Ok! Can. I’m going to choose this white candy. – What’s that?
– Peanut candy. Huat ah. I’m never going to bingo sia. I’m going to choose… winter melon tea and… Bin – Huat ah! – Again?!
– I’ve finished already. Wait, but there’s the thing (fortune sticker). Oh! – I won’t die?
– Oh… you might. Let it out. Oh, no. Is it very spicy? No, it’s very gross because it’s sweet. I volunteer Chris to finish it for you. Yes! Oh, my God. I feel a stomachache coming. This is why we are Faunia. Yay, Xenia! Lucky girl. Bingo queen. So, I’m taking the kueh bangkit… Wait, Chris got the ‘fortune’ sticker! Punishment! Punishment! Why did you laugh?! Bird Box movie. “We’re going on a trip now. It’s going to be rough.” Oh shit… Hey, dip it in Samyang sauce. Don’t be evil! It will come back to you! Wow, Chris, you’re so good at this! – His eyes went to the middle.
– Ya sia. – I think 2019 is your year.
– Yeah, Chris. Normally you vomit every year. Everybody… pick up your chopsticks. – Oh, fudge.
– Cheese tofu. Yusheng! The Marmite one? No, you mean ‘Huat ah’. Oh, huat… Shit! The bottom has that sticker again. – You got it?
– Yeah, shit. Hey, tiring sia. – Yes, I love Marmite!
– Yes! This is my year! Hey, Chris is damn lucky. Chris is really damn lucky. If I really got this… It’s my number one enemy. After vegetables. Very close second. Hey, what are your zodiac signs? Dragon.
– I’m (year of the) snake. – I’m (the year of the) dog.
– Me too. Dragon is amazing. My eldest brother is one. Chris, maybe this is really your year. I think your love is 2.5. – Whoa, not bad.
– Not bad, not bad – it’s high! Wait, I don’t know what’s the update on Alison.
How far has she gone through… – I only ate one plate.
– Only one? – Do you want to try a bit?
– I don’t want! – Try this one.
– (Chris protesting) Ok, nian gao. Huat ah! Huat-huat ah! – Faunia, high-five!
– Yes. – You finished two bingos?
– Yeah, we huat-huat ah. I will choose the fortune cookie. – Can we all read our fortunes, please?
– Let’s read first. – Wow!
– Influencer! Mine is so funny, I don’t know what… Wow! You envy me, and I’m envied. Chris, this year seems to be your year. – Ok, peanut.
– I don’t want. Huat ah! So, the first today is Xenia… followed by Fau… followed by Chris… and then Ally. “You have the idea. Oh, too great!” I felt like I was in a gameshow. – I was surprised that Chris escaped a lot of the punishments.
– Yeah! – Why is he so lucky today?
– Normally he’s quite unlucky. – It’s every single episode.
– Why do you say that? You must be happy for Chris. – Chris finally got a very lucky episode.
– Ya sia. Because it’s Chinese New Year! Thank you for watching this episode of TSL Plays. If you liked this video, please like, share and subscribe
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  1. Hello just letting u know I love y'all and HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR love this video too๐Ÿ’žโค๏ธ๐Ÿ’žโค๏ธ๐Ÿ’žโค๏ธ๐Ÿ’ž

  2. HAHAHAH!!! FAZUI! and LOVE U TSL!! HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU YALL!!! from the backend crew to the font! =D

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  4. John came to my school last friday to talk about photography. You didn't know how much I screamed whenever I saw a picture of Xenia on the screen.

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